Oil Filling Machines In Allpack

Oil is becoming more and more important in human life. Whether it is catering, skin care, chemical, or heavy industries, it is inseparable from the support of oil. Allpack is a leading company in manufacturing and developing oil-filling machines with quality, reliability, and productivity.

Allpack can offer you an accurate and precise oil filling machine with automatic control and a new design. The components in contact with the material are all made of stainless stain that is hygienic, easy to clean, and corrosion-resistant. There are various solutions applied to your oil fillings.

Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack liquid filling machine is perfect for filling oil, soft drinks, cream, shampoo, lotion, cosmetics, etc. This semi-automatic pneumatic liquid filling machine has a reasonable design, compact model, and delicate filling device, which has high filling precision that filling accuracy can be controlled within 1%. Made of stainless steel 304, it meets with requirements of GMP with a reasonable design in a small volume.

  • Model: Pneumatic Cream Oil Liquid Filling Machine
  • Delicate filling device
  • Semi-automatic pneumatic filling

Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack pneumatic liquid filling machine uses a microcomputer to control the oil filling time and the motor speed of the micro water pump to achieve uniform within the minimum error. This oil filling machine has the advantages of a self-priming pump and a chemical pump. It has a self-priming function, thermal protection, stable operation, and continuous operation for a long time.

  • Model: 5-5000 ml Pneumatic Quantitative Liquid Filling Machine
  • Stable operation
  • Thermal protection

Oil Filling Machine

Allpack oil filling machine is suitable for filling viscous, inviscid and corrosive liquid. This filling machine is widely applied in plant oil, chemical liquid, and daily chemical industry. It adopts linear type filling, electromechanical & instrucmental intergration controlling. This oil filling machine is simple and rapid for changing the varieties with unique design and superior capability. It's appearance accords with the international machinery concept.

  • Model: Allpack Oil Filling Machine
  • Digital display control
  • Unique positioning control system

Capping Machine

Allpack automatic screwing capping machine has super compatibility and can be applied to various caps and bottle shapes of different sizes and shapes. This capping machine is also fully automatically controlled. You can set relevant parameters and control the operation through the PLC control system, which is very convenient and secure. Due to the fully intelligent control, the coordination of the machine is good, and no special operation is required.

  • Model: APC-D902
  • PLC control system
  • Fully intelligent controlled

Label Shrink Tunnel

Allpack label shrink tunnel is used to shrink wrapping oil bottles. This oil bottle label shrink tunnel adopts hot air circulation technology that can complete the labeling quickly and precisely and can be availed at reasonable rates. This shrink labeling machine adopts step-less conveying speed regulation controlled by an electronic speed governor.

  • Model: BS-1230X
  • High power blowing motor
  • Hot air circulation technology
  • Stepless conveying speed regulation

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