Lotion Filling Machines In Allpack

Lotion refers to the emulsified products which have low viscosity and can be poured under the action of gravity. Lotion filling refers to fill different types of lotions and lotion products into different bottles and bags safely and securely. There are two types of lotions including industrial lotion and skin care lotion.

Allpack lotion filling machines are versatile and not only can fill and pack skin care lotion but also can deal with industrial lotion. Lotions are very important cosmetic care products. So lotion filling needs professional technologies and machines.

The lotion filling machines from Allpack can help you with both skin care lotion and industrial lotion filling. The liquid filling machine can ensure you various high-viscosity lotions filling. A vacuum emulsifying mixer can help your lotion emulsify and mix. The tube filling machine brings you safe and clean lotion tubes. Piston filler gives you reliable and convenient lotion filling.

Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack liquid filling machine is semi-automatic designed with single-head filling which is suitable for various high-viscosity liquids and pastes, such as cream and lotion. The filling ruler design makes it more convenient and accurate to adjust the feeding amount. The nozzle adopts an integrated design with an anti-drip function. Made of stainless steel 304, the liquid filling machine meets with requirements of GMP. 

  • Model: Pneumatic Liquid and Paste Filling Machine
  • Anti-drip function
  • Convenient and accurate to adjust

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Allpack vacuum emulsifying mixer is connected to the engine through the high-speed rotation of the head of the homogenization, material shear, dispersion, and impact. In this way, the material will become more delicate, promoting the integration of oil and water. This vacuum emulsifying mixer is widely used in lotion products.

  • Model: APKZRJ-10
  • Easy operation
  • High-speed rotation
  • Perfect homogeneous emulsification

Tube Filling Machine

Allpack tube filling machines can perform the filling, sealing, and batch embossing automatically. With a compact structure and simple and convenient operation, this tube filling machine is applicable to your demands from industries such as medicine, food, and the daily chemical industry, etc. This filling machine is free of pollution, easy to clean, and easy maintenance. This tube filler machine also adopts a mechanical structure for smooth and fast operation.

  • Model: NF-120
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Easy cleaning, and easy maintenance

Piston Filler

Allpack piston filler is a semi-automatic piston type for filling lotions. With manual or automatic mode, the filling quantity and speed can be adjusted. Easy to operate, with high accuracy, this piston filler is simple for you to maintain and clean. With good structure, this piston filler is reliable and convenient to adjust. All the contact part material is SUS304 which can secure your product safety.

  • Model: PPF-50T/250T/500T/1000T/2000T/5000T
  • Accurate filling quantity
  • Semi-automatic piston type
  • Easy to operate with high accuracy

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