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Allpackchina automatic strapping machine is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials and have a long service life.Its packing noise is low, and it stops immediately after packing technology, which saves electricity and is practical.The automatic strapping machine no needs manual belt insertion, has high working efficiency, one full automatic strapping machine is equivalent to 5 semi-automatic strapping machines.The parts of the movement are precisely processed by computer numerically controlled machine tools, and the matching accuracy reaches the micron level.All automatic strapping machines take polythene plastic strap as binding material, which is mainly used in packing and binding of paper carton, wooden box and paper and paper parcels in sectors of business, postal service, railway, bank, food, pharmaceutical and publishing.

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Automatic Strapping Machine: The Complete Buying Guide in 2022

To secure the storage and transportation of goods, the strapping method is considered the best choice. For strapping, there are three kinds of strapping machines, such as fully-automatic strapping machines, semi-automatic, and manual strapping machines.

The automatic strapping machine can be functional by the completely hands-free method. For the packaging of large-volume materials, the automatic strapping method is more beneficial than the manual. Before buying an automatic strapping machine, some points that should be considered include what type of materials you are going to pack and how long your substances remain packed. This article would be helpful to resolve such issues, here we will discuss;

1.What Is An Automatic Strapping Machine?

Automatic Strapping Machine

During shipping, strapping is a method used to secure cartons, and pallets for security. The automatic strapping machine is used to save time and improve the efficiency of the process. Any type of material (soft or hard) can be easily handled by an automatic strapping machine. The adjustment of tension level is easy in an automatic strapping machine as a result they can be used to a packed a variety of materials.  

2.How Many Types of Strapping Machines?

There are three main types of strapping machines, which includes:

Handheld or Manual Strapping Machine


If you’ve continuous movement during work then consider a portable or handheld or manual strapping machine. This machine is ideal for a variety of packaging tasks and can be utilized as a vertical and horizontal strapping machine. This machine is suggested for small business purposes, warehouses, or mobile workstations.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

A semi-automatic strapping machine is a suitable option to staple small size boxes. Here, you will be required an operator to perform some functions. For example, for placing and removing the items per cycle.

Fully-Automatic Strapping Machine

Fully-Automatic Strapping Machine

A functional principle of an automatic strapping machine is flexible based on entirely hands-free functioning where no operator is required. The machine is completely standalone, you just need to Press one button and feed the protocol into the software. It gives the fastest performance than semi-automatic and manual that can perform hundreds of objects per minute. So used for large production scale.

3.What is the importance of using the automatic strapping machine?

automatic strapping machine-1

We can invest money in the automatic strapping machine because it has numerous applications. It is used for storage, packaging business for the long run, and transport. Other than this it also has multiple benefits which include:

automatic strapping machine-2

Faster application

Faster application

The automatic strapping machine is used to pack, and store materials faster compared to the manual strapping machine. It can pack more items in a minute.

Adjustable tension

Adjustable tension

Each package requires a different type of tension packaging. The soft and light materials required flexible tensions whereas the hard materials including wood required tighter tensions. From the automatic strapping machine, tension can be easily adjusted, because it has an adjustable tension level. The automatic strapping machine adjusts tension appropriately based on the requirement due to its adjustable tension levels.

Consistent quality

Consistent quality

The automatic strapping machine can be easily achieved uniform tensions because this machine applies the same level amount of product to strapping with the applied tension level.

No wastage of straps

wastage of straps

The automatic strapping machine has a main application which is the reduction of waste of straps during strapping because it depends on the size and tensile resistance of the material strapping.

Strapping compatibility

Strapping compatibility-1

The automatic strapping machine can be used for all types of materials whereas the manual strapping machine is only possible for some types of materials but not for all.


An automatic strapping machine can be used in all weather conditions, it also has a long prolonged lifetime compared to the manual strapping method. These factors make the automatic strapping machine more durable than the others.

4.Which Type Of Materials Can Be Handled By An Automatic Strapping Machine?

Automatic Strapping Machine-3

Different types of materials can be handled by the automatic strapping machine, such as:

Polypropylene materials:

Polypropylene materials

The use of polypropylene materials with the strapping machine is considered less expensive than the others. It can be used with automatic-strapping machines and also with manual-strapping machines. Polypropylene materials can be in practice easily due to their flexible nature and it is also suitable for lightweight strapping materials. It also can resist temperature, whereas it is considered a good choice for storage for a short period and not suitable for long-term storage.

Polyester materials:

Polyester materials

The second is the polyester type materials which could be incorporated with the automatic strapping machine and are more convenient in case when you are facing some resistance problem.  This type of material can be used to strap heavy or large load items. However, the drawback of using such material is that it cannot work great with the automatic-strapping machine. It can tighten the material more efficiently than the use of polypropylene materials.

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel

The stainless steel is another automatic strapping machine, used for heavy and rigid loads. It is used in some conditions such as the load does not compress or if they are not smooth (including iron, or concrete). The stainless steel strapping materials are not flexible, so the exact strap size is necessary for each load. Moreover, this type of material cannot be used for those items that can be easily damaged.  

5.How Many Structures Of The Automatic Strapping Machine?

Automatic Strapping Machine-4

The automatic strapping machine has main components, that are designed based on its function.It has two main structural components which include, electronic and mechanical components. The electrical parts consist of:

Stainless Steel Table: Object are placed on stainless steel table for strapping.

Handle: Handle supports the strapping around the object.

Control Panel: controls the input protocol, services and troubleshooting functions.

Ball Shape Switch: an operating mode helps the user to adjust the tension of straps.

Door for Machine: helps in preventing exposure of swtiches ensuring user-safety.

Arch System: ensure tension, cutting and sealing of strapps.

Tool Box: equiped with handy tools require to troubleshoot the problems.

Strap Reel: Helps in facilitating smooth feeding of straps for the procedure.

Hole to Wear Strap: follow the strap for perfect mobility.

Wheel for Machine: The entire machine is supported and moved from one place to other by wheel for machine.

6.What is the operational principle of the automatic strapping machine?

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The automatic strapping machine is one kind of strapping machine, the others include a semi-automatic strapping machine and handheld strapping machine. However, each of them works differently, and here you find the working principle of the automatic strapping machine in detail.

The automatic strapping machine is a fully functional hands-free strapping machine. Its working principle is quick and simple

Once it is set up and prepared it starts working easily.

Before it works, first set the tension and the parcel should be placed on it. After that just start the machine by touching the button, as a result, you can see that machine starts working with the strap tensioned and the undesired materials are also cut by the machines.

Whereas the semi-automatic strapping machine requires moderate operation for proper functioning. i.e. Here, for each parcel, the strapping is required to be fed manually.

It requires assigning placing the parcel to be strapped at the right orientation and then setting the tension of the machine. After that, the machine starts working automatically in a simple way.

7.What points should be considered before buying an automatic strapping machine?

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Strapping machines are used to secure and bind items of low and heavy weights. It is a method used to hold the materials tightly. So, before buying any strapping machine, consider some factors such as;

  • Intended use
  • Dynamic or static (load type)
  • Load weight
  • Condition of weather
  • Manual or automatic strapping machine

Including these points, as we know safety is the first so, before buying it, must consider some points. These points will be discussed here.

The strapping method is used for different materials along with their different sizes and shapes. That’s why, before purchasing you must assure about what type of materials you are going to pack.  For instance, polypropylene is considered the best practice for a better elongation process, and break-strength, stainless steel is considered a better choice.

Before buying any strapping machine, it is also necessary to know about the strapping attribute and the products used. The lightweight items can be a break so for that packaging elongation type is required whereas the heavy items need something tougher. Before strapping also consider how long items going to be strapped. The strapping must be those which can retain for a longer time in fact in any weather conditions also.


An automatic strapping machine is a fully functional hands-free based strapping equipment that is used to pack a variety of materials. It has numerous applications than manual strapping and can be adjustable in all weather conditions. If you looking to buy an automatic strapping machine, some points should be considered in mind. To avoid problems, you can contact the “allpackchina” company which provides the best quality product.

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