Hard Capsule Liquid Filling Machine

Allpackchina hard capsule liquid filling machine can be filled in a hard capsule (solution, suspension, microemulsion). The machine adopts the stepless frequency converter, which is convenient and intuitive to operate. As a new and convenient mode of administration and filling concept in the new century, this machine is the latest filling equipment for developing high-end products in the pharmaceutical, health care and other industries.

All hard capsule liquid filling machine adopt man-machine interface control system, which automatically lacks capsules and lacks material alarm.And all its capsule feeding machine have a vacuum positioning and separating mechanism, so that the probability of the capsule is over 99%. The fiber is automatically detected, and the capsule is missing in the upper and lower mold holes. High-precision ceramic pump and servo motor dosing system are adopted to control the difference of the loading amount to about ±2%, and the dosage is accurate.

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