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  • Electric Control Pannel
  • Auto-stop Protection Function

Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack Weighing packaging machine is suitable to pack anomalous solid and the granule material, such as: Puff snack food, potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, apple chips, dumpling, small cookie, dry fruit, melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, medical material, deep-frozen food, etc.Equipped with safety protection, comply with firm’s safety management requirements.Use intelligent temperature controller to have accurate temperature, which ensures the artistic and neat seal.Use PLC Servo System and pneumatic control system and super touch screen to compose the drive control center, which maximize the whole machine’s control precision, reliability and intelligentized level. They utilize a variety of weight-sensing mechanisms to accurately weight each item and then package them into bags or boxes for sale or storage.


Weighing Packaging Machine

HLNV-1300 High-Speed Automatic Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack HLNV-1300 automatic weighing packaging machine is used to pack pharmaceutical granule, powder and liquid, which is also can be used for food and cosmetic products. The machine meets GMP and CE Standard,and uses servo motor to adjust the sachet's length.Controlled by HMI, the machine can run stable and easy to operate.Servo motor controlled photo-sensor to follow the eye-mark which can keep the accurate of the sachet mark. Has the embossing function and easier tearing cutter.The machine structure is compatitive, takes little roomand beatiful desgin. Electric control pannel: with big room installation.

Wide usage

Easy to use

High efficiency

HLNV-420 High-Speed Automatic Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack automatic weighing packaging machine is suitable for measuring and packing anomalous lumpish and granule materials,such as candy ,popped food,biscuit,roasted seeds and nuts,granulated sugar,deep-frozen food,milk tea amylum,sauce and so on.The machine is equipped with safety products,conform to firm's safety management requests.The whole structure is small and delicate, suitable for the small bags and those factories with small covered areas.And the machine is able to collocate with various measuring system ,with proper height ,covers a little area and easy to operate.

Ribbon photo-eye controlling system

Easy adjustment of the seal

Have error indicating system

HLNV-520 Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack HLNV-520 automatic weighing packaging machine suitable for weighing and packing granule or irregular shape products, such as candy, nuts, jelly, frozen food, pet food, puffy food, peanut, pistachio, snack food and some small plastic or metal parts. The machine adopts advanced PLC control system, user-friendly touch screen control interface provides simple operation and quick parameter setting to adjust packaging parameters.The frame of machine is made of stainless steel #304, equiped with auto-stop protection function when open the door.The machine can automatically do meter,fill,date print and bag seal.

High packaging accuracy and easy cleaning

Easy to operate and maintain

High precision temperature control system

HLNV-680 Detergent Powder Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack HLNV-680 automatic weighing packaging machine is designed for the packing of a wide variety of products such as granulated foods, frozen foods, snacks, vegetables and many other particulate products, also can pack powder products like milk powder, fruit powder etc..This machine is designed to easy to operation and maintenance, as well as easy to clean. And it is used high performance servo systems with superior motion control, cooperating with touch screen, can give the flexibility of the equipment for different products, different film and different function.

Low cost high gain, high speed and efficiency.

Automatic feeding, stop working without materials

Contact parts with food is made of 316# high quality stainless steel

HLNV-900 Multi -Function Pouch Powder Weighing Packing Machine

Allpack HLNV-900 automatic weighing packaging machine is a vertical automatic packing machine, using intelligent optical tracking logo accurate positioning can be done automatically bag, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, product outputactions and a series of action. The machine has an elegant appearance, making precise, accurate metering, packaging and efficient, user-friendly design, smooth moving line, reliable performance, simple operation, and easy maintenance. The machine is easy to operate, adopt advanced PLC, mates, with a touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is and a friendly.

Automatic checking system

Safety device

All the parts contact to the materials are made of stainless steel

The Buyer's Guide

Weight Packaging Machine: The Complete Buying Guide in 2024

Do you run a warehouse, distribution center, or packaging operation? If so, then the proper weight of each package is critical for efficiency and accuracy in delivery. However, manually weighing each package can be time-consuming and expensive. The good news is that there is a better way – using weight packaging machines!

With advanced technology, these machines can quickly and accurately weigh your packages to ensure they meet any specified requirements while saving you time and money. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how the weight packaging machine works and explore some of its key benefits so you can decide if it’s right for your business. Stay tuned as we dive in!

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    1.What Is A Weight Packaging Machine?

    Weight Packaging Machine-1

    A weight packaging machine is a type of automated equipment that can accurately weigh, fill, and seal a variety of products for commercial use. These machines are commonly found in supermarkets, warehouses, and other commercial facilities. They utilize a variety of weight-sensing mechanisms to accurately weight each item and then package them into bags or boxes for sale or storage.

    By using weight packaging machines, businesses can reduce losses caused by incorrect weight measurements, as well as increase their productivity and efficiency. Additionally, weight packaging machines help reduce the amount of manual labor required for the packaging process.

    These weight packaging machines come with a variety of features and capabilities. For instance, some weight packaging machines are capable of automatically counting the number of items in each package for quick and efficient sales transactions.

    Also, weighting machines can be customized to fit any environment or budget. Whether you need an industrial-grade weighting machine or a more basic weighting machine, there is a weight packaging machine available to suit your needs.

    2.What Are The Components Of A Weight Packaging Machine?

    Weight Packaging Machine-2

    Load Cell

    A weight packaging machine typically includes a load cell, which is used to measure the weight of the product in order to accurately fill packages with the right amount.

    Conveyor Belt

    A conveyor belt transports products from one stage of packaging to another and also can be used for transporting full packages away from the packaging machine.

    Vibratory Feeder

    A vibratory feeder is used to move individual items onto the weight packaging machine, allowing for efficient and accurate weight measurement.


    This component controls the weight packaging machine’s operation, allowing for precise weight-measurement and filling.

    Metering Device

    A metering device is used to automatically dispense a certain weight of product into each package.

    Weighing Scale

    The weight packaging machine must include a weighing scale, which is used to accurately measure the weight of each package.


    A printer may be included in order to print weight and product information onto the packages for easier identification.


    A sealer is used to securely seal packages, ensuring that the weight and product information remain protected.

    3.What Are The Advantages Of A Weight Packaging Machine?

    Improved Quality Control

    Improved Quality Control

    Weight packaging machines help ensure that weight-packaging is completed accurately and consistently; this allows businesses to maintain quality control standards in their products and helps minimize weight discrepancies.

    Increased Productivity

    Weight packaging machines can help increase the speed and accuracy of packing, allowing you to package more items more quickly.

    Reduced Labor Costs

    By automating the weight-packaging process, weight packaging machines can help reduce labor costs.

    Improved Efficiency

    By allowing for accurate weight-packaging, weight packaging machines can improve efficiency by reducing product giveaway or spoilage due to incorrect weight measurements.

    Greater Accuracy

    By automating weight measurements, weight packaging machines can provide a more accurate weight measurement than manual processes. This helps reduce errors and improves accuracy when it comes to weight measurements.

    4.What Are The Applications Of A Weight Packaging Machine?

    A weight packaging machine can be used in a wide range of applications. Here are some common uses:

    Food Packaging

    Food Packaging

    Weight packaging machines are commonly used to package and weight food items, such as snacks, baked goods and produce. This ensures accurate weight measurements and provides consistent results.



    In the pharmaceutical industry, weight packaging machines are used to package medications, supplements and other products. This helps to ensure accuracy in weight measurements and accurate labeling.

    Cosmetic Industry

    Cosmetic Industry

    weight packaging machines are used to pack cosmetics into small, weight-controlled containers for customer convenience.

    Retail Packaging

    Retail Packaging

    Weight packaging machines are also used in retail applications to package items such as clothes, shoes and other apparel for sale. This helps to ensure accurate weight measurements and consistent results from package to package.

    5.What Are The Working Principles Of A Weight Packaging Machine?

    Working Principles Of A Weight Packaging Machine

    A weight packaging machine works by using weight scales to measure ingredients before loading them into containers. The weight scales are used to ensure the weight of each product meets the manufacturer’s standards.

    Once the weight is accurate, the weight packaging machine can then fill the containers with product and use heat sealing to create airtight seals. The weight packaging machine also uses a range of sensors and settings to control the weight, speed, accuracy, and other parameters of the process.

    6.Is There Any Customization For Weight Packaging Machines?


    Yes! weight packaging machines can be customized to precisely meet your needs. Depending on the type and size of weight packages you are producing, configuration options such as weight range, bag size, filling speed, and accuracy can all be tailored to match the requirements of your operation.

    In addition to customizing the design of weight packaging machines, many manufacturers also offer software-based customization, which allows for further flexibility. This type of customization can enable weight packaging machines to be programmed for specific weight ranges and bag sizes, as well as providing features like integrated weight control systems or additional sensors.

    7.What Are The Different Types Of Weight Packaging Machines Available On The Market?

    a) Automatic Weight Packaging Machine

    Automatic Weight Packaging-2

    An automatic weight packaging machine is a type of automated equipment designed specifically to package products with predetermined weights. It can be used for manufacturing, or industrial applications such as food, agricultural, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


    Conveyor Belt

    The conveyor belt is the main component of the automatic weight packaging machine and is responsible for moving the product along the process. The belt is driven by a motor and can vary in speed depending on the desired output.

    Weighing Scale

    The weighing scale is used to determine the weight of each package, which allows for automatic calculations when setting up and checking packages.

    Control Unit

    The control unit is responsible for controlling all other components of the automatic weight packaging machine – from the conveyor belt to the packing station. This unit can also be used to monitor performance and adjust settings as needed.

    Packaging Station

    The packing station is responsible for packaging the items into their respective bags or containers.

    Automatic Sealing System

    Automatic weight packagers usually consist of an automatic sealing device that seals each package with a heat sealer or adhesive tape.

    Working Principles

    The automatic weight packaging machine works by first accurately weighing the product to be packaged. It then fills the package with the predetermined weight using an automatic filling system.

    The package is labelled according to predetermined specifications which are automatically generated by the automatic labeling system. Finally, the automatic sealing system seals the package with a predetermined seal or closure.


    An automatic weight packaging machine has a wide range of applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It is used to package products by accurately weighing them and then filling them into containers.

    b) Electronic Weight Packaging Machine

    Electronic Weight Packaging Machine

    An electronic weight packaging machine is a type of automated equipment that is used to accurately weigh and package products into pre-determined containers. These machines are often used in industries such as food processing, manufacturing, and distribution. They can ensure that each product is precisely weighed and packaged quickly and efficiently.


    Load Cell

    This is a sensor that measures the weight of items being packaged and transmits electronic signals to the electronic weight packaging machine controller.


    The electronic weight packaging machine controller is connected to a computer where the settings and parameters of the electronic weight packaging machine are programmed. The computer also stores the data collected from each packaging cycle.


    Sensors detect when items have been placed in the electronic weight packaging machine, as well as when they have been removed or when a product is not in the proper position. This data is transmitted to the electronic weight packaging machine controller.


    The electronic weight packaging machine controller determines when actuators should move components such as hoppers, bags and conveyor belts to accurately fill and transport weighed items.

    Weighing Displays

    Weighing displays provide electronic feedback of the weighed items.


    A printer can be connected to the electronic weight packaging machine controller to print out labels with information such as date, time, product name and weights.

    Working principles

    An electronic weight packaging machine works by weighing the product, calculating the required amount of packaging material and then packing it with a specified weight. It is usually based on electronic sensors which measure the weight of the product and sends this information to an electronic controller.

    The electronic controller then calculates the necessary amount of packaging material needed for the item being packed and controls the operation of filling and sealing machines accordingly. The electronic weight packaging machine also ensures that the product is packed accurately and consistently and with a minimum amount of waste.


    Electronic weight packaging machines are used in a variety of industries, from food processing and packaging to pharmaceuticals. In the food processing industry, electronic weight packaging machines are used for products such as flour, sugar, grains, spices, and other dry goods.

    They are used to fill containers with precise amounts of product for efficient packing and delivery. In the pharmaceutical industry electronic weight packaging machines are used for products such as pills and capsules.

    c)Multi-Head Weight Packaging Machine

    Multi-Head Weight Packaging Machine

    Multi-head weighers are used to package multiple items into a single weight unit, such as food products or toys. Using weight sensors, the machine can determine the weight of each item, allowing it to dispense exact weight packages. These machines are commonly found in food production, confectionary manufacturing, and other weight-sensitive industries.


    The components of multi head weight packaging machines are:

    Weighing Hopper

    This hopper is responsible for filling the multi-head weigher with products that need to be packaged. This hopper can either be gravity fed or mechanically filled, depending on the size and type of product being weighed and packaged.

    Distribution System

    This system is responsible for distributing the products from the multi-head weigher to the individual packaging heads. It distributes each weighed item evenly across all of the multi-head weighers outlets, ensuring that each package contains an equal amount of product.

    Weighing Mechanism

    This mechanism is responsible for accurately measuring and controlling the weight of each product being weighed and packaged. It uses advanced sensors, scales, and other control systems to ensure that the multi-head weigher always delivers packages with consistent weights.

    Control System

    The multi-head weigher also has a control system that is responsible for managing the multi-head weigher’s operation. This system manages the speed of the multi-head weigher, its accuracy, and other parameters that affect the multi-head weighers performance.

    Packaging Heads

    The multi-head weigher is fitted with multiple packaging heads that are responsible for forming and sealing the packages in which the product will be placed. These heads use a combination of heat, air pressure, or vacuum to form an airtight seal around each package.

    Working Principles 

    Multi head weight packaging machines work by using a multi-head weighing system to accurately package products into predetermined portions. This is done by using electronic scales and digital displays that determine the weight of each portion before automatically adjusting the machine’s settings accordingly.

    The process begins by loading the product onto a conveyor belt, where it is then weighed and portioned by a multi-head weight packaging machine. The multi-head scales can be programmed to weigh and package products in any desired order, allowing for flexibility with product types and sizes.

    After the items are weighed and portioned, they are automatically moved along the conveyor belt to the next station, where they are labelled and packaged for shipment. The multi-head weight packaging machine is designed for maximum efficiency and accuracy, ensuring that each parcel contains the correct amount of product.


    Multi head weight packaging machines are used in many industries for a variety of applications. In the food and beverage industry, multi head weight packaging machines are used to package pre-packaged items such as snacks, candy, and cereal.

    In the pharmaceutical industry, multi head weight packaging machines can be used to package oral medications and injectable.

    In the consumer goods sector, multi head weight packaging machines are used for cosmetics, toiletries, and personal care products.

    8.What Type Of Materials Can Be Used With   A Weight Packaging Machine?

    Cardboard Boxes and Cartons

    Cardboard Boxes and Cartons

    These are the most common materials used in weight packaging machines. They offer stability and protection for products, allowing them to be packed safely and securely.

    Polyethylene Film Rolls

    This material is widely used in weight packaging machines due to its flexibility and durability. It is often used with heat sealing tools to create custom packages that feature a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Corrugated Board

    Corrugated board can provide superior protection for fragile items when being packaged using weight packaging machines. Due to its strength it is also very effective in protecting against shock or vibration during transportation or storage.

    Custom Label Sheets

    For products that require additional labeling information, weight packaging machines can be used with custom label sheets. These can include weight, barcodes, and other product information that is printed directly onto the package itself.

    Plastic Bags

    Plastic bags are also commonly used in weight packaging machines due to their low weight and cost. These bags are often used to store small items or products that require less protection than a cardboard box or carton would provide.

    Bubble wrap

    Bubble wrap provides excellent cushioning for fragile items when being packaged using weight packaging machines. It is important to choose the right size of bubble wrap for each item, as this will ensure all products are packed securely and safely.

    9.What Are The Safety Taken When Using Weight Packaging Machines?

    Safety Taken

    Wear Protective Gear

    Whenever operating weight packaging machines, proper personal protective gear should be worn to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents. This includes gloves, eye protection, a helmet and other appropriate clothing depending on the specific machine being used.

    Follow Instructions

    All weight packaging machines come with an instruction manual that must be followed. Reading through the manual before beginning any operation of the machine is important to ensure safety.

    Keep Workspace Clear

    To reduce the risk of tripping or otherwise injuring oneself, it is important to keep the workspace around weight packaging machines clear and tidy at all times. This means removing any debris or clutter that could cause a hazard.

    Inspect Before Use

    Regularly inspecting weight packaging machines before usage is key to ensuring safety. This means checking for any signs of wear and tear, as well as any issues with the machine’s parts or components that could lead to malfunctioning or accidents during operation.

    Pay Attention

    Operating weight packaging machines requires a great amount of concentration and focus. It is important to pay attention to the machine’s operations at all times, and any sounds or indications that something might be wrong should be addressed immediately.

    Have an Emergency Plan

    In the event of an emergency situation while operating weight packaging machines, it is important to have an emergency plan in place. This includes making sure that all staff are aware of the relevant procedures, and designating someone to take charge in case of an emergency.

    10.What Are The Maintenance Procedures Taken When Using Weight Packaging Machines?



    Regularly test weight sensors and scales to ensure accuracy in weight packaging measurements. Calibrate weight sensors and scales as needed per manufacturer’s instructions to maintain weight accuracy.


    Regular cleaning of weight packaging machines is essential to ensure they are working at optimum efficiency. This includes wiping down the exterior surfaces and inspecting all components for signs of wear or damage.



    Make sure to inspect all components for signs of wear or damage. Replace any worn or damaged parts as soon as possible to prevent further damage and malfunctioning of the weight packaging machine.


    Proper lubrication prevents wear and tear on weight packaging machines by reducing friction between machine components. Lubricate weight packaging machines according to the manufacturer’s instructions, typically once every 6-12 months for optimal performance.

    11.What Are The Common Problems Associated With Weight Packaging Machines And Their Possible Solutions?



    Weight packaging machines can occasionally jam due to a number of factors, including improper loading and poor weight distribution.


    Unload the machine and inspect it for any foreign objects or misaligned parts. If nothing is wrong, then check the weight distribution and adjust accordingly.

    Mechanical Breakdowns

    Weight packaging machines are complex pieces of machinery and can experience mechanical problems over time.


    Regular maintenance is key to avoiding breakdowns, as well as inspecting and replacing any worn parts.



    Weight packaging machines can sometimes leak due to worn seals, broken components or improper installation.


    Inspect the machine for any signs of leaks and replace any broken parts. If necessary, have a professional technician to look at the machine and make any necessary repairs.

    12.What Factors Should Be Considered Before Purchasing A Weight Packaging Machine?



    The weight packaging machine that you purchase should fit your budget without compromising on quality. Consider the cost of maintenance, spare parts, and other expenses when selecting a weight packaging machine.


    The weight packaging machine should be able to accommodate the weight of the items that you need to pack. It is essential to determine the weight range and size of the items before selecting a machine.

    Ease of Use

    Ease of Use

    The weight packaging machine should be easy to use and understand, with clear instructions on how to operate it correctly and safely.


    The weight packaging machine should be durable enough to withstand regular use over a long period of time without needing frequent repairs or replacements.



    Quality is an important factor when purchasing a weight packaging machine as poor-quality machines will not last and may lead to product defects or damage.


    It is important to make sure that the weight packaging machine is installed and used in a safe manner, with all safety precautions taken into account. This includes ensuring the weight packaging machine complies with all relevant safety regulations and standards.


    The weight packaging machine is a remarkable automation tool that not only significantly increases production efficiency but also reduces labor costs. It is an ideal choice for anyone looking to make their business more successful and profitable. With so many advantages and benefits packed into one package, it’s easy to see why the weight packaging machine has become increasingly popular in the industry. For more information on how this incredible machine can improve your business, contact Allpack today. Our team of experts will be able to provide you with any advice or assistance you may need when setting up your machine and getting it up and running. So don’t wait – take charge of your future success now by contacting allpackchina for an amazing experience with a weight packaging machine


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