Best Design Three-Dimensional Swing Mixer

  • High Powder Mixing Efficiency
  • Durable and Stable Product Quality
  • Unique Driven Shaft Servo Mechanism

Three-Dimensional Swing Mixer

Allpack three-Dimensional Swing Mixer is widely applied for the mixing of powder materials by pharmacy, chemicals,  and foodstuff industries, as well as for the quick and even mixing of various materials in different granules and gravity. With its unique three-dimensional swing, parallel moving, and rolling methods, the mixer can generate a strong pulse movement to push forward and to mix targe materials continuously. The excellent mixing effects are the result of its changeable vortex movement that possesses the energy grads inside, it also has the merits of smooth running, low noise, high loading quantity, and short mixing time as well. The machine can mix bulk powder or granules very evenly so that the mixed materials can reach their best effect mixing effort. 3D swing mixers are often used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries for a variety of purposes. 


Three-Dimensional Swing Mixer

SBH-5 three-dimensional swing mixer

Allpack SBH-5 three-dimensional swing mixer is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries. With its unique three-dimension swing, parallel moving, and rolling methods, this mixer can generate a strong pulse movement to push forward and to mix the target materials continuously. The excellent mixing effects are the result of its changeable vortex movement that possesses the energy grads inside. It also has the merits of smooth running, low noise, high loading quotiety, and short mixing time as well.

Gear drive, adjusting eccentric structure, keep the machine running smoothly

Durable and stable product quality

Mixing uniformity up to 99%

SBH-10 three-dimensional swing mixer

Allpack SBH-10 three-dimensional swing mixer is a powder mixer, which is mainly used in pharmacy, chemical industry, metallurgical Industry, food industry and so on. The machine can mix bulk powder or granules very evenly so that the mixed materials can reach their best effect mixing effort. The machine can mix bulk powder or granules very evenlymulti-direction so that the mixed materials can reach their best effect mixing effort.

Butterfly valve of good quality 3D mixer

High powder mixing efficiency

Easy for installation and daily clean

SBH-20 three-dimensional swing mixer

Allpack SBH-20 three-dimensional swing mixer is widely used to mix various powder and granule of good fluidity in different industries,like chemical, food, metallurgy, light industry and scientific research etc . Driven by the active shaft,our mixer makes repeated combination motions of rotating,and tumbling to promote the three-dimension composite movement of the material along the cylinder. Under the unique mixture movement,the flow and diffusion of various materials are accelerated during the mixing process,meanwhile,3D mixer avoids the separation and accumulation of specific gracity of materials caused by the centrifugal force.

Uniform mixing of power or granule materials

Mixing efficient is high and short mixing time

No centrifugal force acting on the material

SBH50 three-dimensional swing mixer

Allpack SBH-50 three-dimensional swing mixer,the mixing barrel is supported by the driving and driven shafts which are crossed in space and also vertical to each other and are respectively connected by Y-type universal joints, so that the mixing barrel makes unique translational , turning ,rocking and rolling motions in asolid three dimensional space,thereby speeds up the flow and diffusion of the materials being mixed,while avoids the specific-gravity segregation of materials due to the action of centrifugal force in an ordinary mixer,and ensures the materials to reach an ideal mixing within a short time.

Unique driven shaft servo mechanism

Evenness of mixing reaches above 99.5%

Low height and small rotating space

The Buyer's Guide

3D Swing Mixer: The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

Have you ever wished that you could take the time-intensive task of mixing substances, such as dough or batter, and make it a zillion times easier? If so, then you’ll be delighted to hear that this dream is now a reality with the 3d swing mixer! This innovative device is revolutionizing baking and cooking by making ingredients mixing effortless – plus, its sleek design means it looks fabulous in any kitchen.

3D Swing Mixer

Also, this appliance is designed to move in three dimensions at once while simultaneously mixing any ingredient imaginable left or right, up or down, in circles or a figure-eight pattern. Whether it’s dough for pizza crust or dressing for salad, this machine will make sure every part of your recipe blending together perfectly and quickly! Read on for our take on how this incredible product can help you get delicious meals to the dinner table faster than ever before!

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    1.What Is A 3D Swing Mixer?

    3D Swing Mixer-1

    A 3D swing mixer is a specialized machine that allows ingredients to be mixed in three dimensions, instead of the traditional two. It uses a powerful 3D motion that enables it to mix liquids and powders thoroughly, evenly, and quickly. This 3D motion creates an effective turbulence inside the contained environment that helps homogenize the ingredients.

    3D swing mixers are often used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries for a variety of purposes. They offer advantages such as short mixing times, high homogeneity rates, simple operation, and reduced energy consumption compared to traditional mixing systems. 3D swing mixers can also be customized to meet user-specific requirements.

    In addition, 3D swing mixers are able to handle a wider range of particle sizes than other mixing technologies. They can be used for small-scale and large-scale production runs. 3D swing mixers are an effective and efficient way to achieve homogeneous mixtures in a short amount of time.

    2.What Are The Components Of A 3D Swing Mixer?

    Components Of A 3D Swing Mixer

    Here are some of the key components that make up 3D swing mixers:

    Mixing Chamber

    This chamber houses the material or product to be mixed and contains all the parts necessary for effective blending. It is typically made from stainless steel; though other materials may be used depending on the application.


    3D swing mixers use three blades to achieve 3-dimensional circulation and mixing for even distribution of ingredients. These blades are usually constructed of metal, plastic or ceramic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the specific application.


    3D swing mixers use powerful motors to drive the blades at high speeds for fast and efficient mixing. The type of motor used will depend on the size and power requirements of the mixer, as well as other factors such as cost, efficiency, noise level and maintenance requirements.


    3D swing mixers require a range of controls to ensure the blades rotate at the correct speed and angle, as well as to regulate temperature settings. This typically involves both manual and automated functions, such as timers, switches and digital displays.

    Safety Features

    3D swing mixers come with various safety features to reduce the risk of accidents and injury, such as interlocks, enclosures and guards. These help to protect operators and provide a safe working environment. 

    3.What Are The Advantages Of A 3D Swing Mixer?

    Advantages Of A 3D Swing Mixer

    The 3D swing mixer offers a number of advantages, including:

    Increased Operational Efficiency

    3D swing mixers provide increased operational efficiency compared to traditional mixers. The 3D motion of the 3D swing mixer causes ingredients to be moved around more quickly and thoroughly, resulting in faster mixing cycles and improved accuracy.

    Improved Product Quality

    3D swing mixers also help improve product quality since their 3D motion allows for better blending of ingredients and faster homogenization. This helps to create a more consistent product from batch to batch and reduces the risk of variation in flavor or texture.


    3D Swing Mixers are highly durable and require less maintenance than other types of mixers. This makes them an economical choice for businesses that need to process large batches of materials on a regular basis.

    Easy to Clean

    3D Swing Mixers are designed to be easy to clean, allowing you to quickly switch between products without having to worry about cross-contamination. This makes them ideal for food processing and pharmaceutical applications.


    3D Swing Mixers are extremely versatile, allowing for a variety of mixing speeds and motion patterns. This means they can be used to mix just about any material, from thick pastes to dry powders.

    4.What Are The Applications Of A 3D Swing Mixer?

    Applications Of A 3D Swing Mixer

    Food Processing

    3D swing mixers are used in food processing applications to ensure homogenous and consistent mixing of ingredients for products like sauces, soups, batters and more. The 3D motion of the mixer helps to avoid agglomeration and lump formation while mixing.

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    3D swing mixers are used in the pharmaceutical industry to achieve perfect mixing of both dry and wet ingredients for a wide range of products, including tablets, capsules and suspensions.

    Chemical Manufacturing

    3D swing mixers are also used in chemical manufacturing, where they can be used for a wide range of processes, such as emulsification, dispersion and dissolution. This ensures that chemicals form uniform mixtures with improved properties.

    Beverage Industry

    Beverage Industry

    3D swing mixers are also used in the beverage industry. These mixers help to quickly and evenly mix ingredients such as sugars, flavors, acids and preservatives into beverages like juices, energy drinks and soft drinks.

    Cosmetics Industry

    Cosmetics Industry

    3D swing mixers can be used for a wide range of applications in the cosmetics industry, including lotions, creams and gels. The 3D action of the mixer helps to create uniform and stable emulsions with homogenous textures.

    5.What Are The Working Principles Of A 3D Swing Mixer?

    3D Swing Mixer

    The 3D Swing Mixer works by using 3 different motions that can be used to create a more uniform mix. The swing motion is designed to move the material along the 3 axes in an oscillating or swinging pattern which provides a more even distribution of materials and increases blending efficiency.

    The rotate motion creates additional turbulence to help break up clumps and lumps in the mixture and further increases uniformity. Finally, the slide motion creates a 3rd axis of motion to further enhance the mixing process.

    6.What Are The Different Types Of 3D Swing Mixers Available On The Market?

    Types Of 3D Swing Mixer

    • 3D Inverted Swing Mixer – The 3D inverted swing mixer is a top-of-the-line mixers that uses two arms to move ingredients around, while simultaneously spinning the bowl in 3D motions. This type of mixer offers precise mixing action, ensuring thorough blending and better results.
    • 3D Double Arm Swing Mixer – 3D double arm swing mixer is a unique design that uses two arms to rotate the bowl and its ingredients in 3D motion. It offers excellent performance for small batches, as it has superior mixing action compared to other mixers.
    • 3D Planetary Mogul Mixer – The 3D planetary mogul mixer is a professional-grade mixer that uses three arms to rotate the bowl in 3D motion. This type of mixer offers maximum performance for larger batches, as it has three times the mixing action compared to other mixers.
    • 3D Multi-Motion Mixer – The 3D multi-motion mixer is an advanced 3D mixer that uses four arms to rotate the bowl in 3D motion. This type of mixer offers maximum performance for large batches, as it has four times the mixing action compared to other mixers.
    • 3D Triple Axis Mixer – The 3D triple axis mixer is an advanced 3D mixer that uses three axes of rotation for optimal 3D mixing. This type of mixer offers superior performance for large batches, as it has 3 times the mixing action compared to other mixers.

    7.What Is The Difference Between 3d Swing Mixers And Traditional Mixers?

    a) 3D Swing Mixers

    3D Swing Mixers-2

    b)Traditional Mixers

    Traditional Mixers

    3D mixers are an innovative type of mixer that enhance mixing efficiency and accuracy. 3D swing mixers, such as the 3D mixer, use 3-dimensional movements to create a more uniform and efficient mixing process when compared with traditional mixers.

    The 3D motion creates an even distribution of all ingredients, allowing for faster and more consistent mixing. 3D mixers also have the added benefit of being easier to clean, as their 3D motion eliminates the need for difficult and time-consuming cleaning processes.

    Unlike traditional mixers that are limited in speed control, 3D mixers offer additional speed settings for optimal efficiency and accuracy to help achieve desired results. 3D swing mixers are ideal for applications that require extra-fine emulsions, homogenization, and dispersions.

    3D mixers can also be used to process large batches quickly and uniformly with minimal effort. Overall, 3D mixers provide a more efficient mixing process than traditional mixers, resulting in improved mixing consistency and accuracy.

    8.What Type Of Products Can Be Mixed Using A 3D Swing Mixer?

    A 3D swing mixer is an efficient and versatile piece of equipment, capable of mixing a variety of different products. A 3D swing mixer can be used to mix:



    3D swing mixers are often employed in the pharmaceutical industry to blend powders together with accuracy.


    3D swing mixers are capable of producing homogeneous liquid mixtures in a short amount of time.


    3D swing mixers can effectively combine oils with additives, solvents, or other liquids.


    3D swing mixers can be used to incorporate pasty ingredients into a homogeneous mixture.

    Granular Materials

    3D swing mixers are well-suited for the mixing of dry, granular materials such as flour, sugar, salts and spices.

    9.What Are The Tips To Maximize Productivity With 3D Swing Mixers?

    Maximize Productivity

    By following these tips, you will be able to maximize productivity with your 3D swing mixer.

    Ensure Proper Maintenance

    Regularly cleaning and maintaining 3D swing mixers is essential to keeping them in top working condition and maximize productivity. Check the screws for any signs of wear or tear, as well as inspect the machine for any loose parts that may need to be tightened or replaced.

    Utilize Computer Programs

    3D swing mixers are equipped with computer programs that can help you optimize the mixing process and produce quality products. By using these programs, you can save time and effort while also increasing efficiency.

    Adjust Settings When Necessary

    3D swing mixers come with adjustable settings to allow for customized production. Depending on the material being mixed, you can adjust the speed, heat, and other parameters to create the desired outcome.

    Use Quality Ingredients

    Using poor quality ingredients can impact the 3D swing mixer’s efficiency and productivity. Invest in quality ingredients so that your 3D swing mixer runs smoothly without any issues or delays.

    10.How Can You Maintain A 3d Swing Mixer?

    Maintaining a 3D swing mixer is an important part of keeping your kitchen running smoothly and ensuring delicious results day after day. Here are some tips to help you keep your 3D swing mixer in top condition:


    Make sure that the 3D swing mixer bowl, as well as its beaters, are cleaned thoroughly after each use with a soft cloth and soapy water. This will help prevent the buildup of food particles or oils that can cause bacteria to form.



    Inspect the 3D swing mixer regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as frays or exposed wiring. If any issues are spotted, be sure to contact an electrician for replacement or repair.

    Proper Storage

    3D swing mixers should always be stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures. This is especially important if the 3D swing mixer is going to be stored for an extended period of time.



    Lubricate all moving parts with 3-in-1 oil or other suitable lubricant.

    11.How Can 3D Swing Mixers Help To Ensure Accuracy And Consistency In Mixing?

    Ensure Accuracy And Consistency

    3D swing mixers are designed to allow for fast, efficient mixing without the need to manually adjust parameters including mixture time and frequency. The 3D mixer has three separate blades that rotate around a central axis.

    These rotating blades create turbulence in the material, resulting in uniform and consistent mixing of both solid and liquid components. This ensures accuracy and consistency of the results.

    3D swing mixers also allow for adjustable stirring times and speeds, which allows users to customize mixes according to their specific needs.

    Additionally, 3D swing mixers come with a number of safety features such as over-temperature protection, auto shut-off, and even an optional explosion proof motor.

    With these features in place, 3D swing mixers offer a safe and effective solution to ensuring accurate and consistent mixing.

    12. What Are The Common Problems With 3d Swing Mixers And How Can They Be Solved?

    Common Problems With 3d Swing Mixer

    There are several common problems with 3D swing mixers that can affect the quality of their performance. These include:

    Poor motion control

    3D swing mixers are prone to experiencing poor motion control, resulting in shaking and vibration that can lead to uneven mixing.

    To solve this issue, 3D swing mixers should be set up on a stable base with shock absorbers installed between the mixer and its foundation.

    Additionally, motor mounts should be rigid and adjustable to maintain the desired speed and accuracy.

    Lack of uniform mixing

    3D swing mixers can also struggle with delivering a uniform product due to its design, which can cause pockets of unmixed material in the final product, leading to inconsistencies and poor quality.

    To ensure better uniformity, 3D swing mixers should be equipped with a homogenizing system that can break up larger chunks of material, allowing for more even distribution and better mixing.

    Unreliable speed control

    3D swing mixers may also experience problems with unreliable speed control due to the difficulty in keeping motors running at a consistent rate.

    To solve this issue, 3D swing mixers should be equipped with a speed control system that can automatically adjust the motor speed based on the material being mixed.

    Poor batch control

    3D swing mixers often have difficulty with batch consistency and can be affected by changes in ambient temperature or other environmental factors.

    Batch control can be improved by adding temperature sensors to the system, calibrating the mixer regularly, and using a consistent amount of product when making batches.


    3D swing mixers often have problems with reliability due to poor construction, lack of maintenance, or out-of-date components.

    This can be addressed by regularly inspecting and maintaining the mixer and replacing any worn parts.

    Trends And Innovations

    a) 3D Swing Mixers with Multiple Motors

    3D swing mixers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to mix a wide range of materials using multiple motors.

    This makes them much more versatile and efficient than traditional mixers, which typically have single motor designs.

    The use of multiple motors allows the 3D swing mixer to apply different parameters and speeds, thus enabling a higher level of precision when mixing ingredients.

    b) 3D Swing Mixer with Automation Technology

    3D swing mixers are now being designed with automation technology, allowing for accurate and consistent control over the mixing process.

    This can result in better accuracy and uniformity across batches, as well as a reduction in waste and cost.

    The automation technology also allows for automatic monitoring of the mixing process, allowing for timely alerts to any issues that may arise during production.

    c) 3D Swing Mixer with Built-in Safety Features

    3D swing mixers are now incorporating built-in safety features to reduce the potential for accidents in the workplace.

    This includes features such as automatic shut-off when the mixer is not in use, as well as sensors and alarms to alert personnel of hazardous situations.

    These safety features ensure that 3D swing mixers are safe to operate and can help protect against potential liability issues.

    d) 3D Swing Mixer with Environmentally Friendly Design

    3D swing mixers are now being designed with an environmentally friendly focus in mind. This can include the use of energy-efficient motors, as well as components that reduce noise and vibration.

    Additionally, 3D swing mixers are often made from materials that have less impact on the environment, such as recyclable plastics or stainless steel.

    With an environmentally friendly 3D swing mixer, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint while still achieving the desired mixing results.

    e) 3D Swing Mixer with Digital Controls

    3D swing mixers are now being built with digital control systems that make it easier to monitor and adjust settings during operation.

    This allows for more precise control over the mixing process and can help ensure that ingredients are properly blended.

    Digital controls also allow for more efficient use of resources, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption and waste.

    14. What Quality Standards Should 3D Swing Mixers Conform To?

    Quality Standards


    3D swing mixers should be designed to meet the requirements of the application, including safety and efficiency. This includes having a robust construction that is able to withstand the demands of mixing, as well as integrating features such as overload protection to prevent damage caused by overloading or misuse.


    3D swing mixers should be made of high-quality materials that are durable and chemical resistant. This helps to ensure a long service life, even in demanding applications such as those involving corrosive or hazardous materials.


    3D swing mixers should have reliable performance that is consistent and repeatable over time. The mixer should also be able to provide the desired level of mixing, such as homogeneity and uniformity, while also having a smooth operation with minimal noise and vibration.

    Quality Control

    3D swing mixers should undergo rigorous testing and inspection during production to ensure that all components meet relevant design criteria and safety standards. This includes verifying the accuracy of measurements as well as testing the performance of the mixer to ensure it meets the required specifications.


    3D swing mixers should have appropriate certificates and documentation that attest to their quality and safety, such as CE and UL markings or EMC certifications. This helps to demonstrate that the mixer has been designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.


    3D swing mixers should feature efficient motors and blades to mix ingredients quickly and evenly without waste or heat generation. Additionally, 3D swing mixers should offer the option of adjustable speeds to allow for precision mixing of different types of ingredients.

    Service & Support

    3D swing mixers should have access to technical support and spare parts in case of any issues or maintenance requirements. This helps to ensure that the mixer is able to continue functioning as expected over time, which enables its continued use for mixing applications.

    Quality of Mix

    3D swing mixers should be able to thoroughly and evenly mix ingredients without leaving chunks or unmixed areas. The mixer should have powerful enough speeds and power settings so that it can handle any mixing tasks, from light meringues to heavy doughs.

    Noise Level

    3D swing mixers should be designed so that they operate as quietly as possible. This will help to reduce noise pollution in homes and commercial kitchens, and make 3D swing mixers more pleasant to use.


    The 3D swing mixer is a top of the line product that will revolutionize your mixing needs. 3D swing mixers from Allpack are perfect for anyone in the food industry who wants to improve their product quality. With this mixer, you can say goodbye to clumps and uneven mixing. The three-dimensional mixing action ensures that your ingredients are fully combined so you can produce a consistent product every time. Contact Allpack today to learn more about how our 3D swing mixers can help you take your business to the next level. We would be happy to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have and also help you to find the perfect solution for your needs!


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