Shrink Tunnel

Allpackchina shrink tunnel is designed for a single item or objects without tray. This machine can connect with other production machines with the function of automatically feeding, wrapping, sealing, shrinking and cooling, unmanned assembly-line to realize unmanned operation.The machine can change the packing forms according to the production requirements, such as two rows, three rows, or four rows without tray. When replacing packaging, you just convert the switch on the panel and replace the supporting material block.A specially designed sealing knife makes sure solid sealing line, no cracking and anti-stick.All allpackchina strink tunnel are widely used in the lines of beer, mineral water, cans, glass bottles; round bottles without tray products’ shrink packaging.

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Shrink Tunnel: The Complete Buying Guide in 2022

In the modern world where technology is getting advanced day by day, machines are available for performing every small task. Shrinking of materials like films is nowadays also done by proper machines that are popularly known as Shrink Tunnels.

These tunnels have heat covered conveyor system that shrinks loosely applied films and makes the wrap more comfortable around the product. Shrink tunnels are used globally to cure and protect the product and to increase its life span. For a better understanding of shrink tunnels and their applications, we have prepared this detailed article for you. You can get everything from this before going for a purchase of shrink tunnels.

Shrink Tunnel

In modern days, shrink tunnels are used to deal with high production volume and to increase the productivity of a manufacturing firm. The manufacturing of shrink tunnels has increased in the recent past as industries are packing their products in shrink film are buying these tunnels to make their work easier and to attract more and more customers.  

Shrink tunnels or commonly known as heat tunnels are metallic tunnels that are built with round conveyor systems. A heating element inside a shrink tunnel heats the products that are moved on the conveyor and as a result shrink films cloaks and wraps the material. When the products end their movement on the conveyor, uniformly shrink film is observed on the product that makes it look very pleasant.

Shrink tunnels according to their usage and the different size of products is divided into different types. If the product is not kept in the designed tunnel, it can cause severe damage and can cause wastage. So for better understanding following are the four types of shrink tunnels.

Steam Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel-1

Steam is used in these shrink tunnels instead of hot air to shrink the plastic film on the products. Tampered and evident packaging is most commonly done by these stream shrink tunnels.  

Water supply is required in these tunnels instead of air for the heating purpose, this is why these machines can be much more expensive as compared to others.

Self-Contained Steam Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel-2

Self-contained streams shrink tunnel is a sub-type of a steam shrink tunnel. The only difference between these two is that it has an internal heating generator for shrinking purposes rather than external utilities. High quality, high precision, and brilliant font display can be achieved using these stream shrink tunnels.

Radiant Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel-3

The heating source in the tunnel is due to radiations in these radiant shrink tunnels. The infrared radiations present in the machines are absorbed by the product and it gets shrinks.

Products that require a low shrink percentage are ideal if used with these radiant shrink tunnels.  

Convective Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel-4

Hot air is used as a heating source in convective shrink tunnels. The hot air produced in the tunnel shrinks the sleeve and surrounds the item which is under the packaging process.  

A module commonly named “baffle” blows the hot air in all directions that keep the tunnel hot and cold. Packaging of frozen meat and cardboard games are the best applications of convective shrink tunnels.

Shrink Tunnel-5

A compact and durable shrink tunnel gives high quality shrink wrapping on products in less time duration. It gives reliability to perform proper shrink of wrapping on product and make in air tight so no microorganism or environmental factor can affect the product.

It contains rust resistant chrome rollers and shafts, coated outer surface, and a heavy-duty conveyor belt. The tunnel is secured with silicon rubbers to minimize heat loss. The operation of a shrink tunnel is very simple

  • Initially, all the safety measures of tunnel are verified. Normal power supply of 110-220V is used by the tunnel for its operation.
  • The inner heating parameter and speed of the conveyor is adjusted by the control units present on the body of the tunnel. Likely the temperature is kept between 100-350°C.
  • Once the heating parameters are set, commonly an L-bar sealer seals the edges on film and then the product is inserted through the conveyor in a shrink tunnel.
  • The recirculating air chamber flows the heating air from all four directions to the product. This helps to perform uniform shrink parameters from all sides of the product.
  • As the product comes out of the tunnel, the film completely shrinks on the product and has a clean finishing.

Shrink Tunnel-6

Following are the components that successfully result in the operation of a shrink tunnel

Shrink Tunnel-7

Control Panel

Shrink Tunnel-8

The control panel is present on the outer side of a shrink tunnel. It is the most essential part of the shrink tunnel as all the parameters like temperature, conveyor speed, and inlet heating air are controlled, monitored, and handled through this display. This panel allows us to reach the desired standards and to set the shrink process on those standard parameters.

Rust Resistant Chrome Rollers

Chrome rollers are there in a shrink tunnel for smooth movement of product on the inlet and outlet side.

Heater Bank

It is the main component of shrink tunnel. A standard heating coils are used in the heater bank that are responsible for supplying heat to the tunnel. Unique heat is produced from all sides of the tunnel that makes it very precise and accurate.

Blower Motors

The heat produced is recirculated in the tunnel through blowers. These blowers have proper motor setting known as blower motor. Specific and uniform heat is blown from all corners so that the film completely shrinks on the product.

Conveyor Belt

The product when enters the tunnel through chrome rollers is carried forwards on a conveyor system. A highly automated conveyor system is there in a tunnel which is solely responsible for entering and exit of products. The speed of this conveyor belt can easily be adjusted through a control panel and is very important to notice according to the size, weight, height, and heating limits of the product.

Silicon rubbers

Shrink Tunnel-9

Silicon rubbers are there on the entrance and exit gate of tunnel. Silicon rubbers are responsible for maintaining the heat within the tunnel and avoiding and losses.

Following are the advantages of shrink tunnel

Shrink Tunnel-10


Shrink Tunnel-11

The biggest advantage of using a shrink tunnel is that it improves productivity with keeping quality at a high standard. The machines are now completely automated and can shrink number of products in no time.


Shrink tunnels are adjusted according to the size, height, and weight of the product. No matter what type of product it is, we just set the parameters of tunnel and they will perform accordingly.

Quality Packaging

The air blown on the product within tunnel is divided equally on all edges of the product. As a result of this the quality of shrink packaging remains constant and very precise. High quality products are gained from these tunnels.

Protection and Security

Shrink Tunnel-12

Many industries export their products globally. The product travels for a long distance once they are manufactured. During this traveling period, shrink film provides complete security to it and protects it from any environmental damage, dirt, and humidity.

Customer Attraction

Shrink packaging from these shrink tunnels is mostly used because they attract customers globally. The printing options and proper shrink of film are very eye-catching and can bring many customers.


In comparison to other traditional film shrink wrapping techniques, shrink tunnels are much more economical and save a lot of material from wastage. It reduces the size of packaging material and helps to increase the number of products to save extra shipping cost.

Shrink tunnels are globally used in many areas. Some of the common applications of shrink tunnels are

Packaging Industry

Shrink Tunnel-13

Materials that are packed and moved worldwide is important to be packed in a way that its life should remain as standard. For that purpose, proper uniform sealing of shrink films needs to be applied on these products. This is the reason shrink tunnels are used to protect the material and any environmental hazards.  

Food Industry

Shrink Tunnel-14

Shrink film is applied on products of the food industry. As food items have less life span and get easily effected by environmental parameters, it is necessary to pack them in a way so that the food may remain hygienic and safe from microorganisms

Pharmaceutical Industry

Shrink Tunnel-15

Some of the medical sectors that use L-bar sealing for protection of medicines use shrink tunnels for this purpose. Medicines remain safe and hygienic for longer period.

Household Industry

Shrink Tunnel-16

Plastic items and other household accessories are shrink wrapped properly. Once they are shrinking only the customer can use it. The finishing of material is very amazing to see, and many people are only attracted through this packaging.

Globally shrink tunnels are used for proper packaging and wrapping of films on products so that they may remain safe in it. The world is now tending towards advancement and these tunnels are evidence of that. This article completely discusses the application, working, and usage of shrink tunnels. ALLPACK offer an extensive range of shrink tunnel machines ideal for packaging small- medium- and large batches. The modular concept ensures maximum flexibility and efficient output.
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