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Blister Sealing Machine

Allpack blister sealing machine uses the pulse fever from the mold/die with heating elements. It can seal paper cards and blisters perfectly, and the sealed products are not only moistureproof and dustproof function but also with eye-catching appearance. It can be applied to a plastic blister(made of PVC, PET, PETG, etc.) seal with paper card. It’s suitable for the packaging process such as toys, stationery, foods, commodity, cosmetics, hardware, medicine, etc. It has been widely used for blister packing of hardware, toys, small articles of daily use, and electronic components. The products after packing are visible and eye drawing, dampproof, dustproof, secure, etc. The blister sealing machine is equipped with smart control panel so that it is easy and convenient to operate.

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Blister Sealing Machine

XBF-500 High Efficient Blister Sealing Machine

Allpack XBF-500 high efficient blister sealing machine is used to pack a large range of products such as medicines, hardware, electronic components, candies, jellies, toys, daily necessaries, etc. This blister sealing machine is small type, it is easy to operate and set up, the packaging size and shape of the machine can be customized, which means that it is suitable for sealing irregular products. The blister sealing machine conforms to CE certification and ISO9001:2008, it is high quality and durable, also, it has good performance during working.

High Quality Sealing


High Production Efficiency

XBF-750 High Speed Automatic Blister Sealing Machine

Allpack high speed automatic blister sealing machine is suitable for sealing transparent PVC, PET materials and paper card, it can seal products firmly and aesthetically. This blister sealing machine is always used to pack toys, stationery, daily necessaries, small tools, electronic components, food products, beverages, medicines, etc. The blister sealing machine is equipped with smart control panel so that it is easy and convenient to operate.

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Wide Application Range

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The Buyer's Guide

Blister Sealing Machine:The Complete Buying Guide in 2023

In order to make the packaged goods not only moisture-proof, but also crystal clear and beautiful in appearance, and improve the quality of the goods, I think you may need a high-quality blister sealing machine.

At present, there are many kinds of blister sealing machines on the market, so it has always been a difficult problem for you or other customers to choose.

Now, you can get more information about the blister sealing machine through reading this article. I hope you can find the best blister sealing machine for yourself.

It is important to understand its characteristics before choosing a blister sealing machine.

Let’s go straight to the subject.

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    Blister Sealing Machine

    Blister sealing machine refers to the sealing machine of blister and paper cards. Some people call it blister heat sealing machine, blister hot press, hot press, blister heat sealing machine, etc. This machine uses the heat of pressure and mold to heat them together.

    The blister sealing machine is specially used for the heat sealing packaging of blister shell and paper card, and is applicable to all kinds of exquisite toys, stationery, batteries, food and daily necessities.

    Actually, you should know that a Blister sealing machine is a kind of blister packaging equipment including: high-frequency machine, heat sealing machine, ultrasonic machine,blister molding and packaging machine.

    2.What Are The Types Of Blister Sealing Machine?

    Generally,according to the operation and working process,blister sealing machines can be divided into two types:manual blister sealing machine and automatic blister sealing machine,these machines will be introduced to the below.

    Manual Blister Sealing Machine

    Manual Blister Sealing Machine

    Manual blister sealing machine,as the name shows,it is a type of blister sealing machine which is operated by human labor,it has no automation during the working process.Manual blister sealing machine is designed compact,small in size,it can largely save space,and it is flexible and easy to operate.

    However,because it is operated by human labor,and the capacity of it is quite small,so it is more suitable for small-scale blister sealing demand such as for family or small laboratory.

    Semi Automatic Blister Sealing Machine

    Semi Automatic Blister Sealing Machine

    As the picture shows,the capacity of semi automatic machine is more than the manual one,

    so it is more suitable for medium or higher scale of blister sealing demands,they can be used to seal conventional carded blisters,full face blisters and half-clamshell blisters.

    Fully Automatic Blister Sealing Machine

    Fully Automatic Blister Sealing Machine

    As you can see,the fully automatic blister sealing machine looks more complex than manual blister sealing machine and fully automatic sealing machine,it also equipped with PLC touch screen,you can realize easy operation.The fully automatic blister sealing machine can work in a pretty high speed and the working process is high automatic,it can reach 18 cycles per minute,so it can improve the production efficient,in other words,this types of blister sealing machine is suitable for large scale production.

    Except the operation and working process,just in terms of the structure,the blister sealing machines can be divided into single station blister sealing machines and two station blister sealing machines.

    Single Station Blister Sealing Machine

    Single Station Blister Sealing Machine

    The single station blister sealing machine is similar to manual blister sealing machine,their sizes and their capacities are both small,the single station blister sealing machine is suitable for sealing various types of blisters.

    Two Station Blister Sealing Machine

    Two Station Blister Sealing Machine

    Different to single station blister sealing machine,the two station blister sealing machine has two sealing tables,which means that it has higher production than single station blister sealing machine in the same time.This type of blister sealing machine is suitable for small to medium scale production,and it also can seal diverse types of blisters.

    Blister Sealing Machine-6

    Control panel

    Blister Sealing Machine-7

    You can see that the buttons required for daily use are all on the control panel. When the double indicator lights are on, it indicates that the blister sealing machine is in the working state.

    Secondly, the ammeter and the gear switch are external, which is mainly to facilitate future maintenance and you can replace the external fuse at any time, and protect the safety of the circuit and the operator.

    Internal structure

    Blister Sealing Machine-8

    Transformers are made of pure copper wire and a well-known temper tank. The internal structure is reasonable and the wiring is clear and tidy, which is convenient for you to maintain and check the blister sealing machine in the future.

    Four guide pillar pneumatic structure

    Blister Sealing Machine-9

    Do you know why it is this structure? Because this structure can greatly reduce the radial run out of the dispersing shaft and improve the stability, reliability and durability of the blister sealing machine.

    Rubber pressing plate

    Blister Sealing Machine-10

    It is a high-quality material with high temperature resistance and high strength, which is both soft and ductile, which greatly extends the service life of silicone rubber plate in the process of stamping.

    Blister Sealing Machine-2

    The blister sealing machine is mainly used for the heat sealing packaging of blister shells and paper cards.

    It uses the pulse heating principle (36V voltage makes the Bakelite mold heat) , you can select different current output and power on time according to the size of the workpiece (heat sealing area), and then completes the heat sealing packaging under cooling and pressurization.

    The packaging products of blister sealing machines are transparent and beautiful, and the packaging speed is fast. It uses the adjustable electric heating principle to complete the heat sealing between the blister and the paperboard.

    Blister Sealing Machine-3

    This blister sealing machine is applicable to the sealing and packaging of PVC blisters and PVC blisters. It can be widely used for pharmaceuticals, sealing and packaging of hardware, stationery, auto parts, souvenirs, electrical components and other goods.

    The procedure of the blister sealing machine and effect of this product are similar to that of the high-frequency machine, but there is no interference with the household appliances and wireless devices adjacent to this machine and no damage to the your body.

    5.How Does A Blister Sealing Machine Work?

    Blister Sealing Machine Work

    At the beginning, the formed blister is placed in the mold, then the product to be sealed is added, and the bottom plate is covered.Then the turning table rotates and the product is rotated to the corresponding place,at this moment,the rubber pressing plate goes down and add pressure to the product.

    Then the four guide pillar pneumatic structure is connected to product, at this step,the heating operation is started.In general,the operator will set the heating time in advance,as the temperature constantly rise up,the formed blister and the bottom plate are tightly fitted.

    After the heating operation,it is the cooling step,the same as heating step,the time is set in advance.And when the cooling step is at the end,the rubber pressing plate returns to its original place,the sealing process is completed.Then the machine will repeat the above operations,to realize the continuous working process.

    6.What Are The Advantages Of The Blister Sealing Machine?

    As a widely used packaging device,blister sealing machine must has a large amount of advantages,next they will be displayed one by one.

    Easy to operate

    Blister Sealing Machine-4

    First, it is easy to operate, you just need to select the delay time, heating time and cooling time and heating current shift position are selected, manually rotate the disk workbench, and the delay system, heating system and cooling system of the machine will automatically operate to complete the sealing process.

    Two workbenches

    Second, automatic, humanized and intelligent operation. This blister sealing machine has two workbenches with fast sealing speed and high production efficiency.

    Blister Sealing Machine-5

     A PLC operating system

    Third, the blister sealing machine adopts a PLC operating system, you can use a PLC to set the parameters such as welding time and fusing time. The output calculation is prompted, and the operation is simple.

    Safety and low maintenance cost

    Fourth, this blister sealing machine has low electromagnetic radiation, can protect personal safety, and also has manual / automatic, mold test, temperature control, pressure control, large current control and other functions. It covers a small area and is very convenient for installation and maintenance.

    7.What Are The Industrial Applications Of Blister Sealing Machine?

    As a matter of fact,there are many products on the market which are blister sealed,as a result,blister sealing machines are widely used in a large range of industries,here I will list the main industries,which includes:

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    As a widely used packaging device,blister sealing machine must has a large amount of advantages,next they will be displayed one by one. Easy to operate

    The main application of blister sealing machine is in pharmaceutical industry,in general,capsules and tablets are packed in bottles or blisters,blister packaging has occupy a large proportion in the medicine packaging field.Seal the capsules and tablets in blisters can keep the medicines stay in a sanitary situation,then protect their drug property.

    Food Industry

    Food Industry

    In addition,another common application of blister sealing is in the food packaging industry,it always be used to pack candies and other small snacks,the function of the blister is also to keep the sanitary situation of the food,to ensure the food safety.

    Cosmetic Industry

    Cosmetic Industry

    In fact,in cosmetic industry,blister sealed products are very common,as the picture shows,lip balm and sun cream,besides,there are many cosmetics are blister sealed,such as face cleanser, nail polish, face cream, mascara, eyebrow pencil,etc.And except cosmetics,the makeup tools can also be blister sealed,for example,the makeup brushes and eyelash curler.As a result,blister sealing machines are also widely used in cosmetic industry.

    Electronic Industry

    Electronic Industry

    Blister sealing machine can also be used in electronic industry,it can pack many products such as batteries,USB cables,electronic components and some small size electric appliances,in a word,the electronic products which are blister sealed are very common in your daily life,they are easy to be founded if you look closely enough.

    Commodity Industry

    Commodity Industry

    If you always going to supermarket,you will find that there are many commodities are blister sealed.For instance,as the picture shows,most of the toothbrushes are sealed in the blister,besides the toothbrushes,other commodities can also use blister packaging,so blister sealing machine are widely used in this industry.

    Stationery Industry

    Stationery Industry

    Another application of blister sealing machine is the students’ stationery,such as pen,eraser, tape, computer, scissors, ruler and so many other stationery,these products are generally packed by blister sealing machines.Why it is widely used to pack stationery?It is because that the advantage of cost saving of blister sealing machine.

    Toy Industry

    Toy Industry

    And the last application to be introduced is the toy industry,in fact, either the toys of boys, such as cars and robots, or the toys of girls , such as Barbie dolls, they are both generally blister sealed.So,the blister sealing machines are also applied in toy industry.
    These above are the main and common applications of blister sealing machines,of course,they are not the only products which need to use this machine to pack,there are also many other types of products are blister packaged,they are waiting for you to find.

    8.Blister Sealing Machine VS Blister Packaging Machine

    To be honest,maybe there are many people can not distinguish the blister sealing machine and blister packaging machine,although they are similar in name,they are two different machines,in this part,lets explore the differences between them.

    Blister Packaging Machine

    Blister Sealing Machine Blister Packaging Machine
    Function Blister sealing machine is to seal the products into the formed blister,the main function of the machine is to seal,it doesn’t need to form or cut the blister. Blister packaging machine is to use plastic to form blister and pack products in it.Different from blister sealing machine,the function of blister packaging machine is not only seal,it can make plastic material form blister,pack product in it and then cut the extra part,to get a complete blister pack
    Type As is mentioned above,according to different aspects,blister sealing machines can be divided to manual blister sealing machine,semi automatic blister sealing machine,fully automatic blister sealing machine;single station blister sealing machine and two station blister sealing machine. According to the different blister materials,blister packaging machines can be divided to PVC/Al blister packaging machine,Alu/Alu blister packaging machine and Alu/PVC/Alu blister packaging machine.According to the structure,blister packaging machines can be divided to roller blister packaging machine,flat forming blister packaging machine and roller plate blister packaging machine.And according to the operation process,there are two types of blister packaging machines-semi automatic and fully automatic.
    Components The structure of blister sealing machine is simple,the main components of it are control panel,internal structure,four guide pillar pneumatic structure and rubber pressing plate. The structure of blister packaging machine is more complex,the main functional parts of it are feeder,heat former,control panel,control button,conveyor,sealing mechanism,barcode printing mechanism,cutting mechanism,waste collection mechanism and output.
    Working Principle The blister sealing machine uses pulse heating principle,output different current according to the thermal bonding area, and then complete the thermal bonding packaging under the condition of cooling and pressure. Blister packaging machine is to use transparent plastic film or sheet to form a blister, uses heat sealing, bonding and other methods to seal the product between the blister and the bottom plate.
    Working Process The working process of blister sealing machine is also mentioned above,it has three main steps-heating,pressing and cooling,through the three steps,the products are sealed in the blister. The working process of blister packaging machine is more complex than that of blister sealing machine.At the beginning,it softens the plastic film through heating,and then put the plastic film into the mould to make it form into blister.Next,put product in the formed blister,cover the bottom plate,then heating again to seal them.The last step,the machine will cut off the excess part, to get a completely packaged product which meets required specifications.
    Working Form As the picture shows,the blister sealing machine is equipped with a turning table,it realize the continuous working by rotation. Different from blister sealing machine,the blister packaging machine is equipped with conveyor,to realize the  assembly line production.

    Blister Sealing Machine-11

    In order to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents and the damage of machine part by improper operation, you should debug the blister sealing machine according to its procedure before using it.

    Here are some specific debug methods you can take as a reference.

    First, press the blister sealing machine’s switch button of the chassis and open the chassis door when the switch pin automatically opens.

    Then you should thread the compressed air pipe through the hole at the bottom of the rear of the chassis, and you need to insert it into the air inlet connector of the air pressure regulating valve behind the door of the chassis, and fix it with a pipe fire.

    Blister Sealing Machine-12

    Second, after closing the chassis door, you ought to open the air source switch to input compressed air and the press plate of the blister sealing machine will automatically close.

    You can turn the air pressure regulating valve of the blister sealer to adjust the air pressure to the appropriate pressure according to the size of the object to be packaged, the thickness of the Blister molding plate and the actual packaging situation. The higher the air pressure, the faster the pressing plate will press down.

    Blister Sealing Machine-13

    Third, you need to insert the wire plug of the blister sealing machine into the 220V AC power socket, turn on the power switch and connect the circuit of the blister sealing machine.

    Fourth, you should place the mold on the work table, and connect the wire on the mold with the mold terminal in the middle of the blister sealing machine work table.

    Fifth, you ought toturn on the cooling switch, turn on the cooling time setting button, and select the cooling time of the pressing plate.

    Blister Sealing Machine-14

    Sixth, push the die table to rotate in the direction of time, and observe whether the automatic pressing down of the blister sealing machine’s pressing plate is normal. If there is no abnormality,you can place the blister and cardboard on the die to start packaging.

    Seventh, turn on the heating switch, turn on the heating time switch circuit, adjust the heating time button, and then you are supposed select the appropriate mold according to the actual packaging situation, and heat the heating time.

    Eighth, the heating current switch is used to adjust the mold heating plate of the blister sealing machine. If the current is too small, you can select the appropriate heating current according to the actual packaging situation.

    Blister Sealing Machine-15

    Blister Sealing Machine-16

    When high-frequency welding is carried out, the mold and materials of the blister sealing machine must be kept clean, otherwise there will be flash fire.

    If this happens, first you should check whether the mold is burned. If there is a gap, it must be repaired. If the mold is not clean, it needs to be cleaned with mold washing water.

    The copper strip of grounding wire is often damaged by pressure. If it is damaged, you must replace it immediately.

    Blister Sealing Machine-17

    After you use a blister sealing machine, the water in the compressed air will often accumulate in the water bottle, so please remove the water in the bottle before using the blister sealing machine every time.

    If the lubricating oil in the oil atomizer is lower than the indication line, you should add the  special oil.

    The dust inside the blister sealing machine should be cleaned once a month (especially the dust in the oscillator). The mechanical moving parts must be refueled every two to three months.

    11.How To Choose Right Blister Sealing Machine?

    Until now,you already have a detailed realization of blister sealing machine,but it doesn’t mean that you can perfectly choose a good machine according to your requirements,in this part,I will list several important factors which you need to consider when choosing blister sealing machines.

    Production Capacity

    Production Capacity

    It’s no doubt that productivity is the first factor,which decides the upper limit of the production output of your products.How can you choose a machine which have high production capacity?First,you need to figure out the parameters of different blister sealing machines,to know its production speed.

    Of course,generally,a high speed and high efficient blister sealing machine has high production capacity,but you also need to think about your requirement of the production output,to choose the most proper machine.

    Cost Performance

    Cost Performance

    There are many blister sealing machines on the market,which are in all price ranges,you need to be careful to discern.As the saying goes, you get what you pay for,but it doesn’t means the more expensive the better.You need to observe the performance,and know the serve time of the machine,if it often occurs downtime,it’s not a good choice for you.In a word,you need to consider comprehensively,to find the most valuable one.

    Conform To Standards

    Conform To Standards

    Moreover,one thing is easy to be overlooked,whether the blister sealing machines conform to various standards or not?At its most basic, it need to comply with GMP standards.In addition,it also need to be conformed to hygienic standard.If you need to buy a machine from other countries, please make sure the machine meets local quality standards and import and export standards.Once you can not make sure that the machine is no problem,don’t choose it.

    Size Of Workshop

    Size Of Workshop

    Get rid of the factors of the blister sealing machine,other object factors are also important,for instance,the size of the workshop.If the size of your workshop or factory is very large,you can choose any types of blister sealing machines you want,but,if your workshop is a little small,you can consider the single station blister sealing machine which is mentioned above,it is small enough to be used on a tabletop,or you can choose the two station blister sealing machine,it doesn’t occupy too much space,too.

    Production Demand

    Production Demand

    And you need to think about your production demand,you need a large amount of blister sealed products or small amount,make this thing clear.If you have a demand of small scale production,you can choose manual blister sealing machines or single station blister sealing machines.

    If you need a medium scale production,you can choose semi automatic blister sealing machines or two station blister sealing machines.And if you want to seal quantities of products,you can choose the fully automatic blister sealing machines.In summary,just base on your realistic requirements.



    It is sure that you need to think about your budget,how much money do you want to invest in the blister sealing machines?What price range does your budget allow you to buy the blister sealing machine?These questions are all need to be considered.If you make the decision of your budget,you can choose the best blister sealing machine in your affordable range.

    I believe you have a certain understanding of the blister sealing machine. It is important for you or your company to find a suitable and high-quality blister sealing machine. So, do you have any ideas about the blister sealing machine’s selection?If you do not have a good idea, maybe Allpack will be a good choice for your decision, which is an industry leader of one-stop pharmaceutical production and packaging solution expert with more than 15 year of industry experience.


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