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Allpackchina capping machine is suitable for all scale of productions, which can fill liquid, close bottle cap and label sticker automatically. With Allpackchina capping machines you can save your working space and help you improve working efficiency greatly.It is suitable for various liquid,low viscosity and non-particulate liquids, such as:various chemicals (medicine oil,medicinal liquor, alcohol, eye drops, syrup), chemicals(solvent, acetone), oil (edible oil, essential oil) ), cosmetics (toner,makeup remover,spray), food (100 degree high temperature, such as milk, soy milk), beverage (juice, fruit wine), seasoning (soy sauce vinegar) and other non-particulate liquid; high and low foam liquid ( Care solution, detergent).

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Capping Machine: The Complete Buying Guide In 2022

Capping &Sealing on bottles and containers is not an ordinary task to perform it will take a lot of your time if you do it manually.

But the thing is there is always a solution to every problem and for the purpose of capping bottles and other containers Capping Machine is introduced in the market to provide you efficiency and effectiveness.

In this complete guide of Capping Machine you are going to learn about different minor and major things that are necessary to know while selecting a capping machine so, without wasting any time let’s jump into our topic.

1.What Is Capping Machine?


Capping Machine

In the world of machines used in manufacturing, there are many different types with different purposes. One type of machine that is used frequently in manufacturing is the capping machine.

A capping machine is a device that is used to apply caps to bottles or other containers. The machine can be used to cap both plastic and glass bottles.

2.What Are The Different Benefits Of Capping Machine?

Capping machines are widely used in these days. There are many advantages of capping machines. These advantages are as follows:

Flexibility and Versatility


Flexibility of a capping machine comes in many ways, one thing is that it can gives you the ability to work with different sorts of bottles, containers, vials etc.

When it comes to the versatility capping machine can give you a tough time because of its fine stainless steel design and structure will remain versatile for many years to come.

Easy Operation

The capping machine comes with an easy working operation, it means a person with some common knowledge and with the minor understanding can operate the machine.

More Consistent and Reliable


More Consistent and Reliable

Another great advantage of capping machines is that they provide consistency and reliability while operating.

You can easily meet the necessary requirements of capping the bottles at very high-end accuracy with the help of reliability of the machine.

3.What Are The Different Kinds Of Capping Machine?

There are different kinds of capping machines that are present in the market. These machines are as follows:

Manual Capping Machine


Manual Capping Machine

A manual capping machine is a handheld device that is used to screw on or cap bottles by hand. This type of capping machine is ideal for small businesses or those who only need to cap a few bottles at a time. However, manual capping machines may be more affordable for some businesses.


Operating a manual capping machine is relatively simple. First, the operator places a cap onto the cap feeder. Then, they push down on the handle of the machine, which activates the capping head and causes it to put the cap onto the container.

Once the container has been capped, the operator releases the handle and moves on to the next one. That is how the manual capping machine works.



  • The manual capping machines are ideal for small-scale production
  • They are less expensive than others
  • This type of capping machine is very easy to operate


  • They are not well suited for high-volume production
  • These machines are relatively slow
  • Also, manual capping machine require constant supervision from an operator.


Air Filter

The very first part of manual capping machine is the air filter. The function of air filter is to clean the air that circulates in the machine during capping.

A Cap Feeder

Cap Feeder

The cap feeder is a device that holds the caps in position so that they can be fed into the capping head.

A Capping Head

The capping head is the part of the machine that actually puts the cap on the bottle or container.

Capping Station

Capping Station

The capping station tightens the cap onto the container.

Semi-Automatic Capping Machine


Semi-Automatic Capping Machine

A semi-automatic capping machine is a device that helps in capping bottles or containers without much human intervention. It is widely used in different industries like food,beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.

This machine is very helpful in increasing the productivity of a company as it reduces the time and effort required for capping bottles manually. There are different types of semi-automatic capping machines available in the market that can be used according to the requirement of an industry.


The working of semi-automatic capping machine is very simple. It is almost same as the manual one. But there is a little bit difference in working of this equipment. The difference is that machine hold the bottle in place and then use a spinning motion to screw the cap onto the bottle.

These machines can be adjusted to work with different types and sizes of containers, as well as different types of lids and caps. Semi-automatic capping machines can also be equipped with different types of conveyor belts, depending on the needs of the user.



  • The semi-automatic capping machine provides reliable seal
  • These machines are more consistent
  • These are also much faster than manual one


  • The first is that they can be a bit more expensive than other types of machines
  • They can be harder to operate
  • These semi-automatic capping machine can be less accurate as compared to others


Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

The machine typically has a conveyor belt on which the bottles or containers are placed. The conveyor belt moves the containers under a capping head, which seals the container with a lid or cap.


The motor is a very common part of semi-automatic capping machine. Motor controls the speed of equipment.

Gripper Discs

The main function of gripper discs is that due to this part the grip of machine increases. The gripping strength on the machine is escalates. It also use to prevent the machine from any misplacements.

Automatic Capping Machine


Automatic Capping Machine

An automatic capping machine is a device that is used to screw on or cap bottles automatically. This type of capping machine is ideal for businesses that need to cap large quantities of bottles at a time.

The machine works fully automatically. So, you just have to switch on to start working on this machine.


An automatic capping machine is a specialized device that is used to apply caps to bottles. The machine typically consists of a conveyor belt, a capping head, and an ejector mechanism. The conveyor belt transports the bottles to the capping head, where the caps are applied.

The ejector mechanism then removes the capped bottles from the conveyor belt and places them in a designated area. This is a controlled mechanism.



  • The efficiency level of automatic capping machine is so high
  • These machines can be used to cap a wide variety of container sizes and types
  • Also, the equipment can handle large volumes of containers with ease
  • In addition, automatic capping machine can also be customized


  • One disadvantage is that it can be difficult to change the size of the cap
  • Another disadvantage is that automatic capping machines can be costly
  • Finally, automatic capping machines can be dangerous if they are not used properly. If the operator does not follow safety precautions, there is a risk of serious injury or even death.




The programmable logic controller (PLC) is basically used in the designing or to mainly fabricate the small system.


Chute is there for holding of caps in place. It basically helps in placing the cap on the bottles which mainly crosses through the chuck.

Forward Reverse Switch

Forward Reverse Switch

Forward reverse switch is another part of automatic capping machine. This switch mainly controls the movements.

Pneumatic Capping Machine


Pneumatic Capping Machine

A pneumatic capping machine is a device that uses air pressure to screw on or cap bottles. This type of capping machine is ideal for businesses that need to cap large quantities of bottles at a time and can be used in conjunction with an automatic capping machine.


The working of pneumatic capping is also same as others. The conveyor belt moves the containers through the machine and into position under the capping head. The capping head has a number of nozzles that dispense a stream of compressed air.

When the container is in position, the nozzles create a seal around the lid or cap. The air pressure from the compressor then forces the lid or cap onto the container, creating a tight seal.


  • This type of capping machine is quick to adjust
  • You can seal bottles of all shapes and sizes by this machine
  • This is considered the most reliable and consistent in working
  • You can use this machine in high-speed production line


  • This machine requires a higher level of maintenance.
  • These types of machines can be more difficult to use, making it necessary to train employees on how to operate the machine
  • The pneumatic capping machine is not durable as others


The Air Compressor

Air Compressor

The air compressor is the main part of the pneumatic capping machine. This produces the air pressure and then forces the lid or cap onto the container, creating a tight seal.

A Base

The third part of pneumatic capping machine is a base. Base is mainly a platform on which the bottles or containers are placed.

Pneumatic Valve

Pneumatic Valve

The next important part of this machine is pneumatic valve. It is there for controlling the flow of air.

Antelope Capper Machine

The antelope capper is a unique capping machine that is specifically designed for use with wine bottles. You can easily cap the bottles with the help of this type of capping machine. Antelope capper is used in medium and large-scale industries.



Antelope cappers are a type of capping machine that uses antelopes to cap the containers. The antelopes are placed into the capping machine and then the caps are placed on the containers. The antelopes then use their horns to push the caps onto the containers. This process is repeated until all of the containers are capped.


  • The machine is easy to use
  • The antelope cappers are the most versatile and gives great efficiency
  • The Antelope Capper is also very durable and will last for many years with proper care


  • The machine is expensive and requires maintenance
  • It is difficult to keep the antelope from moving while the machine is in operation
  • If the machine breaks down, it can be very difficult to repair


Single Phase Motor

The antelope capping machine has the single-phase motor to start the working on the machine.

Capping Chucks

Capping Chucks

Usually, this part in the antelope capping machine is used to grip the caps. A grip is created with the capping chucks that allows the machine to tighten the caps easily.

Rotary Capping Machine

The rotary capping machine is the only machine that is specially built for handling any style and size of container. These are basically ideal for the industries like the chemical industries or food industry.



A rotary capping machine consists of a turntable that holds the bottles in place and a series of capping heads that apply the caps.

The turntable revolves so that each bottle passes under the capping heads in turn. The capping heads are mounted on a carriage that moves up and down. As the carriage moves down, the capping heads descend and apply the caps. When the carriage reaches the bottom, it returns to the top and repeats the cycle.


  • The machine is adjustable
  • It saves time
  • Reduce labor costs


  • The machine is very expensive
  • If bottles are not positioned correctly on the conveyor belt, they could be damaged as they travel through the machine


Air Pipe

Air Pipe

The air pipe is the important part of this type of capping machine. The air pipe mainly transports the air.

Spindle Capping Machine

The spindle capping machine is another type. The machine can be semi or fully automatic. It is mostly used for screw type capping purpose.



This type of capping machine uses a spinning motion to apply the cap onto the container. The first step in using a spindle capper is to place the container under the spindle. Then, the operator will take a cap and place it on top of the spindle.

The next step is to start the machine by pressing a button or flipping a switch. Once the machine is started, the spindle will begin to spin. As it spins, it will pull the cap down onto the container. The speed at which the spindle spins can be adjusted to ensure that the cap is applied correctly.

Once the cap has been applied, the machine will stop automatically. The operator can then remove the container and repeat the process for another one.


  • Fast and efficient working
  • Simple to use


  • Difficult to maintain
  • Damage the caps during the capping process



Hooper is the first part of spindle capping machine. The function of hopper is to hold the caps for capping.



The next one is important one as it delivers the caps to the applicator.


Applicator is the part that is used for putting the caps on the bottles.

T Cork Capping Machine

The T cork capping machine is incredible machine and that is designed to provide a perfect seal on any type of bottle, and can even accommodate for different size caps. Whether you’re bottling wine, beer, or any other type of beverage, the T Cork will ensure that your product is properly sealed and ready for storage or transport.



A capping machine is a device that is used to seal bottles or other containers with caps. The machine operates by using a set of rollers to apply pressure to the cap, which secures it to the container.


  • The machine is reliable one
  • It has easy-to-use design


  • Not easily purchasable
  • Can be tough to work on it




The T cork capping machine will have a set of jaws that open and close. The jaws will grab the cap and place it onto the container.


The T cork capping machine will have a conveyor belt that the containers will sit on as they move through the machine.

4.In Which Industries You Can Use Capping Machine?

A capping machine is a device that can be used in a variety of industries to apply caps to containers. The most common industries that use capping machines are as follows:

The Pharmaceutical Industries


Caps for Pharmaceutical Bottles

The capping machines are used in pharmaceutical industries to cap different types of syrups and bottles. The bottles of all types can be capped by the capping machine.

The pharmaceutical industry uses capping machines to apply child-resistant caps to prescription bottles.

The Food and Beverage Industries

The next industry that uses capping machine for capping different types of bottles is food and beverage industry.

The food and beverage industry uses capping machines to apply caps to bottles of water, soda, beer, and other beverages.

The Cosmetic Industries


Capped Cosmetic Products

The other industry that uses capping machine for capping purposes is the cosmetic industry.

The cosmetic industry uses capping machines to apply screw-on caps to perfume bottles and lotion bottles.

5.Can You Explain The Working Process Of Capping Machine?

A capping machine is a device that is used to place caps on bottles. There are two different methods of working of capping machines. These methods are as follows:

Pick-Off System


Pick-Off System

In the pick-off system the process is taken with the help of chute. By using a precise cap chute that mainly delivers the cap. Capping is performed while the bottles passed through the line assembly under the chute system.

The very first reason that why his system is mainly used it is because it is compatible with different types of caps. Also, this includes the caps like aluminum caps and skirted caps. This is very common in the in-line cappers. The rotary capping machines are also used this method of capping.

Pick and Place

Pick and Place

Pick and Place

Pick and place capping system is a fully automatic process to cap bottles. There is a robotic arm that is present in this system which helps in picking and placing the caps on the bottles.

This system of capping bottles is considered more versatile one. You can seal every type of cap that is used in different industries for different kinds of products by this system.

Usually, a cap head places the caps on the bottles and when then a robotic arm places the caps on the bottles precisely. The main purpose of this capping process is to set the desired sealing on your product that is the main reason behind its usage.

Moreover, the capping machine when using the threaded cap applies the downward pressure with torque that helps in creating and making the tight hermetic seal on the bottle.

Afterwards, when the caps are placed on the bottle heads the capping machine puts a moderate pressure on the caps using skirted aluminum cap holders. This happens when the rollers want to fit the seal by molding the seal on the bottleneck. and that is how the pick and place capping process works.

6.What Are The Different Working Parts Of Capping Machine?

The capping machines have many parts. These working parts help in making the capping process more efficient. The parts of capping machines are as follows:




The very first part of capping machine is called turntable. This is the main body part of capping machine. This part mainly holds the bottle in place.

Cap feeder

The other main component of capping machine is a cap feeder. The function of a cap feeder is that it delivers the caps to be placed on the bottles.

A Cap Elevator


Cap Elevator

A cap elevator is also the main component of the capping machine. This component helps to lift the caps up to the capping head.

A Chute

The next component of capping machine is chute. The chute guides the caps from the cap elevator into the capping head.

A Chuck


A Chuck

The chuck is the next component of capping machine. The chuck helps to grip the bottle during the capping process.

A Torque Arm

The last component of capping machine is a torque arm. The torque arm applies pressure to the cap, helping to secure it onto the bottle.

7.What Types Of Bottles Or Containers You Can Cap Using Capping Machine?

The capping machine can cap different types of bottles or containers. These types of caps include:

Plastic Bottles


Plastic Bottles

You can seal different types of plastic bottles by capping machines. All types industries use plastic bottles to seal.

Glass Bottle

The next type of bottles can be sealed or capped are glass bottles. Different industries use different types of glass bottles to seal.

8.What Types Of Capping You Can Do With Capping Machine?

A capping machine is a device that can be used to cap various types of bottles and containers. There are many different types of capping machines available on the market, each designed to cap a specific type of container. These are as follows:

Table Capper

Table Capper

Table Capper

The most common type of capping machine is the tabletop capper, which is designed to cap round bottles.

Rotary Capper

The other common type of capping machine is rotary copper. This is specially designed to cap the simple type of bottles.

Screw Caps


Screw Capper

Screw caps are the most common type of caps used with a capping machine. Screw caps are available in a variety of sizes and can be made from different materials, such as plastic, metal, or aluminum.

Snap-On Caps

Snap-on caps are also common and are available in a variety of sizes. This can also be used to cap the bottles.

Crimp-On Caps

Crimp-on caps are less common but can be used with some types of capping machines.

9.What factors you should consider while buying capping machine?

When it comes to choosing a capping machine, there are several factors you need to consider in order to find the best fit for your business. Below are three key factors to keep in mind when narrowing down your options.

Capping Machine Type

There are two main types of capping machines on the market that are automatic and semi-automatic.

As their names suggest, automatic capping machines will automatically place caps on bottles, while semi-automatic machines require someone to manually place the caps on bottles before they are fed into the machine.

Capping Machine Speed

Capping Machine Speed

The speed of a capping machine is another important factor to consider. If you have a high-volume operation, you’ll need a machine that can keep up with demand.

On the other hand, if you have a lower volume operation, you may be able to get away with a slower machine.


A capping machine is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, from sealing bottles to decorating them with labels. it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. ALLPACKCHINA is providing the best capping machine in the providing. ALLPACKCHINA’s capping machines have all the benefits that are discussed above in detail. We hope our guide has helped you narrow down your choices and find the perfect capping machine for your needs. If you have any queries against this you can contact us.

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