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Allpack One Hand Snap Sachet Machine

Allpack one hand snap sachet machine can form, fill, seal and cut snap sachet at one machine. Driven by piston pump or peristaltic pump, this machine can fill liquid or paste accurately. It has been widely used in many industries for packing food:ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, spread cheese, mustards, spirits, syrups, honey, extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, fruit juices, energizers, agave syrup, soy sauce; Beauty and pharmaceutical industries: liquid medications, baby care products, ointments, toothpaste, body lotions, creams, hand sanitizer, detergents, sun creams, moisturizer, hair conditioner, glues, eye moisturizers, lubricants, hotel amenities, mouthwashes,etc.

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One Hand Snap Sachet Machine

APK-80 one hand snap sachet machine easy-snap unit dose liquid filling machine

Through Allpack APK-80 one hand snap sachet machine you will have a new way to open packs by folding it in half,which is easy to learn to use,efficient, safe, hygienic and funny. This machine has been widely used in food,cosmetic,chemical,pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The technology comprises a square sachet with a patented center cut that allows liquid contents to be dispensed in a controlled manner when the consumer bends the packet in half.

Fold an Easy-snap in half

With just one hand

Single-serve sachets for liquid, semi-liquid and powdered products

APK-686 High-speed one hand snap sachet machine one hand folding liquid packing machine

The single serve pack by Allpack APK-686 high-speed one hand snap sachet machine has a worldwide patented opening system, innovative and revolutionary.With just one hand,you can open the sachet and dispense the content.It is efficient,the content squeezed can be up to 98%.It is easy to learn& to use by children,elderly and disabled people.All the products made by Allpack APK-686 high-speed one hand snap sachet machine have long shelf life with no air inside and 100% barrier properties to maintain product integrity.

Maximum filling capacity for each size

Filling systems for any kind of liquids

Smaller, more efficient packaging, ready to be taken on-the-go

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The Buyer's Guide

One Hand Snap Sachet Machine: The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

With the new packaging technologies developing, there is a new type one hand snap sachet packaging for your to improve and grow your business. Have you ever learned about the one hand snap packaging and the packaging machine? How would you like to make use of this type packaging and packaging machine?


One Hand Snap Sachet-sourced: cannabisproductsinsider

What can this type one hand snap packaging machine bring you? Through this complete buying guide of one hand snap sachet machine, you can get the most detailed information about the one hand snap sachet machine. Let's get through this post now!

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    1.What Is A One Hand Snap Sachet?


    What Is A One Hand Snap Sachet-sourced: synchpack

    The one hand snap sachet is a disposable packaging for your single dose packaging. Unlike ordinary packaging forms that can be torn, peeled or twisted open, it mainly folds in half to easily open and distribute the contents of your product.

    By applying pressure to the bag when you fold it in half, the one had snap sachet gradually opens a special slit and the product leaks out. This type of sachet can be used to package any liquid and semi-liquid products such as salad dressings, beverages like energy drinks or medicines, creams, lotions and soap gels etc.

    2.How To Use The One Hand Snap Sachets And Their Benefits?

    Using the one hand snap sachet is very simple. With 3 steps and one hand you can open this package.

    Steps of Using One Hand Snap Sachets:


    Steps of Using One Hand Snap Sachets-sourced: easysnap

    Bend Or Fold

    First, you need to slightly pinch both ends of the sachet so that the sachet bag is slightly bent or folded. This step doesn't require much effort.


    After the sachet is bent or folded, you need to snap it with a little more force so that the two ends of the bag are completely close. At this time, the hole will be opened and the product in the bag will leak out.


    If the contents in the bag are relatively viscous, such as cream, milk or honey, you need to squeeze hard to completely squeeze out the product.

    Benefits of One Hand Snap Sachets:

    Easy to Use


    Easy to Use-sourced: packagingconnections

    What sets it apart from other disposable packaging is that one hand snap sachet is easy to use and widely available. By folding it in half, you can open it almost with one hand. With excellent mechanical strength, the contents inside the sachet will not spill or scatter.

    Wide Applications


    Wide Applications-sourced: lifestylepackaging

    The one hand snap sachet can be used in almost all industries. It can be used in the packaging of fruit purees, snacks, and sauces in the food industry, in the packaging of creams, lotions, and gels in the cosmetics industry, and in the packaging of oral liquid pharmaceuticals and suspended pharmaceuticals in pharmaceuticals.

    Extended Shelf Life

    Extended Shelf Life

    Extended Shelf Life-sourced: lifestylepackaging

    Due to its excellent mechanical strength design, it can protect the contents inside your sachet from leaking and scattering, and can also eliminate the impact of the environment on the product and extend the shelf life of the contents.

    Clean and Simple

    Clean and Simple

    Clean and Simple-sourced: lifestylepackaging

    With an attractive appearance and simple usage, this packaging method is very neat and simple. Single-dose flexibility and small size allow you to take it with you wherever you go.

    High Quality Printing


    High Quality Printing-sourced: landesa

    The one hand snap sachet also allows for high quality printing. Even with long-term and high-intensity wear and tear, the inscriptions and patterns on the packaging bag will not be erased, making it easier for you to read.

    3.What Is The One Hand Snap Sachet Machine?


    ALLPACK One Hand Snap Sachet Machine

    The one hand snap sachet machine is mainly used for packaging almost any liquid and semi-liquid product, this includes condiments such as salad dressings, beverages such as energy drinks or medicines, condiments such as syrups, and even spreads as creams, lotions and soap gels device.

    It is capable of packaging liquids or pastes into snap-on and squeeze packaging. The one hand snap sachet machine is an all-in-one machine that integrates bag folding, liquid filling, and automatic bag sealing and cutting functions. And it can be customized to suit your needs.

    4.What Are The Packaging Materials Of One Hand Snap Sachet Machine?

    The one hand snap sachet machine can heat and soften plastic films such as PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PS/PE, PS/EVOH/PE, PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE and other plastic films.

    PET Films


    PET Films-sourced: hsingwei

    PET film is a packaging film with relatively comprehensive properties. It has good transparency, gloss, good air tightness and fragrance retention, and is moisture-proof. Its toughness is the best among all thermoplastics, and its tensile strength and impact strength are much higher than ordinary films.

    PE Films


    PE Films-sourced: scientex

    PET film refers to a film produced from PE particles. It is moisture-proof and has low moisture permeability. This film is often used as food bags, clothing bags, etc. for your convenience.

    EVOH Films


    EVOH Films-sourced: desuplastic

    EVOH film is a high-performance polymer material. In addition to good processing properties, it also has excellent blocking effects on gases, odors, fragrances, solvents, etc. This material can be widely used in your packaging industry.

    PS Films


    PS Films-sourced: airocpacking

    PS film is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic film. Its thermal stability and fluidity are very good, so it is easy to mold and process, especially injection molding. It is suitable for your mass production and is often used as packaging material.

    PVC Films


    PVC Films-sourced: plasticfilmcorporation

    PVC refers to a film material made by adding functional processing aids such as plasticizers, stabilizers, and lubricants to resin and rolling it. It has good thermal insulation and light transmittance, is soft and easy to shape.

    PVDC Films


    PVDC Films-sourced: hysum

    PVDC is a high-quality food packaging material. It can delay the occurrence of oxidative deterioration of food and greatly extend the shelf life of your products. At the same time, it can avoid the loss of the aroma of the contents and prevent the intrusion of external bad odors.

    5.What Are The Industries That One Hand Snap Sachet Machine Mainly Applied In?

    There are various applications of one hand snap sachet machine in different industries.

    Food and Beverage Industry


    Food and Beverage Industry-sourced: easysnap

    Food sauces, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, cheese spread, mustard, highly liquid wine, water, beverages, etc., seasonings in daily life, such as syrup, honey, oil, balsamic vinegar , juice, etc., you can use one hand snap sachet machine for packaging.

    Beauty Industry


    Beauty Industry-sourced: easysnap

    Many body care and baby care products can be packaged using one hand snap sachet machine. These products include toothpaste, body lotion, face cream, hand sanitizer, detergent, perfume, sunscreen, moisturizer, conditioner, eye moisturizer, lubricant, mouthwash, and more.

    Pharmaceutical Industry


    Pharmaceutical Industry-sourced: picohospitality

    Liquid pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine, cough syrups, pharmaceutical liquid care products, eye drops, ear drops, mouthwash, disinfectants, alcohol, various nutritional supplements, etc. are all the application objects of one hand snap sachet machine.

    Chemical Industry


    Chemical Industry-sourced: snapsqueeze

    Chemical products and raw materials in industry and daily life can also be packaged using one hand snap sachet machine. Products include disinfectants, cleaning agents, fertilizers, etc.

    6.What Products Are Mostly Packed By One Hand Snap Sachet Machine?

    Compared with ordinary sachets, the production and packaging costs of one hand snap sachets are relatively higher, so the products it often packages include:

    Liquid Products



    Juice-sourced: betapackmachine

    Various single-dose packaged juices, nutritional supplements, vitamin C nutritional solutions, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, etc. can be packaged using one hand snap sachet machine. Not only is it neat and clean, it's also convenient for you to use while exercising.



    Sauce-sourced: sem-machinery

    All kinds of liquid sauces and seasonings in daily life can be packaged using one hand snap sachet machine. These include edible oil, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, syrup, honey, etc.

    Nutritional Supplement Solution


    Nutritional Supplement Solution-sourced: myrevii

    Vitamin C, functional supplements, etc. can help athletes or you take them while exercising, and can also be used by disabled people. Because it only requires one hand to open the package.

    Semi-liquid Products



    Cream-sourced: myrevii

    Most skin care products such as facial creams and lotions are available in one hand snap sachet packaging. As a premium single-dose package, it's easy to take on the go.



    Seasoning-sourced: sem-machinery

    Some single-dose packaged condiments, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, jam, mustard, etc., are packaged in a simple and neat format, which can avoid waste.

    7.What Can The One Hand Snap Sachet Machine Bring You?

    The one hand snap sachet machine can bring you a lot of benefits including:

    Exquisite One Hand Snap Sachet Packaging


    Exquisite One Hand Snap Sachet Packaging-sourced: gualapack

    The one hand snap sachet machine can offer you the latest and exquisite one hand snap sachet packaging for your portable and convenient use without tearing to just snap and squeeze out with one hand.

    Reduce Waste


    Reduce Waste-sourced: hempsnaps

    The one hand snap sachet machine is very convenient to use. And the contents in the snap sachet packaging it provides can be completely squeezed out, thereby reducing waste and improving your usage rate.

    Wide Range of Applications


    Wide Range of Applications-sourced: packagingeurope

    The one hand snap sachet machine can be used to package a variety of liquid and semi-liquid products, including ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, melted cheese, mustard, spirits, syrup, honey, liquid medicines, baby care products, Ointments, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, liquid hand sanitizer, etc.

    8.What Are The Types Of One Hand Snap Sachet Machine?

    There are two main types of one hand snap sachet machine including the vertical type and horizontal type.

    Vertical One Hand Snap Sachet Machine


    Vertical One Hand Snap Sachet Machine-sourced: grandmachinery

    The vertical one hand snap sachet machine can be used to pack semi-fluid or liquid products such as honey, cosmetics, essential oil, cream and so on. This type machine is vertically designed which occupies small footprints for your easy use.

    The machine can finish the whole process of film unwinding, embossing, preheating, forming, filling, sealing and cutting.

    Horizontal One Hand Snap Sachet Machine


    ALLPACK Horizontal One Hand Snap Sachet Machine

    The horizontal one hand snap sachet machine is horizontally designed that is easy for your easy operation and inspection with high capacity and production. It can complete the whole working process of unwinding, plastic forming, filling, batch number printing, indentation, punching and cutting automatically.

    9.What Are The Main Structure Of One Hand Snap Sachet Machine?

    The one hand snap sachet machine mainly consists of six main parts including:


    Main Structure Of ALLPACK One Hand Snap Sachet Machine

    Forming Station

    The forming station mainly consists of forming rollers and forming films. The film will be folded and pass through the form mold, then heated and compressed to achieve a consistent size, used for storing your liquids during filling. The molds can be customized according to your  size requirements.

    Peristaltic Pump

    The peristaltic pump is also known as hose pumps, tube pumps or roller pumps. It is a reliable and simple solution for moving almost any fluid in a wide variety of markets and applications with the hose. The filling volume can be adjusted according to your needs.

    Filling Station

    The filling station consists of the filling system and filling nozzles. They can fill any liquids and pastes accurately. The small filling nozzle with anti-dripping function can ensure you the filling accuracy and production cleanliness.

    Sealing and Batch No. Station

    After the snap sachet is filled accurately, it will be transferred to the sealing and batch No. station for sachet sealing and batch No. printing with good effects. The one hand snap sachet machine can offer you the certain characteristics of production (production time, production date, identification code, etc.) clearly and accurately.

    Traction Positioning

    The traction positioning is mainly composed of unwinding roller. It is usually located in the rear part of the entire device. Using servo motors, the film is firmly and precisely unfolded and pulled into the system.

    When the snap sachet is filled, sealed and printed with batch No., under the traction force, the filled sachets will be guided out through the next step for sachet cutting and discharging.

    Cutting Station

    The sealed and printed snap sachet will be sent to the cutting station along with the traction force. At this step, it can cut off the snap sachet card to facilitate further product packaging.

    10.What Is The Working Principle Of One Hand Snap Sachet Machine? 

    ALLPACK Working Principle Of One Hand Snap Sachet Machine

    Both types of one hand snap sachet machine can automatically finish the whole process of film feeding, embossing, pre-heat, forming, filling, sealing, cutting, etc.

    First, you need to place a roll of film on the unwinding roller to facilitate subsequent bag making and sealing. With the film pulling system, the film will be firmly and accurately unfolded and pulled into the system, waiting for the next operation;

    The film passes through the printer system as it is firmly and precisely unrolled by servo motors. The printer system will print product-related information, such as date, production batch code, etc., on the film;

    After printing, the film enters the bag making machine system. The edges of the film are overlapped to create the shape of the bag. The sealing jaws heat and seal the sides and bottom of the bag;

    After the bag making is completed, the product you need to fill will go through the filling system (auger or volumetric filling machine) and be filled into the finished bag. Once the product is inside the bag, the top of the bag is sealed;

    The filled and sealed bags enter the cutting system. When the bags are cut, they will automatically fall into the belt conveyor and the whole process is complete.

    11.How To Troubleshoot And Maintain The One Hand Snap Sachet Machine?

    How to prevent errors in one hand snap sachet machine? What can you do to prevent problems with your machine? This is explained below.


    One Hand Snap Sachet Machine Troubleshooting-sourced: knowmax

    General One Hand Snap Sachet Machine Troubleshooting:

      Reason Solution
    Film Unwinding Problem l The roll (packaging material) is chipped or damaged. The packaging material behind will break immediately under the action of tension; l Check and replace seriously damaged reels promptly;

    l Wipe the edges of the damaged roll with a damp cloth or towel;

    Forming Problem l The setting of the regulating roller is incorrect;

    l If the adjustment roller is set too high or too low, it will affect the path and angle of the drum operation;

    l According to the settings, you can adjust the position and angle of the roller so that the running angle of the drum is roughly the same as the angle of the front wing;
    Sealing Problem l The temperature of the sealing machine is wrong;

    l If the temperature is too high, bubbles will form in the sealing port of the one hand snap sachet;

    l  If the temperature is too low, the sealing effect will be weakened;

    l Check seal temperature with a pyrometer and adjust to your needs;
    Cut-off Problems l Improper knife or anvil setting;

    l The knife is dull or damaged, so the packaging cuts are not clean;

    l Correct and adjust the temperature of the jaws promptly;

    l Replace the knife and anvil, or sharpen the knife and anvil;

    General One Hand Snap Sachet Machine Maintenance:


    One Hand Snap Sachet Machine Maintenance-sourced: creativefabrica

      Reason Techniques
    Regular Cleaning l When the machine is running, dust, debris and product residues will accumulate on the machine parts, causing friction, wear and tear of the equipment parts; l Use a clean towel to wipe parts and machine surfaces;

    l Check seals and gaskets promptly for damage and replace them as necessary;

    l You can use compressed air to blow away dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas;

    Routine Inspection l Regular inspections can detect and fill deficiencies in a timely manner, predict the operating status of the machine in advance, and even prevent subsequent failures; l Check key components such as belts, gears, bearings and rollers promptly to look for signs of wear or abnormal noise;

    l Replace worn parts immediately;

    Lubrication l Proper lubrication can prevent wear between machine parts, thereby extending the life of the equipment and reducing your maintenance costs; l Lubricate all necessary equipment parts such as bearings, chains and gears;

    l Do not over-lubricate;

    12.Tips On Choosing The Right One Hand Snap Sachet Machine


    Tips On Choosing The Right One Hand Snap Sachet Machine-sourced: bloggingwizard

    How to choose and invest in the one hand snap sachet machine is the most critical step. You need to choose the appropriate machine type and model based on your specific needs. Here are a few factors you can consider to make the best choice:

    Product Types

    The one hand snap sachet is not suitable for filling powdery products. It is more suitable for liquid or semi-liquid products that can be easily extruded.

    Packaging Materials

    It is also crucial to choose a packaging material that can adapt to both the product and the equipment. For liquid packaging materials, if you want to adapt to relatively sensitive and easily volatile alcohol, it is more important to be able to choose materials that are slightly safer and have strong light blocking capabilities.

    Production Capacity

    Determine your model based on your production needs. Different machine models have different productivity. If you have demand for production volume, then the horizontal model is more suitable for you.


    As the latest packaging form and equipment, the one hand snap sachet machine can bring you great convenience to your business and production. For this type machine, there is more information to know. If you need more in-depth related information, please browse our website or contact us!


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