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With the development of society, in order to cope with different climates and protect the skin from aging, the requirements for cream production and filling are getting higher. Different creams require different filling methods and filling machines. In order to deal with different creams, Allpack can provide you with different filling methods and filling machines.

The cream is a dairy product composed of the higher-fat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization. Creams include food creams like ice cream and milk cream, and skin creams like face cream and body cream.

Allpack cream filling machines can offer you plenty of choices. Liquid filling machines can offer you cream filling with various high viscosity. A vacuum homogenizer vacuum emulsifying mixer can help you emulsify and mix high matrix viscosity and solid content. Piston filler can bring you high filling accuracy and precision. Continuous induction sealer can give you secure and safe sealing and coding of the cream bottle and jars.

Liquid Paste Filling Machine

Allpack liquid paste filling machine is semi-automatic and designed with single-head filling which is suitable for various high-viscosity liquids and pastes. The filling speed is controlled by pneumatics, combined with the principle of dynamics, the suction is strong, which can meet the filling of liquid products with high concentration. This liquid paste filling machine adopts a 250W independent stirring large motor for more power and more uniform stirring.

  • Model: 90L Paste Stir Mixing Filling Machine
  • Precision check valve
  • High quality barometer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Allpack vacuum emulsifying mixer is controlled by a computer touch-screen, integrated operation, with beautiful generous. This vacuum emulsifying mixer works continuously with large quantities, circulating homogeneous discharging, and is suitable for emulsification of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and fine chemical products, especially the material having high matrix viscosity and solid content. The machine is professionally designed according to the ointment manufacturing process of cosmetics and ointments etc products through introducing advanced technology from abroad.

  • Model: APKZRJ -20
  • Easy operation
  • Perfect homogeneous emulsification
  • Circulating homogeneous discharging

Piston Filler

Allpack piston filler is a semi-automatic piston type for filling creams. With manual or automatic mode, the filling quantity and speed can be adjusted. Easy to operate, with high accuracy, this piston filler is simple for you to maintain and clean. With good structure, this piston filler is reliable and convenient to adjust. These pneumatic piston fillers consist of precision pneumatic components and a compact structure that can offer you long and safe operation. Designed with floor type, it is easy for you both to stand and sit operationally. 

  • Model: PPF -1000
  • Accurate filling quantity
  • Easy to operate with high accuracy

Induction Sealer

Allpack continuous induction sealer is applicable to seal plastic container or glass containers made of any kind of material. The water cooling circulation system keeps the power of components at a desirable temperature range for more reliable operation. The stadium-style magnetic heating ring causes high efficiency, high speed, stable and reliable performance.

  • Model: HL-3000B
  • Water cooling circulation system
  • Stadium-style magnetic heating ring

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine

Allpack semi-automatic labeling machine is used for labeling PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal bottles. This labeling machine is suitable for labeling round bottles of different sizes. This machine adopts a hot stamp ribbon instead of liquid ink. This semi-automatic labeling machine is suitable for the production of round bottles of various specifications and small batches of multiple varieties. It can only be used for stand-alone labeling.

  • Model: MT-50D
  • Hot stamp ribbon
  • Semi-automatic labeling

Automatic Labeling Machine

Allpack labeling machines are applicable to side face labeling for square, flat, tapered, cylindrical, and other bottle shapes, etc. This automatic labeling machine can offer you a highly stable labeling operation and an extremely low failure rate. The tensioning design gives you high coding quality, accurate control, and suitable labeling length and uniformity. With the SIEMENS high-power servo control system, this high quality labeling machine can work with high and stable speed.

  • Model: APC-T3
  • PLC control system
  • High-power servo control system

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