Vacuum Feeder Machine

The vacuum feeding machine manufactured by our company is a newly developed product which is the most advanced, ideal vacuum conveying equipment for conveying powder material, granular material, mixture of powder and granular material . It can not only automatically convey a variety of materials to the mixing machine, packing machine, injection molding machine, and grinder but also directly deliver the mixed materials to the mixing machine such as v-type mixing machine, two dimensions mixer and three dimensions mixer. It can reduce the labor intensity and prevent the dust overspill. Pharmaceutical factories and food factories can use it to promote clean production and pass the GMP certification.
The vacuum feeding machine consists of vacuum pump(oil-free or water-free, ), vacuum hopper, filter(polyester coated, pe, 316L stainless steel, titanium),compressed air backflushing device, pneumatic feeding door device, automatic material level control device, stainless steel suction nozzle, conveying hose. The whole equipment is well designed and manufactured.

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Vacuum Feeder: The Complete Buying Guide In 2023

Loading of multiple kinds of products such as granules and powder or you can say to load any kind of material into a processing machine it can be done by using single unique equipment.

And this equipment is Vacuum feeder which is considered a multi-purpose machine to load different types of elements into the processing machine used in pharmaceutical industry and also in other industries.

So, to learn all about vacuum feeder and its working along with benefits and features keep on reading this helpful & knowledgeable guide. You will get an overall understanding about vacuum feeder.

1.What Is A Vacuum Feeder?


Vacuum Feeder

A vacuum feeder is a type of manufacturing equipment that uses a vacuum to move materials from one place to another. They are often used to move delicate materials that could be damaged by other types of conveyance methods, such as belts or augers.

The main function of a vacuum feeder is that it is used for transportation. You can also use the vacuum feeder for feeding the granules, powdery and other solid materials in the pharmaceutical industries.

So, basically the vacuum feeder is mechanical machine that can handle every type of feeding easily and smoothly.

2.Explain The Advantages Of Vacuum Feeder?



A vacuum feeder is a type of automated equipment that uses vacuum pressure to move small parts or powders from a hopper to a downstream process.

There are many advantages of vacuum feeder. These advantages are as follows:

Prevents the Dust Pollution

The very first advantage of vacuum feeder is that it prevents the dust pollution during the working or feeding.

It also makes sure that the dust particle does not enter in the powder or granules during the transportation process.

Does Not Require Large Space

The vacuum feeder does not require a very large space for working. It occupies very small space. So, you can do your transportation process easily in a very narrow space too.

Easy to Operate


The third advantage of a vacuum feeder is that it is very easy to perate. You can easily start your transportation process with this type of vacuum feeder.

So, there is no need of any rocket science to work. You just have to study the helping book of vacuum feeder before starting the machine.

3.What Is The Working Principle Of Vacuum Feeder?


Working Principle

A vacuum feeder is a device that uses a vacuum to move materials from one location to another. The working principle of a vacuum feeder is simple. It uses a vacuum to create suction that pulls materials through a tube or hose to the desired destination.

The suction feeder of a machine has an air pressure in it. Also, the suction pipe of a vacuum feeder is connected with the barrel. The opening of barrel is called the lower part of it. There is also a suction tube is present in the suction feeder.

Moreover, the filter system is present that uses to filter and removes the extra dust particles from the material. There is center cylinder and the swirling cavity that are connected with the air pressure suction tube. The center of this machine is sealed.

The filter completely removes the dust particles and other raw materials. The power supply utomatically shuts down when the filter is filled with the raw material. The door of the vacuum feeder opens automatically to remove the dust material.

Moving on to the next, the vacuum feeder also has a air compression that automatically removes the dust particles from the filter. And provides you the clean material.

After that all cleaning and removing, the vacuum feeder starts the feeding process after getting the signal. This all process is done automatically.

The above is the working principle of vacuum feeder. As the vacuum feeder easily and simply feeds the material.

4.What Are The Main Parts Of Vacuum Feeder?

The vacuum feeder contains different types of parts. The main parts of this machine are as follows:

Vacuum Belt Feeder

Vacuum Belt Feeder

The very first and main part of vacuum feeder is that the vacuum belt feeder. The vacuum belt feeder is there to move the material. All type of movement is controlled by this vacuum belt feeder.

Filter Device

The next main part of vacuum feeder is the filter device. This device is mainly used to filter the material that is used to feed. It removes every type of dust particles from the material.

Suction Tube

Suction Tube

The suction tube is the third main part of vacuum feeder. This also helps in sucking the material that is present in the vacuum feeder.


The fourth main part of vacuum feeder is the barrel. That is connected with the suction tube. The barrel has a filter device.

Vacuum Pump

The fifth main part of the vacuum feeder is a vacuum pump. This vacuum pump mainly removes air and other material from the vacuum feeder.



The last important part of vacuum feeder is called hopper. In the hopper, there is a filter device that fully separates gas and other raw material from the vacuum feeder.

Above are all the main parts of vacuum feeder. These main parts play a key role in the working of the equipment.

5.How Many Types Of Vacuum Feeders Are There?

There are two types of vacuum feeders: suction and gravity. Suction feeders use a pump to create a vacuum, which sucks the food into the tube. Gravity feeders use a sealed container with a small hole in the bottom. As the food is eaten, gravity pulls more food down into the tube.

There are several different types of vacuum feeders, each designed for a specific purpose. These types are as follows:

Industrial Vacuum Feeder


The very first type of vacuum feeder is the industrial vacuum feeder. It is considered the most common type of vacuum feeder. This type of vacuum feeder is basically used to move large quantities of dry materials such as powder or granules.


The industrial vacuum feeder works very simply. The industrial vacuum feeder works by creating a vacuum within a sealed chamber. This chamber is connected to a feeding tube that leads to the destination where the materials need to be moved.

When the vacuum is turned on, it creates a strong suction force that pulls the materials through the feeding tube and into the chamber. The materials are then moved through the chamber and out of the vacuum feeder.


  • The price of industrial vacuum feeder is reasonable.
  • It gives the deeper cleaning of the products.
  • It cleans everything very fast.


  • It is not efficient in terms of working with different products.
  • The degree of vacuum suction of this machine is also not good.


Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt is the very common part of industrial vacuum feeder. The function of this belt to move the product.



The motor is considered very crucial part of this vacuum feeder. The motor helps the vacuum feeder in sucking purposes.

Medical Vacuum Feeders


The next type of vacuum feeder is called the medical vacuum feeder. The medical vacuum feeders are basically used to draw liquids or semisolid into a syringe. This type of vacuum feeders are mainly used in pharmaceutical industries.


The medical vacuum feeders mainly work in the pharma industries. This type of vacuum feeders makes the work easier. In industries the working is somehow same as others.


  • They are superior in quality
  • During the working the powder production, the machine doe not destroy the material



  • The cross contamination can take place during the feeding
  • The dust can cause many problems during the cleaning or feeding


Conveyor Belt

The first part of this equipment is the conveyor belt which is same as others. The working of the belt is same as it controls the movements of the product.

Feeding Tube

The feeding tube is the common part of the medical vacuum feeder. The feeding tube helps the material to be reached at the needed destination.

Laboratory Vacuum Feeders


The third type of vacuum feeder is laboratory vacuum feeder. This type of vacuum feeder is mainly used in laboratories to draw a small amount of material into a test tube.


Laboratory vacuum feeders can be understandable easily by the name. The suction pump creates a vacuum that pulls air and materials through the wand and into the destination container. The control panel regulates the strength of the vacuum and the speed at which materials are moved.

It also controls the direction of movement for the wand, which allows operators to target specific areas.

The material handling wand is connected to the suction pump via a hose. It has a nozzle on one end that directs the flow of air and materials, and a grip on the other end for operator comfort and control.


  • The laboratory vacuum feeder mainly reduces the need of labor
  • Working efficiency is greatly improved


  • The maintenance of vacuum can be expensive
  • You have to keep the away from the dust as they require a clean and dust free environment


Suction Chamber

The suction chamber is where the vacuum pressure is generated. This can be done with a variety of methods, including an electric pump, a compressed air system, or even a hand-operated pump.

Discharge Chamber

Discharge Chamber

The discharge chamber is where the material being moved by the vacuum feeder ends up. This can be a container, another conveyor belt, or any other type of receiving device.

Suction Cup Feeder


The fourth type of vacuum feeder is suction cup feeder. This type of device uses a suction cup to draw materials into a container. The suction cup is attached to a tube, which is then connected to a vacuum source.

Suction cup feeders are typically used for small, light materials such as powders or pellets.


The working of suction cup feeder is almost as the others. It also loads the material into it and take it to the desired location. But there is only one difference is that it mainly uses light material for loading purposes.


  • The machine again provides the quick service
  • They are very accurate


  • Due to the interruption of power supply, the equipment restarts manually. This is the only disadvantage of this machine




The hopper is filled with the material to be moved.

Discharge Tube

The discharge tube is connected to the destination point.

Rotary Vane Feeder


Another type of vacuum feeder is the rotary vane feeder. This type of device uses rotating vanes to draw materials into a chamber. Rotary vane feeders are typically used for larger, heavier materials such as nuts or bolts.


It consists of a rotating drum with vanes or blades that create pockets of low pressure as they rotate. This causes the material to be drawn into the pockets and conveyed along with the drum. Rotary vane feeders are often used in pneumatic conveying systems to meter the flow of material into the system.


  • You can use this machine for variety of different materials
  • This is the most versatile equipment


  • The only disadvantage of the rotary vane feeder is that it is not as effective as the other types




The motor is there that helps in the rotation of equipment


The blades are present for creating the pockets of low pressure as they rotate

Handheld Vacuum Feeder


The next type of vacuum feeder is handheld vacuum feeder. This type of feeder is great for small jobs or for those who don’t have a lot of space to work with.

They are lightweight and easy to use, making them a great choice for anyone who needs a quick and easy way to vacuum their home or office.


The handheld vacuum feeder works very smartly. It cleans the desired location quickly. It works just like others but works with great efficiency.


  • Provides fast service
  • Perfect for small-scale industries


  • Does not efficient for large-scale industries


Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is there to suck all the dust from the air.

6.How installation of vacuum feeder can be done?

Installing a vacuum feeder is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes. You just have to follow steps to install the vacuum feeder. These steps are as follows:

Determining the Desired Location

Determining the Desired Location

First, determine the desired location for the feeder. The location where you want to install the machine for working.

Provide Mounting Hardware

Next, using the provided mounting hardware, secure the feeder to the chosen location.

Connection of Power Supply

Once the feeder is mounted, connect the power supply and vacuum hose according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Testing of Vacuum Feeder

Finally, test the vacuum feeder by placing some food in the hopper and turning on the power.

7.How to troubleshoot the vacuum feeder?

Assuming your vacuum feeder is not working. You can solve the problem of trouble shooting in just some small steps. These steps include:

Checking the Power Supply

Checking the Power Supply

The first step is to check if there is power going to the unit. If there is no power, the unit will not work.

Filter Cleaning

Once you have verified that there is power going to the unit, the next step is to check if the filter is clean. A dirty filter can cause the unit to not work properly.

Clearing the Blockages

At last, check to see if there are any blockages in the hose or tubing. If there are, clear them and see if that fixes the issue.

8.How vacuum helps vacuum feeder in loading different sorts of materials?

vacuum feeder

A vacuum feeder is a device that uses suction to move materials from one place to another. This can be useful for loading different sorts of materials into a machine or for moving objects around in a factory setting. Vacuum feeders are often used in assembly line applications where it is important to keep things moving smoothly and efficiently.

Vacuum feeders work by using a powerful pump to create negative pressure, or a vacuum, inside a chamber. This chamber is usually connected to a tube or hose that goes to the object that needs to be moved. When the negative pressure is strong enough, it will pull the object towards the chamber, and once the object is inside, the pressure will hold it in place.

Some vacuum feeders can be used with multiple materials; others are designed for specific materials like powder or granules. The type of material being moved will affect the design of the vacuum feeder as well as how much suction is required.

Vacuum feeders can be an efficient and effective way to move materials around in a variety of settings. They are often used in industrial and manufacturing applications but can also be used in other contexts like food service or even at home.

If you need to move something from one place to another, consider using a vacuum feeder!

This is how you can load the material into the vacuum feeder.


The vacuum feeders are the best equipment to transport material and granules from one place to another place in an industry. It is also the best for feeding process. ALLPACKCHINA vacuum feeder is the best in the market. You can easily boost your business by using this into your industry. If you have any queries regarding vacuum feeder, you can contact us.

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