Sausage Packaging Machines In Allpack

The sausage packaging machines are specially designed for packaging soft, long strips and bulk materials like sausages. These include sausages, squid, popsicles, towels, paper towels, dried noodles, egg rolls, fudge, biscuits, fresh fruits, etc. The function of sausage packaging machine is mainly used for sausage preservation, food safety, and extended shelf life.

Allpack offers you plenty of choices for sausage packaging including thermoforming packaging machines, double chamber packaging machines, horizontal packaging machines, and tray vacuum gas flushing packaging machines.

Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Allpack thermoforming packaging machine applies the heating process to mold different types of plastic materials and sealing the different products in the packaging molds. You can get any kind of thermoforming packaging shapes with applying allpackchina thermoforming machines. This machine can continuously finish the procedure of film forming, products feeding, vacuuming, sealing, cutting automatically.

  • Model: HVR-420A
  • Removable molds
  • Recycling device for waste film

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Allpack double chamber vacuum packaging machines are reliable, and durable and offer flexibility in volume sausage packing production. It is widely applied both in a semi-automatic way and a fully automatic way. The double-chamber, vacuum packaging machine can be equipped with an external pump for higher capacity. They are characterized by sharp size, safe and electricity, saving vacuum seal time.

  • Model: DZK-500/S
  • Adjustable support plate
  • Inclined designed for products

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Allpack single chamber vacuum packaging machines are widely applied for sausage packaging to extract the air inside and keep the sausage in a low-oxygen condition to maintain the freshness and extend its shelf time. This type of vacuum packaging machine is designed small and beautiful, it can be used in desktop, which can save much space. he chamber of this machine is deep so that it can accommodate larger products, as a result, it has wider range of application.

  • Model: DZ-400/T
  • Easy To Use
  • Transparent Organic Glass Lid

Tray Vacuum Gas Flushing Packaging Machine

Allpack tray vacuum gas flushing packaging machine can automatically complete the sausage packaging process of vacuuming, inflating, hot-pressing sealing, slitting, and discharging. This machine is equipped with a photoelectric tracking system, and it can perfectly combine the plastic mold with the sealing film.

  • Model: HVT
  • Hot-pressing sealing
  • Photoelectric tracking system
  • Different sizes of removable molds

Horizontal Packaging Machine

Allpack horizontal packaging machine is the ideal type for your products that must be packaged individually. It can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, bag making, sealing, printing batch numbers, finishing product output, counting, and discharging. This horizontal packaging machine applies photoelectric tracking technology which makes the digital input, sealing, and cutting position accurate.

  • Model: DXDZ-400D
  • Adjustable temperature, intelligent control
  • Touch mode man-machine interface control

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