Sanitizer Filling Machines In Allpack

Sanitizer refers to the gel or liquids that are widely applied for reducing or eliminating pathogenic agents (such as bacteria) on surfaces in daily care, chemical, or pharmacy industry. Sanitizer products contain disinfectants and hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizer is a lightweight gel, only slightly thicker than water.

Allpack can offer you sanitizer filling machines with high precision and accuracy that can be widely used in cosmetics, food, specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Other than sanitizer filling machines, Allpack can also offer you capping and labeling machines for your sanitizer bottles with high efficiency and good quality.

Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack liquid filling machine is perfect for filling sanitizer, cream, shampoo, lotion, oil, moisturizer, etc. This liquid filling machine is operated by a foot pedal and pneumatic with double-head nozzles. The liquid filling machine is pneumatically driven with clean and accurate quantification. The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted freely according to your needs.

  • Model: Double Nozzles Liquid Filling Machine
  • Double-head nozzles
  • Pneumatically-driven
  • Clean and accurate quantification

Tube Filling Machine

Allpack tube filling machine can perform the filling for cosmetic liquids and pastes, sanitizer, ointment, cream jellies or viscosity material. Depending on the type of tube filling machine, these machines may offer options for tube decoration, coding, and capping. Tube filling machines come in various sizes and models to suit the needs of different businesses.

  • Model: NF-30
  • Wide application
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Easy cleaning, and easy maintenance

Automatic Sanitizer Filling Machine

Allpack sanitizer filling machines are suitable for filling daily chemical products, such as hand sanitizer, dishwasher, disinfectant, glass cleaner, laundry detergent, softener, personal care products, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hail oil, essential oil, etc. The whole filling machine is in-line structure and adopts the principle of servo motor-driven filling and volumetric metering filling to realize the high precision of filling and metering.

  • Model: Automatic Sanitizer Filling Machine
  • Strong applicability
  • No wire drawing or dripping during filling

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