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  • High Degree of Automation
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Advanced Positioning Function

Shrink Packing Machine

Allpack shrink packing machine is suitable for packing cans, glass bottles, wine bottles, mineral water bottles, etc. It can be used in wood, steel, ceramics, household appliances, computers and other industries.  This machine can pack product in a short time, after packaging, the shape of the product is neat, compact and easy to palletize. Allpack shrink packing machine is compatible with various shrink packaging films such as PE, PVC and POF films, etc. The upper and lower sides of the machine are equipped with stainless steel electric heating tubes, which have fast heating speed and long service life. The upper and lower air transport system and the super large air volume cooling system are designed to quickly cool and shape the product after heat shrinkage, ensuring a perfect packaging effect at one time.

shrink packaging-1
shrink packaging-2
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