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Powder Grinder

Allpack powder grinder is a multifunctional machine that uses a low-speed and high-torque process, the food retains all of its nutrients after it has been processed. Its head and body structures are separate, allowing for much easier cleaning, the machine is a safer product for the customer’s health. With copper gear-driven transmission, making it incredibly durable, and stainless steel body with no sharp edges. high-torqueIt has a large power motor of 100% copper with high output. Crushing and fine powder in 3 seconds to 2 minutes. This grinding machine is suitable for dispensaries, medicine processing factories, and powder processing. It is widely used in families, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, dispensaries, and institute laboratories. It is suitable for grinding materials such as herbs, tea leaves, pepper, grain, anise, coffee beans, rice, sugar, etc.


Powder Grinder

DFY-X200 High efficiency powder grinder

Allpack DFY-X200 powder grinder is adopted latest German technology, with the following features: fine structure, low noise, small size, no vibration, compact appearance and easy operation. It can grind all kinds of corns and grains into fine powder at 50-300 mesh. It is widely used in families, clinic, hospital, pharmacy and institute laboratories.

Quick open lockpin

Ergonomic handle upper cover

Energy saving and safety

DFY-X300 High efficiency powder grinder

Allpack DFY-X300 powder grinder is suitable for rice,spice,bean,herb powder grinding,it is a household type machine,small in size,simple operation.It has the advantages of precise structure, small volume, light weight, high efficacy, no dust, clean and hygienic, simple operation, beautiful appearance, energy saving and safety. The crushing tank and the blade are made of stainlesssteel, which can complete coarse crushing and fine powder in 3 seconds - 2 minutes.

Made of stainless steel

Fine grinding powder

Quick open lockpin

DFY-X500 High efficiency powder grinder

Allpack DFY-X500 powder grinder is a necessary tool to ram the medicine, it is 50 times stronger than the traditional motor in working efficiency. This machine adopts ultra high-speed motor, can quickly smash all kinds of dehydrated food, rice, corn, sesame, soybean, fish feed, pepper, medicine (such as ganoderma, licorice, tianqi, pearl etc), usually smash the medicine into the powder for no more than a minute. This machine is suitable for dispensary, medicine processing factory and powder processing.

Large capacity

Not easy to rust

Elegant design

The Buyer's Guide

Powder Grinder: The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

To grind different sorts of dry products into a powder form you must use a powerful & handy tool for this kind of work.

Yes, you guessed it right. Powder grinder is a handy tool for you to work with powder grinding and processing.

This guide is a complete source for you to understand how the powder grinder works and why you need this machine for your production unit. So, keep reading and keep exploring because we are just getting started.

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    1.What Is A Powder Grinder?


    Powder Grinder

    A powder grinder is a powerful and efficient machine that is used for grinding different types of materials in to smaller particles.

    The powder grinder machine reduces the particle size of the materials introduced into it. It converts the materials into fine particles.

    This machine is extensively used in many different industries. Further details of the powder grinder machine are discussed later in the article.

    2.What Are The Different Benefits Of Powder Grinder?

    The powder grinder has a great number of advantages which benefit different industries in different ways. Some of the advantages of the powder grinder are discussed below.



    High Efficiency

    The powder grinder is a very efficient machine. It does its job of grinding materials very effectively and efficiently. The products obtained from the powder grinder are of very high quality regarding their particle size.

    Particle size plays a very important role in the effectiveness of the products and that is why this holds a great importance especially for pharmaceutical industry.

    High efficiency of the powder grinder makes sure the uniformity of the particle size of the products.

    High Production Rate

    The production rate of the powder grinder is very high. It is a very fast acting machine and does a lot of work in a very small interval of time.

    A high production rate of the powder grinder increases the production of the industry and thus increases the income.

    3.What Are The Working Principles Of Powder Grinder?


    Powder Grinder

    The working principles of the powder grinder is very simple. The powder grinder has a material hopper into which the material is introduced.

    This material is uniformly and continuously fed into the main grinder unit. The hammers or the mills inside the grinder unit reduce the particle size of the material either by crushing or cutting.

    The product is then collected on the mesh and placed at the bottom of the grinder unit of the powder grinder. The pore size of the mesh is selected according to the needs of the industry.

    The particles that have smaller size than the pores of the mesh pass through it while the particles with the bigger size are collected on the mesh. These particles are again subjected to grinding in the grinder unit.


    The high-pressure air blower is another system used in some powder grinder to separate the qualified and unqualified particles based on their size. The unqualified particles are sent back to the main grinder unit for further grinding.

    The powder grinder also has a cooling system. There is a jacket around the grinder unit in which air or water are introduced to lower the heat produced due to friction.

    4.How Many Types Of Powder Grinders Are There?

    There are mainly three types of powder grinder that are mentioned below.

    Large Capacity Commercial Electric Spice Grinder Electric (Angle Grinder)


    The Electrical Angle Grinder

    The Electrical angle grinder is a commonly used grinder that is multifunctional. The main feature of this machine includes low noise, no vibration, and its easy to use. This is a portable machine that is very small in size. Its widely used in homes as it efficiently grinds the powder.


    The working of electrical grinder is very simple. The product is placed inside the groove of the electrical angle grinder. Then the fastener is used to lock the lid of the groove so that nothings come out of the groove during grinding.

    The elastic noob is used to rotate the machine on its angle. The machine timer is set from the time switch and the indicator tells us that our working has been done.


    The grinding speed of electrical angle grinder is very high.

    The machine is inexpensive.

    Easy to install and use.

    Electrical angle grinder has very low noise.

    Electrical angle grinder has no vibrations.


    The electrical angle grinder is only useable for small quantity of products like rice.

    Electrical angle grinder is only used for soft products, Hard products can damage its blades

    Working components

    Some of the most important working components of the electrical angle grinder include.

    Grinding groove

    Grinding groove

    It’s like a bowl that is used to contain the material to grind.


    There are two fasteners used to lock the lid of groove.

    Time Switch

    This is a part of the Electrical angle grinder that is used to set the time for the machine.

    Elastic Noob

    Elastic noob is the part of the electrical angle grinder that is tighten and untighten to rotate the machine.

    The Electrical Commercial Home Grain Grinder

    Electrical Commercial Home Grain Grinder

    The Electrical Commercial home grain grinder

    The electrical commercial home grain grinder is a type of grinder that is used to grind serial crops such as corn, bean, millet, and rice etc. It can also be used to grind dry fruits like walnuts.

    The main feature of the electrical commercial home grain grinder machine is that it can be used in many domains like chemical industry to grind chemical materials and in medical industry for the medicines. The electrical commercial home grain grinder machine is a low power consumption machine.


    The Working of this machine is much like the electrical angle grinder the electrical commercial home grain grinder consists of SS power bowl that has blades in it. The Material is placed inside the bowl and then it is closed with an upper lid that has a handle to place it and its tightened by the quick open key. Time is set using time switch, after the time is up plug out the wire and remove the lid to take out the powder.



    The electrical commercial home grain grinder is a cheap machine.

    The electrical commercial home grain grinder consumes less power.

    Electrical commercial home grain grinder is easy to install.

    Electrical commercial home grain grinder can rotate up to almost 360 degrees.


    Electrical commercial home grain grinders production capacity is less.

    Electrical commercial home grain grinder requires high maintenance.

    Working Components

    Following are the most significant working components of the Electrical commercial home grain grinder.

    The Timed Switched

    Timed Switched

    This Timed switch is used to set the time for the grinding of material.

    The Quick open key

    This part is used to tighten or untightened the lid of the bowl.

    The Stainless Steel blades

    Stainless Steel blades

    The main job is performed by these blades these are used to grind the material and convert it into powder.

    The Electrical Commercial Home Grain Grinder

    Electrical Commercial Home Grain Grinder-1

    The Electrical Commercial home grain grinder

    Grain hammer mill grinder is a multifunctional machine That is used to grind different materials at a large scale. The machine can be used to grind flour, corns, and many other things.

    The grain hammer mill grinder can be used in many industries like chemical industry, hospitals, farms and hotels. The grain hammer mill grinder saves times as its grinding speed is very fast.


    The working of grain hammer mill grinder starts as we put a material in the machine through SS hopper. The Feeding speed of the machine is controlled by the flash board that can pe pulled and pushed. The grinding of the stuff is performed in SS electrical enclosure. The working of the grain hammer mill grinder depends on the motor of the machine the higher the quality the better results.

    At the end the powder is collected from the outlet of the machine



    Grain hammer mill grinder can be used for large scale materials like flour

    Grain hammer mill grinder is very fast in grinding.

    Grain hammer mill grinder is safe machine.


    Grain hammer mill grinder is an expensive machine.

    Grain hammer mill grinder requires large space.

    Working components

    Some of the most important parts of the grain hammer mill grinder are.

    The SS Hopper

    SS Hopper

    This is the part of grain hammer mill grinder that is used to for feeding the machine.

    The Flash board

    This is the part from where the feeding is controlled.

    The Outlet

    The part of the machine where the powder comes out from.

    5.What Are The Main Working Components Of Powder Grinder?

    The smooth and efficient working of the powder grinder depends on different coordinated working parts of the powder grinder. Some of the working components of the powder grinder are described below.

    The Material Hopper / Feed Hopper

    The material hopper or the feed hopper of the powder grinder is the part where the material to be grounded and introduced.

    The material hopper gets filled with the material and transfers this material uniformly and continuously to the main grinder unit.

    The Grinder Unit

    Grinder Unit

    The Powder Grinder

    The main grinder unit has different kinds of mills that performs their function efficiently to reduce the particle size of the materials.

    The Pneumatic Rotary Valve

    The main function of the pneumatic rotary valve is to maintenance of pressure inside the powder grinder during the whole process of grinding.

    Maintenance of a constant pressure is very important for efficient operation of the powder grinder. The pneumatic rotary valve performs this important function by a very high quality air lock.

    The Mesh


    The mesh is also a very important part of the powder grinder because it does an all important job of separating the qualified and unqualified particles after they are grounded.

    The particles that pass through the sieve are qualified and collected and the ones that fail to pass through the sieve are again sent back to the main grinder unit.

    The mesh plays a critical role in achieving uniformity in the particle size of the grounded material.

    6.Which Industries Are The Powder Grinder Mainly Used?

    The powder grinder is used in a variety of industries. Below are some of the industries that use powder grinders.

    The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Medicated Capsules

    Medicated Capsules

    The powder grinder is most extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry. This is because the particle size plays a very important role in determining the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drugs.

    The main goals achieved by particle size reduction include increasing surface area and maintaining uniform particle size.

    Increased surface area makes dissolution of the particles faster and easier. Uniformity in the particle sizes ensures homogenous mixing of the particles.

    The powder grinder is used in the pharmaceutical industry for grinding the powders and granules for solid and liquid dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, emulsions and suspensions etc.

    The Food Industry


    Powdered Spices

    The powder grinder is used in food industry for grinding a variety of materials such as spices, pulses, sugar and many other ingredients for making different food products.

    The main goal here is also the same as in the pharmaceutical industry. That is, grinding the material to increase the surface area and maintain uniformity of particle size.

    Smaller particle size helps the food industry by making the storage of ingredients easier. Smaller particle size also increases the mixing characteristics of many ingredients.

    The Cosmetics Industry


    Face Powder in Cosmetics Industry

    The powder grinder is very widely used in the cosmetic industry for making different cosmetic products such as face powders, creams, nail paints etc.

    The fineness and uniformity of the particle size in the cosmetics products are very important factors in determining the texture of the product.

    Of course a smooth texture can be obtained by grinding the particles to fine sizes. This task is done by the powder grinder.

    The Paint Industry

    The paint industry also uses the powder grinder very frequently for reducing the particle size and maintenance of uniformity in the particle size.

    7.What Types Of Products Can You Grind With Powder Grinder?

    As already discussed that a powder grinder is a very versatile device and is used to grind many different kinds of products. Some of these products are described below.



    The powder grinder is used to grind solids into fine and ultra-fine powders. Both brittle and tough solids can be ground by using the powder grinder.


    Powdered Drug

    Powdered Drug

    The powder grinder is used extensively to convert powders into finer particles. This practice is very frequently used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries for making a variety of products.



    The powder grinder is used for grinding the granules too. Both wet and dry granules can be easily grounded by the application of the powder grinder.

    8.How Is Grinding Different From Machining?

    Machining refers to the cutting of the material into desired size and designated shape through a process of material removal. While grinding means reducing the particle size of the material.

    Another important difference between machining and grinding is that the process of grinding offers more dimensional accuracy than the process of machining.

    9.What Points Should You Pay Attention To When Choosing a Powder Grinder?

    When choosing a power grinder for your industry of work you need to be careful. There are different perspectives you should look before choosing a powder grinder. Some of the points are mentioned below.



    While choosing a powder grinder you must have your organizational needs in mind. The selection of the grinder can not be made without thinking about your works and your needs. There are many ways to check the compatibility of the grinder like size, speed, space required, budget, capacity of grinding and power consumption

    Speed of the grinder

    Speed of the grinder

    Speed plays an important role in making a power grinder important. If you are choosing a grinder for your kitchen tasks so speed will not matter that much, but if you have to choose for an industry then you must pay attention on the speed because the industry demands more work in less time.

    Generally, the speed of rpm is measured in rpm that is rotation per minute. The large industries require machine with high rpm so the machine with at least 32000 rpm. But in home we can sometime compromise on speed.

    Space Required

    For instance, if you must select a powder grinder for your daily small tasks such as grinding rice so do not need a big machine-like grain mill it will consume more space in your kitchen. You can go with an electrical angle grinder which is small and handy.



    Capacity refers to how much a grinder can grind. The grinders like electrical angle grinders are just for little quantity. On an average they can grind 40 kg of the material per hour but of you have to deal with large quantity like grinding flour you must shift to large grinders.

    10.Which Type Of Powder Grinder Is Best For Home Use?

    powder grinder

    There are many types of powder grinders that are in use nowadays and each one of them has their own specified field in which the work the best.

    The choice of grinder depends upon a number of factors such as the type of material to be grounded or the amount that needs to be grounded.

    When we talk about the best possible powder grinder for domestic use, the most appropriate answer will be the cutter mill. This mil uses the shear force for size reduction.

    The cutter mill has two sets of blades. One set of blades is directly attached to the rotor and the other part is attached to the wall of the body or casing of the cutter mill.

    The set of blades attached to the rotor are movable, therefore they are known as moveable or rotor blades. The other set of blades is stationary and cannot move or rotate. So they are known as stationary blades.

    The rotor blades rotates when the machine is turned on, thus cutting the materials into smaller particles until they are small enough to be fine particles. The coupling action of the stationary blades is also very helpful during the whole process.

    11.How To Solve Common Grinding Problems With Powder Grinding Machine?

    powder grinder-2

    Some of the most commonly existing problems along with their solution are discussed below.


    Chatter may be caused by a number of factors. Chatter is often identified by a distinct pattern on the workpiece that is often audible.

    Slipping of the wheel on its mount is the most common cause of chatter. Resonance in the machine can also cause chatter due to vibration.


    You need to check the wheel and make sure that the wheel does not slip on its mount anymore. Make sure that the wheel id carefully trued.

    If the chatter still continues, try varying the speed of rotation of the powder grinder to avoid resonance. This may help reducing chatter.


    The term burning refers to the thermal damage to thed powder grinder. Burning can occur if the wheel is facing a very high friction or it is getting rubbed strongly during its rotation.

    The reason of friction or rubbing can be loading or glazing of the wheel.



    Dressing the wheel correctly using the right dressing tool may help with reducing the friction, ultimately reducing the risks of the burning or thermal damage to your powder grinder.

    Too short working life of wheel

    The main reason behind short wheel life lies in the fact that you might be using a sub-standard wheel of low quality or you might be using a wheel that is not made for your powder grinder.


    You just need to find the wheel that is best suited for your powder grinder. Also make sure that you use wheel of the best available quality.

    Slow cutting by wheel

    Another problem that is very frequently faced during the process of powder grinding is slow cutting operation by the wheel. Slow working or cutting by the wheel ca badly affect your productivity, badly affecting your finances.


    You should try finding a wheel with a very high efficiency. The wheel that has the ability to grind fastest should be preferred.

    Poor finish of surface

    Poor finish of surface

    The poor finish is the major turn-off for the customers because it gives a very bad appearance. The fine and neat appearance of the powder is the first thing that customers notice while buying them.


    To eliminate this problem, you should buy a wheel that has a finer-sized grit.


    In conclusion, the ALLPACK powder grinder is a very efficient grinding machine that is very extensively used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The increasing popularity of the ALLPACK powder grinder is because of its high efficiency and the potential to help boost your business. You can contact us for further queries, and we will help you get the best powder grinder for your production unit.


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