Semi automatic Carton Sealer

A semi automatic carton sealer consists of a metal basic structure reinforced with a lower sealing head inserted in a section of metal rollers that is in turn attached to a metallic bridge that supports the upper sealing head. Boxes already formed are taken by a belt system which conveys longitudinally through the machine for fast closing lower and upper flaps. After that the box is formed and sealed. The adjustment in height and width is manual.

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Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer: The Complete Buying Guide in 2022

Every stable and durable product requires quick and steady carton packaging that is efficiently achieved by a carton sealer. A semi automatic carton sealer has self configured functioning with approved quality standards that every manufacturer looks for.

Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer

In this way you need to consider the underlying important questions regarding a Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer in order to be well informed by its pros and cons when you buy it.

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A semi automatic carton sealer is a machine used for the sealing or closing of corrugated cartons by applying adhesive tape. This machine works automatically once the dimensions are fixed and is capable of sealing random-sized cartons with top and bottom sections.

Usually in large scale business, goods are exported on global level which needs efficient, perfect and safe packaging as well as sealing to prevent any type of damage in transit. Semi automatic carton sealer is thus ensuring fast production and high accuracy level by eliminating the manual sealing.

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A semi automatic carton sealer works through various steps which are explained below:

The processing starts when machine is switched on as it provides the user with control panel to fix all parameters according to the cartons’ size.

The machine requires an operator to feed it with loaded box and after realizing the presence of carton it begins the mechanism.

The conveyor roller then move the case ahead where flap folder close the case and cartridge dispense the tape neatly which results in the beautiful and firm sealing of the box.

The bottom drive pushes the box forward and bends it by inserting tongue. Finally, the carton is ready for shipping.

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Control Panel

The core part of any carton sealer is no doubt the control panel where all the dimensions and parameters are fixed. This is located on a single side of machine and an operator has to bring it in use for fulfilling sealing task.

Drive Motor

It is also known as conveyor belt which helps in the movement of a case. It is the place where carton is kept for sealing. With two powerful motors it has the capacity to load heavier boxes and move them ahead.


Frame consists of the overall structure of machine including safety gates, table, mast front, mast rare, screws and wheels etc. It greatly assists the machine to stabilize performance during processing.

Box Folder

This part of machine is comprised of front flap folder and back flap folder. It closes the flaps of a carton by pressing the front and back folder constantly on box.

Tape Holder

It is also known as tape drum or cartridge from which excrete the adhesive tape is on the center of box through tape head.

Top & Bottom Belt Drive

For sealing cartons the machine adopts top and bottom belt drives. They help to position the carton on a fixed area so as to avoid the deviation from track.

Height Adjustment Handle

With ergonomic handle the width and height of machine can be easily managed in accordance with various size boxes.

Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor is the essential component of a semi automatic carton sealer which is located on the table of machine. During the sealing process it ensures the stability of large size corrugated boxes by preventing any sort of jam.

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Increase Production

A semi automatic carton sealer is one of the innovative machines that can improve your bottom line with remarkable high speed and stable performance.

Enhance Security

With advanced stainless steel construction a semi automatic carton sealer is compact sealing equipment which enhances the security of your goods. Cut down the injuries with an excellent operator safety.

Cost Effective

While using this machine you are eliminating the extra cost of materials like the uneven tape length, double taping and most important the labour cost.


It is most reliable with easy cleaning, low noise, and greater flexibility. With good equipment mobility it can be mobilize to any place and can be used both as a standalone and in connection with conveyor system.

Customization Available

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As the name indicates a semi automatic carton sealer has easy equipment maintenance. It allows an operator to gently customize the machine’s specification during processing. It only takes one minute to adjust the case size and length.

The application area of a semi automatic carton sealer is another significant aspect to know. It is not confined to any particular industry rather the day to day excessive production makes its presence inevitable in almost every manufacturing firm such as:

Food Industry

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A semi automatic carton sealer is the core part of any kind of food industry. Whether it is the packaging of fruits or vegetables, beverages or solid eatables like candies and biscuits this machine plays crucial role in fulfilling these tasks effectively.

Glassware industry

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Glass is such a delicate object that it makes the use of a semi automatic carton sealer obligatory in glassware industries for perfect sealing. Materials made up of glass like utensils or decoration pieces can be often seen as covered in paper cartons.

Pharmaceutical industry

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Another industry that can never be overlooked while discussing the applications of a semi automatic carton sealer is pharmaceutical. Thousands of pills, capsules, medicine and vaccines are prepared everyday which also needs proper and safe packaging/sealing so as to maintain their susceptibility and sterility, for which this machine is the first choice.

Electronic Industry

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This machine is of great importance in the companies which are constantly engaged in manufacturing electronic items. For instance home appliances, microwave, iron, inverter etc are beautifully packed and sealed via this semi automatic sealing equipment.

Chemical Industry

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This machine is suitable for chemical factories. The reason behind is its stable performance which is extremely helpful in the packaging of various chemicals and chemical plants etc.

Plastic Industry

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Consumer goods which are made up of plastic such as toys, pens, kitchenware etc tends to be easily broken. Due to this reason almost all plastic industries cover their goods with cartons  thus have higher demand for a semi automatic carton sealer.

Cosmetic Industry

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Among various other items special attention is paid to cosmetic products by consumers. In this way every firm strive to brand their products as well as prevent it from any sort of damage. This is how they look for a semi automatic carton sealer for its efficient and productive output.

Both the semi automatic and fully automatic carton sealer has common objective of sealing huge number of boxes in an accelerated way. However, some of their attributes draws a line of differences between both which can be analysed by following factors:

Semi Automatic Carton Sealer

Fully Automatic Carton Sealer

It is a semi automatic carton sealer which requires human to fold the cartons during process.

Fully automatic carton sealer works standalone without the need of an operator.

It cannot automatically adapt the size of random boxes. For this it needs your manual intervention.

Since it is fully automatic there is no need of separate setting. Just put the different size cartons and machine will seal them one after another.

Its operation is convenient, durable and fast.

It is exceptional in performance with higher output ratio than that of semi automatic machine.

Its scope of application is in small batch and medium-volume production industries for example household appliances, beverages, food firms etc.

This machine is frequently used in large industries such as textiles, chemical and medical etc.

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Despite having vast array of advantages there are some problems which you might face while using a semi automatic carton sealer, but there is no need to panic as we have provide you with some technicalities which would enable you to cope them gently.




1. Drive belts do no transmit cartons

It may be due to narrow boxes or the damage driving belts

Review the machine specifications and replace the driving belts

2. Drive belts do not divert

Either the drive belt is not fixed tightly or there is electrical disconnect

Set the screws of belt tension and check the power supply

3. Create squeaking noise when cartons are passed

Compression rollers and motor pulleys are dry

Lubricate the pulleys and compression rollers

4. Tape is not positioned in the middle of box

Case flaps are unequal

Tape drum is not concentrated

Compression roller and tap are not straight

Checkout the case specifications and arrange accordingly

Fix the position of tape drum

Align the tape drum and roller

5. Tape is shredded by its end and blade is not cutting accurately

Either blade is blunt, dirty or its head is broken

Tape is not applying sufficient tension

Clean, adjust or replace the blade

Enhance the force of tape by modifying mandrel wheel

6. Tape is leaving layers

There is intense pressure on tape assembly

Tape is threaded in wrong path

Reduce the tension and adjust the mandrel assembly

Check the path of tape and correct it

Your choice would ultimately determine the fate of your business. In this way you have to be vigilant enough before buying a semi automatic carton sealer and consider the facts that are highlighted below:

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Production Rate

Before purchasing a carton sealer you should first identify your current production rate. If you are sealing more than 50 cases per day it indicates that a semi automatic carton sealer would be the best choice that can bring ease and automation to your industry.

Operation Need

What does your operation need, is another significant question you should consider. Every manufacturer produces various things which are consequently different is size, shape and weight. After understanding all these requirements you will definitely bring a best semi automatic carton sealer that can give desired results.

Support Requirements

Did you ever search about the business support for a carton sealer? What to do if machine suddenly breaks down? And how the supplier will help you to solve these problems? You should be very cautious about these queries and go for the company which provide full support and value their customer.

Machine’s Throughput

Your money is precious don’t ever waste it in purchasing a machine that can only give you 20-30% more than your current production. Always go for a machine that can assist you in achieving extra ordinary fast and excessive production.

Replacing Parts

No machine is structured which works for lifetime without any damage. A time comes when its parts needs to be repaired or replaced. Thus easy accessibility of machine parts should be paid heed and one should always go for a machine whose parts are readily available.

Above is the important information about a semi automatic carton sealer which may be of great help for you. The rapid advancement in technology can be seen everywhere, however, the inventions in result of these advancement are not all the time made for us. We have to acknowledge this fact and try to discover the every possible information about the equipment we are going to purchase.For any further detail or question you can contact us.

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