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Capsules are very important to the entire pharmaceutical industry. Capsules are generally used to fill powders or granules that are irritating to the esophagus and gastric mucosa. When some drugs are volatile or easily broken down by saliva in the mouth, capsule shells are generally the best choice. Therefore, the technology of capsule filling arises at a historic moment. There are different capsule-filling machines for capsule shells of different models and materials.

Allpack is one of the most professional capsule-filling machine manufacturers in China with 13 years of experience. If you are finding the perfect capsule filling machine for all sizes and shapes of capsules to make your own capsules for supplement or nutrition, this is your best option. All the capsule-filling machines below will be your right choice.

Here are 5 solutions for your different needs including a manual capsule filling machine, semi-automatic capsule filling machine, fully automatic capsule filling machine, hard capsule liquid filling machine, and soft gel encapsulation machine.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Allpack manual capsule filling machine is an essential tool for your business to produce supplements, vitamins, medicines, or other products in the form of capsules. Prepare the raw material and place it into a hopper, then place each filled capsule on a movable platform. Place a manual capsule closing disc onto the platform. After all the capsules are filled and closed, they will be ejected from the manual capsule filling machine into a collection tray for further processing or packaging.

  • Model: AS-100
  • Mechanical arrangement design
  • High automatic arrangement rate

Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Allpack semi-automatic capsule filling machines can fill pills and capsules with powders, granules, liquids, semi-solids, or combination products with both machine work and labor work. This capsule filling machine involves powder loading, filling, and closing. You need to load the powder into the hopper and the machine will complete the filling and closing work.

  • Model: CGN-208S
  • Programmable control system
  • Clean and powder material saving

Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Allpack fully automatic capsule filling machine can automatically fill hard gel capsules with various types of material such as powder, granules or pellets, etc. without labor work. The working process involves powder loading, capsule splitting, capsule filling, capsule discharging, and station cleaning.

  • Model: NJP-1200C
  • High precision cam dividing box
  • increased filling speed and filling capacity
  • Improved quality and production efficiency
  • Significantly enhanced production efficiency

Hard Capsule Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack hard capsule liquid filling machine can fill liquid substances into empty capsules automatically. Before starting operation, hollow capsules are loaded into the hopper and conveyed into multiple tubes. Liquid material will be dosed and filled into the hollow capsules. After through the locking system, capsules will be tightly locked with caps. In the end the capsules will be ejected out of the mold.

  • Model: NJY-300C
  • Servo motor dosing system
  • Stepless frequency converter
  • High-precision ceramic pump

Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Allpack soft encapsulation machine can make soft gel capsules by filling semi-solid, liquid, or suspension into hermetically sealed gelatin with high efficiency. The working process involves gelatin preparation, filling material preparation, encapsulation process, and drying and inspection. You need to heat the gelatin as the capsule shell. Add liquid, semi-liquid, oil, or paste-like substances into the hopper and conveyed it into the injection wedge via tube. 

  • Model: HTSYS-5
  • Low noise, high accuracy
  • Cold system with the integrated cooling fan

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