High Performance Co2 Laser Coding Machine

  • Focus Mirror Lens
  • High Performance Motherboard
  • Digital Galvanometer Scanning Head

Co2 Laser Coding

Allpack Co2 laser coding machine is used to print batch number, production date, bar codes permanently, it is suitable for non-metallic materials such as glass, wood, ABS, plastic, rubber, resin, ceramic, stone,leather, acrylic, paper, cloth, etc. The principle of Co2 laser coding is to evaporate the surface material and expose the deep layer, so as to mark patterns, trademarks, dates, LOGO or text. Compared to traditional printers, this equipment has lower material consumption and maintenance cost, stabler performance and longer service life. The machine has a simple structure, can provide accurate positioning, super precision coding, faster processing and safe operation, can be connected to the conveyor belt to achieve continuous coding of products and improve the efficiency, it is suitable for various assembly line systems. Allpack Co2 laser coding machine can be widely applied in industries such as food, beverage, leather, pharmaceutical, building, electronic, hardware, cosmetic, plastic, metal, etc.

Co2 Laser Coding-2
Co2 Laser Coding-1

Co2 Laser Coding

Desktop Integrated CO2 Laser Coding Machine FC-100A

Allpack CO2 laser coding machine FC-100A can be applied to all kinds of high-density materials and create high-precision patterns to maintain the artistry and integrity of products, it is used to print logo, serial number, bar code, QR code, pictures and other patterns. This machine has low power consumption, stable and reliable operation system, integrated overall design and compact structure, can work continuously, is always used to print on electronic products, wood furniture, glass bottles, etc.

Red Light Positioning

On-piece Body Design

High-speed Online Coding

Continuous Batch CO2 Laser Coding Machine FC-100B

Allpack CO2 laser coding machine FC-10B is designed to mark, cut and punch all kinds of non-metallic products such as paper, wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, aluminum foil, rubber, fabric, leather, etc, it is mainly apply to the packaging industry, such as food, pharmaceutical, beverage, daily use, chemical and so on. Based on laser technology, this equipment has excellent performance, efficient operation, precise marking and innovative design, can largely simply your marking process.

High Photoelectric Conversion Rate

Error Marking Prevention

Power-off Protection

High Power Automatic CO2 Laser Coding Machine FC-100C

Allpack CO2 laser coding machine FC-100C is used to mark serial number, date, text, QR code, bar code, picture and many other information, it is widely applied on plastic & glass bottles, plastic bags, paper package, ceramics, wooden boards, circuit board, clothing, leather, etc. The machine has simple structure, can be used on desk-top, which is convenient and space saving. It is equipped with high quality laser print head, intelligent red light positioning system, rotatable marking head and high precision control beam, therefore, this device is easy and safe to use, meanwhile, it has fast working speed.

Red Light Pointer

Durable Aluminium Working Table

Digital Galvanometers Scanning Head

Industrial-grade CO2 Laser Coding Machine FC-100D

Allpack CO2 laser coding machine FC-100D is a coding device that uses laser beam to mark permanently on the surface of various substances. This equipment is used to mark information such as QR code, bar code, production date, text, logo, image, etc, it has the advantages of fast marking speed, no consumables, no pollution, high precision, non-contact marking method and so on. Allpack CO2 laser coding machine has a wide range of application, including beverage bottles, food packages, medical packing, rubber products, plastic products, ceramic products, auto parts, electronic components, etc.

Water-proof Galvo


Intelligent Control Cabinet

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