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If you’re looking for a machine to fill your own formulation into capsules to make your own capsules for supplement or nutrition,or you’re a pharmaceutical company ,you want to manufacture large scale of capsules with specific effect,capsule filling machine is a great option.But which type of capsule filling machine should you choose,what exactly the capsule filling machine working principle is and how will you benefit?We’re here to give you the lowdown on capsule filling machine and how many types of capsule filling machines are there and how to choose the most suitable one to fulfill your actual needs.

Capsule filling machine can be also called encapsulator,capsule filler or encapsulation machine,it is a mechanical device that commonly used for industrial and pharmaceutical purposes to fill empty soft or hard gelatin capsules of various sizes with powders,granules,semi-solids or liquid substance containing active pharmaceutical ingredients or a mixture of active drug substances and sxcipients.The filling process of capsule filling machine is actually a termed encapsulation.


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What Are Types of Capsule Filling Machines

There are various types of capsule filling machines available on the market now.You can select based on your actual requirement or your capsules nature,hard capsule or soft capsule or you can select based on your quantity of capsule to be manufactured.

Then you will have three types of capsule filling machine to fill your hard gelatin capsules:

  1. Manual/hand-operated capsule filling machine

A manual/hand-operated capsule filling machine has a capacity of 6500 capsules per hour.It is suitable for small scale manufacturers,hospitals for extempore preparations or individuals who want additional nutrition supplement for home use.

  1. Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

As the name indicates,a semi automatic capsule filling machine combines both manual and automatic methods of capsule filling,that is ,it is partially automated.You will need a worker to assist whose work.However,its operation is simple and the semi automatic capsule filling machine meets with GMP requirements and has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

This semi automatic capsule filling machine is one type of electricity and pneumatic combined control, automatic counting electronics, programmable controller and frequency conversion speed regulating device. Instead of manual filling, it reduces labor intensity, which is the ideal equipment for capsule filling for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical research and development institutions and hospital preparation room.

  1. Full Automatic Capsule Filing Machine

A full automatic capsule filling machine can be used to directly fill empty capsules with pharmaceutical powders and granules without any operators dependability.It is mainly used for large scale production of capsules in the pharmaceutical industries.With the full automatic capsule filling machine,you can fill any kind of powders or granules of fine particle into the body of capsules.

A full automatic capsule filling machine should have a complete line to cooperate its production,the devices include the capsule polishing machine,dust extractor,capsule sorter and empty capsule ejector.

A full automatic capsule filling machine is suitable for pharmaceutical industry with high-rate capsule production and free-contamination environment. It has the characteristics of compact mechanism, small volume, lower noise, precision filling dosage, multi-function, stable running etc. A full automatic capsule filling machine can finish the following motion at same time: capsule feeding, capsule separating, powder filling, capsule rejecting, capsule locking, finished capsule discharge and die hole cleaning etc. It is the most ideal hard capsule filling equipment for pharmaceutical and health food industry.

What Is Capsule Filling Machine Working Principle?

Just like machines should have its own working method,a capsule filling machine has its own working principle as below steps:

  1. Rectification

It is a process that empty capsules place their position in the capsule filling tray.

  1. Capsule caps and bodies separation

It is the division of capsule caps from their bodies

  1. Dosing of fill material/formulation

It is the most critical process that fills up the capsule body with pharmaceutical ingredients

  1. Rejoining of caps and bodies

This step the caps and bodies will be rearranged to join together to form a complete capsule.

  1. Ejection of filled capsules.

That is,the filled capsules will be explusion from the machine

Benefits You Will Get From Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machines are lower power consumption machines,you will no need to too much worry about the labor,mechanical cost with the machines.Both the manual and automatic capsule filling machines are scalable and high-speed filling machines and complies to the GMP requirements.Besides,what the most important is, capsule filling machines will help pharmaceutical industries to prevent the loss of powder material to almost 90%.You will also benefit from capsule filling machines’ highly flexible,accurate and precise filling.

From other aspect,with a capsule filling machine,through the capsule making process,you will get mor encouraged as the machine is actually not as difficult as it sounds.There is no special skills required to make capsules,what you need is actually a passion and a bit of effort.After making the capsules,you will know what you swallow,that is,you will absolutely sure if the active ingredients contains is real right or good for your body.And besides,capsules when sealed have protected the bitness of the encased ingredients,and will enable you to take the herbs and other ingredients in their raw natural state without any unpleasant taste that may be associated with the formulations.

Taking the powder or herbs in their natural state is a much more effective and an efficient way of getting all the benefits without the side effects.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Capsule Filling Machine?

Choosing the most suitable capsule filling machine is a very difficult task but you should keep in mind various things:brand,manufacturer,production capacity,quality assurance and many more.Through above different types and benefits of capsule filling machine you may can conclude that at least the basics are known to us and what the exactly caspule filling macine is?

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