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Household Vacuum Sealer

Allpack household vacuum sealer helps to seal and freeze family-sized/individual portions of meals, snacks, meat, fish, dried fruits, nuts and many other edible items. It provides different working statuses for dry or moist food ingredients/ objects, helping to achieve a better performance of vacuum and sealing. This household vacuum sealer can also be used for packaging valuable goods such as antiques, electronics and jewelry. Protect non-food items. Keep camping and boating supplies dry and organized for outings.Protect polished silver from tarnishing by minimizing exposure to air.The household vacuum sealer with improved program provides quick sealing in 6 to 11 seconds (6-9 seconds for dry mode & 8-11 seconds for moist mode).It is good for continuous working under dry model without taking break between each round of vacuum seal.

Household Vacuum Sealer-1
Household Vacuum Sealer-2

Household Vacuum Sealer

DZ-280P Portable Semi Automatic Household Vacuum Sealer

Allpack DZ-280P portable semi automatic household vacuum sealer is small in size, it can be used for pack both wet and dry products, it is equipped with smart control panel so it is easy to use. This household vacuum sealer can continuously work for 24 hours, it has strong drive force so it can realize fast vacuum. 

Equipped With Built-in Bag Cutter

Electromagnetic Vacuum Pump

Non Destructive Sealing

DZ-290A Wet&Dry Dual Use Household Vacuum Sealer

Allpack DZ-290A Wet&Dry dual use household vacuum sealer can be used to pack all kinds of products such as powdered products, liquid products, solid products, etc. The machine adopts copper sheet to heat seal products, the sealing effect is perfect and there will be no leakage. This household vacuum sealer is high efficient and it will make low noise during its working process, it has strong suction so that it can extract all air inside the pouches. This machine is easy to operate and maintain, which is very convenient for family use.

Driven By Gear Motor

Equipped With Filter Cup

Overheating Protection

The Buyer's Guide

Household Vacuum Sealer: The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

Vacuum sealing is not unfamiliar in your daily life,supermarket,fruit store,vegetable market,and many other places,vacuum sealed products can be seen everywhere.Whereas,what if you want to vacuum seal your food at home?The household vacuum sealer can be a good assistant for you.

If you never contact with household vacuum sealer,don’t worry,in this blog, the machine will be introduced to you in different aspects in detail.Next,you will learn about the definition,types,structure,working principle,applications and other things about household vacuum sealer,just keep on reading!

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    1.What is a household vacuum sealer?

    A Household Vacuum Sealer Machine

    A Household Vacuum Sealer Machine

    A household vacuum sealer is defined as the tool which is used to seal the food in an air tight bag so that the food remains fresh for a long time. It consists of a vacuum pump which sucks the air from the bags and it is ready to store.

    It is used to preserve foods like raw meats, fruits, vegetables, and cereals etc. It has made everyone’s life super easy by providing fresh meal. Household vacuum sealer protects the food from entering any bacteria or microbe and also provide moisture lock.

    2.How will you get benefits by this household vacuum sealer machine?

    Household vacuum sealer is a good assistant for you in your daily life,it is evident that it can benefit you in different aspects,which will be explained in detail to the below.

    Keep Fresh

    Keep Fresh

    Of course,the most basic benefit is that the household vacuum sealer can help you keep food fresh,it extracts the air of the packaging pouch,and tightly seals the mouth of the packaging pouch.Because of these,the food is under a low-oxygen condition which contains no microorganism,so the food is kept fresh.

    Save Time

    Save Time

    As a matter of fact,use a household vacuum sealer to pack food is very convenient for you ,you just need to do some simple operations by clicking the buttons on the machine.And the sealing process of the household vacuum sealer is quite fast,which means that it can save much time for you.

    Save Money

    Save Money

    One the one hand,the cost of using household vacuum sealer is not high,you just need a machine and a packaging pouch,then you can seal your food in the pouch;on the other hand,household vacuum sealer can effectively prevent food from being damaged,you don’t need to buy it again,so the machine can save your cost in a certain degree.

    Keep Good Taste And Appearance

    Keep Good Taste And Appearance

    As is mentioned above,household vacuum sealer can keep food fresh,it can also keep the original taste of the food.Household vacuum sealer packs the food in the packaging pouch,there is no environmental element can enter the pouch,so the food can be kept in the original condition,includes the taste.And by vacuum sealing,the food is packed compactly,it is kept in a good appearance.

    Easily Storage Liquid Food

    Easily Storage Liquid Food

    By using a household vacuum sealer,you can easily storage your liquid food such as soup,milk,porridge and so on.If you only storage liquid food in a bottle or a box,it doesn’t play a good role in protection,using the household vacuum sealer,you can pack and seal the liquid food,which can better protect them.

    Save Space

    Save Space

    As the picture shows,the household vacuum sealer are designed compact,it is small in size,you can use it in any place that has a flat surface.If you don’t need to use it at that moment,you can put it in any corner,it just occupy a little space.

    3.What are the main types of household vacuum sealer?

    Generally speaking,there are three main types of household vacuum sealer machines,which include chamber household vacuum sealer,external household vacuum sealer and pistol-type household vacuum sealer.

    Chamber Household Vacuum Sealer

    Chamber Household Vacuum Sealer

    Chamber Household Vacuum Sealer

    This type of vacuum sealing machine is the most advanced and expensive. It consists of a chamber in which you just need to take your food.

    When you press the button on, it will suck the air out and seal the food bag inside the chamber. It also absorbs the moisture from the bags. This type of machine is comparatively larger in size.

    Chamber vacuum sealer is most commonly used in restaurants and hotels for sealing multiple portions at a time. It’s not commonly used in homes.

    External Household Vacuum Sealer

    External Household Vacuum Sealer

    The food is sealed outside the machine in this type of vacuum sealer. All you need to do is to put your food in the bag and place the open end of bag in front of the vacuum sealer. It will absorbs all the air and then seal it.

    It is most commonly used in homes. It has fewer prices as compared to chamber vacuum sealer.

    Pistol-type Household Vacuum Sealer

    Pistol-type Household Vacuum Sealer

    The pistol-type household vacuum sealer is a manual vacuum sealing device which is very easy to operate.The packaging pouch which is matched with this types of household vacuum sealer is specific,there is a valve on the pouch,you need to use the pistol to extract the air of the pouch from the valve.

    The pistol-type household vacuum sealer is a little similar to the aspirator pump of the household vacuum storage pouch,they all need to be used manually.   

    4.Chamber household vacuum sealer&External household vacuum sealer-the differences.

    The chamber household vacuum sealer and external household vacuum sealer are both popular on the market,you may have confusions about which one is better and which one should you choose.Well ,then let’s explore the differences between them.

    household vacuum sealer-the differences

    • The chamber household vacuum sealer extracts the air from the packaging pouch through its vacuum chamber,while external household vacuum sealer has a suction mouth to extract the air.
    • During the working process,when you use a chamber household vacuum sealer,the packaging pouch is inside the machine,and if you use an external household vacuum sealer,the packaging pouch is outside the machine.
    • The chamber household vacuum sealer can be used to seal both solid and liquid objects while external household vacuum sealer can only used to seal solid food.
    • In terms of price,the chamber household vacuum sealer may be more expensive than the external household vacuum sealer.
    • Comparatively,the external household vacuum sealer is lighter than the chamber household vacuum sealer,and the size of the external household vacuum sealer is smaller,so it is more convenient to be carried.

    5.Explain the applications of household vacuum sealer?

    The demand of vacuum sealer machine is rapidly increasing. It is not only used to seal the food items but also has a great use in other industries.

    Healthcare centers

    Healthcare centers

    In healthcare centers and hospitals, vacuum sealer is used to seal different sterilized medical equipment. Surgical gloves, masks, and blades all are used to seal by vacuum sealer.



    Chamber vacuum sealer has a great use in hotels and restaurants. It is used to pack a large quantity of food for home deliveries. Raw foods can also be packed and stored.

    Food industries

    Food industries

    In food industries, a vacuum sealer is used to pack large quantities of food items. It helps in keeping the food fresh for so long time. It is used to preserve food items like cooking oil, spices, milk, noodles etc.

    Chemical industries

    Chemical industries

    When chemicals are not properly sealed and packed, they are not useful. So, vacuum sealer is used to preserve them.

    6.What are the main parts of household vacuum sealer?

    As is mentioned above,there are three types of household vacuum sealers,in this part,you will learn about the main parts of the machines,however,the structure of pistol-type household vacuum sealer is simple,so we just discuss about the chamber household vacuum sealer and external household vacuum sealer.

    Chamber Household Vacuum Sealer

    Chamber Household Vacuum Sealer-1

    As the picture shows,the chamber household vacuum sealer consists of many components, but it doesn’t means that all the components are the main parts. The main parts of chamber household vacuum sealer are vacuum gauge,control panel, vacuum chamber,vacuum chamber lid,upper pressing slip,heating element ,fan and sealing ring. 

    The vacuum gauge is to show the vacuum index of the vacuum chamber,the function of control panel is to operate the machine,there are many buttons on it,such as emergency stop,set key,increase key,decrease key and temperature controller,by clicking these buttons,you can operate the whole vacuum sealing process conveniently.

    The vacuum chamber,vacuum chamber lid and sealing ring,their purpose is the same,they are used to create a sealed condition to the packaging pouch,the whole vacuum sealing process is happened in this chamber. And the upper pressing slip,it plays a role in sealing the mouth of the packaging pouch.

    The fan is used to eject the air.And,the heating element is a vital part in sealing,it helps the machine complete the heat-sealing operation.

    External Household Vacuum Sealer

    External Household Vacuum Sealer-1

    The structure of the external household vacuum sealer is simple,the main parts of it are as the picture show.There are two buttons,one refers to vacuum and seal,the other refers to seal only,you can click any of them according to your demand.

    The left buckle and vacuum bag buckle play the role in fixing.The air absorbing mouth is to extract the air of the packaging pouch.The heating wire,sealing strips and upper and lower sealing glue,these are all components which are used to help seal the mouth of packaging pouch.

    7.What is the working principle of household vacuum sealer machine?

    household vacuum sealer-3

    A household vacuum sealer machine has in built electric motor which sucks the air out from the plastic bag. After the bag is free of air, heat technology is used to seal that bag.

    Latest vacuum machines can also absorb the moisture so that the food can even be preserved for a longer time.

    household vacuum sealer-4

    Preservation of food through household food sealer

    While using this machine, all you need to do is to put the bag containing food into the chamber and close the upper lid. After that just press the digital button present on top. After the air is removed seal the bag and store it into your freezer.

    8.How do you operate a household vacuum sealer?

    household vacuum sealer-2

    To be honest,household vacuum sealer is a device which is easy to operate,even you can use it without looking the specification.At first,you need to put the food into packaging pouch,and put the packaging pouch in the correct place.

    If you are using a chamber household vacuum sealer,put the packaging pouch in the vacuum chamber,and if you are using a external household vacuum sealer,just put the packaging pouch near the machine.But please remember,no matter which household vacuum sealer you are using,you need to put the mouth of the packaging pouch on the sealing strip.

    After putting the packaging pouch,close the lid of the household vacuum sealer,and then click the button to turn on the machine,it will start the extracting and sealing operations automatically,when the sealing process is at the end,turn off the machine and take out the packaging pouch,the whole operation is completed.

    9.What are the cautions when you use household vacuum sealer?

    Even though the household vacuum sealer is easy to operate,it also have some cautions during the operation process,if you doesn’t notice these points,maybe you will cause damage to your machine,which will shorten its service life.


    • Household vacuum sealer need to be used in a environment where the temperature is in the range of -10℃-50℃,only in this range,the machine can effectively play its good function and performance.
    • When using a household vacuum sealer,pay attention that you need to keep your hand dry,don’t use touch the machine with wet hands,it is not only for the purpose to protect the machine,it also necessary for your safety.
    • The environment where you use the household vacuum sealer is pretty important,remember that the humidity in the air needs to be less than 85%,if the humidity is too high,it is not good for the machine.
    • Meanwhile,you need to use household vacuum sealer in a sanitary environment,you need to keep the tabletop clean,and there must be no dust,  aggressive fume,flammable and combustibleobjects in the environment.
    • In addition,if you finish the usage of household vacuum sealer,don’t forget to cut off the power supply ,thenwash clean the machine,and storage the machine in a hygeianplace.

    10.What are the malfunctions and solutions of household vacuum sealer?

    In fact,there is no machine can never occurs problems,the household vacuum sealer is no exception,too.If your household vacuum sealer occurs malfunctions and even downtime,what should you do?Take it easy,you can resolve the problems just by yourself.

    malfunctions and solutions

    The Machine Doesn’t Turn On

    If the household vacuum sealer can  not turn on,first you need to check the power supply,check the socket and electric wire,whether the electric wire is plugged in socket,if not,just plug it in.

    The Vacuum Index Is Low

    If the vacuum index is low,the vacuum process doesn’t reach the expected effect,maybe it is because that the extracting time is too short,you need to adjust the extracting time to make it longer.

    Loud Noise

    In common situation,household vacuum sealer will not make noise during the working process,if it creates loud noise,maybe there occurs a leakage,you need to wash or change the filter.

    Weak Suction

    During the vacuum process,if the suction of the household vacuum sealer is weak,you need to check the lid and seal bar,whether they are fully closed?and whether there is dust on them?Just close the lid again or clean up the lid and seal  bar.

    The Machine Doesnt Sealing Well

    If the household vacuum sealer can not seal packaging pouch well,you need to check three things:whether the packaging pouch is proper,whether you fill too much food in the packaging pouch,or whether the seal bar need to be replaced?Check step by step,then fix the problem.

    11.Comparison of household vacuum sealer and vacuum packaging machine.

    There are many people who can not distinguish household vacuum sealer and vacuum packaging machine,the two are different machines,but they have some similarities.Next the similarities and differences between the household vacuum sealer and vacuum packaging machine will be showed to you.



    • The working process of household vacuum sealer and vacuum packaging machine is similar,they both extracts the air of the packaging pouch first,and then starts the heat-sealing operation.
    • The functions of the household vacuum sealer and vacuum packaging machineare the same.They can both extract air to keep food fresh,extend the shelf life of the food.
    • Household vacuum sealer and vacuum packaging machine are both easy to operate,they have high automation,they doesn’t need too much manual intervention during the operating process,you just need to click several buttons.



    • The vacuum packaging machine need to complete the vacuum and sealing process,while the household vacuum sealer can choose the working process of seal only.
    • In general,the size of household vacuum sealer is small,because it is produced for family usage,need to be convenient to use.However,the vacuum packaging machines have many models which are in different sizes,sometime they are small and sometimes they can be large.
    • As is mentioned above,there are three types of household vacuum sealer:chamber household vacuum sealer,external household vacuum sealer and pistol-type household vacuum sealer.

    But,there are many types of vacuum packaging machines,which include:automatic continuous vacuum packaging machine,automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine,external pumping vacuum packaging machine,internal pumping vacuum packaging machine,single chamber vacuum packaging machine,double chamber vacuum packaging machine,vertical vacuum packaging machine and bag-type vacuum packaging machine.

    vacuum packaging machine

    • Some vacuum packaging machines will fill other gas into the packaging pouch after extracting air to maintain a balance,the household vacuum sealer doesn’t have this operation,it just have two steps which are air extracting and heat-sealing.
    • There are some models of household vacuum sealer have a cutting strip,to cut the packaging pouch,while the vacuum packaging machine doesn’t have.
    • In terms of application,the household vacuum sealer is main for family usage,always be used in kitchen or small supermarket,but vacuum packaging machines can be used in a large range of industries such as food industry,pharmaceutical industry,electronic industry,etc.

    12. What things you need to considerbefore buyinga household vacuum sealer?

    Before buying a household vacuum sealer,you should ask yourself some questions,to figure out what kind of machine do you really need.

    Why you need to buy a household vacuum sealer?

    household vacuum sealer-4

    At first,you need  to make it clear that the reason why you need a household vacuum sealer.If you buy a household vacuum sealer,what usage will you use it for?And you need to think about what kind of food will you storage by using a household vacuum sealer?These questions can give you a clear direction in buying a household vacuum sealer.

    How often will you use the household vacuum sealer?

    household vacuum sealer-5

    Of course that you need to consider whether you will use the household vacuum sealer in a high frequency.You will use it every day?Or you just use it monthly?If you will always use the household vacuum sealer,you need to choose a machine carefully,the quality and performance is the most important factor you need to consider.

    Where will you use the household vacuum sealer?

    household vacuum sealer-6

    Moreover,you need to think where will you use the machine,at home or other places?If you just use it at home,chamber household vacuum sealer and external household vacuum sealer are both good choices.But if you need to use it outside,you need to select a portable one,for instance,the external household vacuum sealer or pistol-type household vacuum sealer.

    What advantages do you want the household vacuum sealerto have?

    household vacuum sealer-7

    And another question you have to keep in mind is that what advantages do you hope the household vacuum sealer to have.Based on your realistic requirements to the machine,you want it to have high speed,high quality,high accuracy,low noise,high cost effective,beautiful appearance or any other advantages?

    Well,these above questions will be helpful to you when you make decisions about buying a household vacuum sealer.By thinking about the above four questions,you can have a primary image about what kind of household vacuum sealer do you want.


    Household vacuum sealers have made everyone’s life super easy. In this busy lifestyle, not everyone gets time for daily grocery. By using this, your food is preserved for several days. Are you looking for a high quality sleek design vacuum sealer, ALLPACK is providing the best household sealers in the market. They used advanced technology to keep food fresh for a longer time.


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