Rice Packaging Machines In Allpack

Are you looking for rice packaging machines? Allpack contains all the types of rice packaging machines for your choice with good works and multiple functions. When it comes to effective and efficient packaging of products rice, rice packaging machines are considered to be the best among all the types.

The buying cost of rice packaging machines is highly cost-efficient. Allpack rice packaging machines either manual or automatic have high production speed and are suitable for respected industries accordingly.

The rice packaging machine performs each task in it from weighing, filling, sealing, and packaging. This makes it able to perform multi-tasks within a single machine for your convenience. Also, this machine can perform the packaging of different sizes of products.

Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack weighing packaging machines are designed to weigh a wide range of small-sized products, both solid or granulated. This weighing machine works by first calculating the exact weight of an item or product based on data stored in its memory. This process is repeated until all items are correctly weighed and packaged accordingly. The whole structure is small and delicate, and it is suitable for small bags and those factories with small covered areas.

  • Model: HLNV-520
  • Data stored in its memory
  • Double transporting devices

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Allpack double chamber vacuum packaging machines are reliable, and durable and offer flexibility in volume sausage packing production. It can be widely applied both in a semi-automatic way and a fully automatic way. The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine can be equipped with an external pump for higher capacity. They are characterized by sharp size, safe, and electricity, saving vacuum seal time.

  • Model: HVC-410S/2B
  • Equipped with two chambers
  • Highest output on the smallest footprint

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Allpack single chamber vacuum packaging machines are widely applied for rice, grains, and beans packaging to extract the air inside and keep the sausage in a low-oxygen condition to maintain the freshness and extend its shelf time. This type of vacuum packaging machine is designed small and beautiful, it can be used on a desktop, which can save much space. The chamber of this machine is deep so that it can accommodate larger products, as a result, it has a wider range of applications.

  • Model: DZ-500-T
  • Easy To Use
  • Transparent Organic Glass Lid

Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Allpack thermoforming packaging machine applies the heating process to mold different types of plastic materials and seal the different products in the packaging molds. You can get any kind of thermoforming packaging shapes by applying allpackchina thermoforming machines. This packaging machine can continuously finish the procedure of film forming, product feeding, vacuuming, sealing, and cutting automatically.

  • Model: HVR-520A
  • Recycling device for waste film
  • Meet different sizes of moulds

Granule Packaging Machine

Allpack granule packaging machine contains the functions of auto filling, measuring, bag forming, code printing, sealing, cutting, etc. This packaging machine can help you fill and seal granular products such as candy, nuts, rice, and grains into sachets or pouches. The granule packaging machine consists of a hopper, PLC touch screen, film reel, bag maker, sealing device, cutting device, and conveyor.

  • Model: DXDK-500II
  • PLC control bag length regulation
  • Adjustable volumetric cups for filling control

Granule Filling Machine

Allpack granule filling machine mainly suitable for quantitative packaging of granulars such as rice, grains, beans, etc. Operated by stepper motor drive, this granule filling machine have stable performance with high packaging accuracy. Designed with adjustable volumetric cups filling system, this filling machine is specially used for salt filling with high precision without pollution or be polluted.

  • Model: KFG-500
  • Quantitative packaging
  • Volumetric cups filling system

Bag Sewing Machine

Allpack bag sewing machine is designed to closer bags made of paper, burlap, plastic, cotton, PP woven fabrics and other bag making materials. With compact body design, this bag sewing machine is hand-held type with good slip-resistance and able to work up to 20-hour continuously and long service life. It is light weight, easy to operate with automatic thread cutter.

  • Model: GK9-2
  • Little Vibration
  • Long Service Life

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