Milk Powder Packaging Machines In Allpack

Milk powder is always the first choice and fastest way for you to get healthy protein. So there is a huge demand for milk powder in the market which emerged plenty of need for more efficient and better quality milk powder filling machines. So, this is why Allpack is here for you.

Milk powders need to be filled and packaged in a completely sterile environment. So Allpack offers you a milk powder packaging machine with functions of high performance, low noise, stable operation, and easy cleaning. Except for milk powder, this milk powder packaging machine can also be applied for filling and packaging protein, tea, starch, and other powder materials.

Allpack milk powder packaging machines use a screw meter to complete powder metering and filling. This milk powder packaging machine is designed to be quickly and easily disassembled for access to internal components when cleaning and sanitation are required. Most of the milk powder packaging machines need manual powder material uploading. So you can also choose a powder-feeding machine to match your powder-filling line.

Powder Filling Machine

Allpack powder filling machine adopts the screw dosing method and is suitable for filling powdered materials such as milk powder, glucose, protein powder, cocoa powder, etc. Designed with a single head, this powder filling machine can be combined with the bottling machine, the cap pressing machine, the labeling machine, etc.

  • Model: APK- GEF50C
  • Accurate filling
  • Single head design
  • Screw dosing method

Powder Packing Machine

Allpack powder packing machine is a volumetric sachet designed for packaging loose products, especially powder consistency. This powder packing machine adopts an electronic control system to synchronize the work of the machine. It is equipped with a photocell and allows you to create sachets from smooth or printed foil. This packing machine adopts a high-precision auger filling system and an inclined hopper screw.

  • Model: DXDF-2000AX
  • Electronic control system
  • High-precision auger filling system

Vertical Packing Machine

Allpack vertical packing machines can automatically complete bag-making, measuring, blanking, sealing, cutting, and counting for milk powders, particles, spices, and other granular. Advanced PLC controller and stepper motor are adopted to control the bag length with stable performance, convenient adjustment, and accurate detection. The intelligent temperature controller and PID adjustment can ensure the temperature error range is controlled within 1℃.

  • Model: SN-60AK
  • Intelligent temperature controller
  • PLC controller and stepper motor

Automatic Weighing Machine

Allpack automatic weighing machine can automatically weigh free-flowing powders and granules with weighing value displayed, and then feed the quantitative product into the packaging machine for packaging. This automatic weighing machine adopts a photoelectric control system, which could automatically and continuously finish the processes of edge-folding, stitching, thread-snipping, etc.

  • Model: CJS-25IH
  • Weighing value
  • Photoelectric control system

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