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High Processing Efficiency

Good Drying and Mixing Effect

Superior Performance and Reliability

Pharmaceutical Dryer

Allpack pharmaceutical dryers are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics industries, and so on to deal with raw materials like powder, particles, granules, and pellets with good effects and high efficiency. Processing and handling the raw materials with mixing, drying, granulating, coating, and pelletizing, the pharmaceutical dryer can ensure the utmost product with good quality, purity, fluidity, and solubleness without contaminating the raw materials. These pharmaceutical dryers are suitable for dealing with raw materials that are unstable or thermal sensitive, containing strong irritative and toxic gases and the solvent needs to recover especially for thermosensitive material with original color, flavor, and chemical features.

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Allpack Pharmaceutical Dryer

FG Series Fluid Bed Dryer

Allpack FG series fluid bed dryer is a multi-functional drying machine with functions of top spray, bottom spray, and side spray. It is widely applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cosmetics industries for different granules mixing, drying, granulating, coating, and pelletizing. This machine works on the principle of fluidization for different materials like food, fertilizers, ceramics, pesticides, etc. which need to be dried in the deceleration drying area. The fluid bed dryer is designed to ensure fully automatic control with reasonable structure and stable performance.

Fast Drying

High Processing Efficiency

Multipurpose Drying, Granulating, Coating and Pelletizing

LPG Series High-speed Centrifuge Atomizing Pharmaceutical Dryer

Allpack LPG series high-speed centrifuge atomizing drier is specially designed for drying emulsion-suspending liquid, liquor, and so on. It can deal with materials like polymers, resins, dyestuff, pigment, ceramics, glass, dust agents, pesticides, carbohydrates, dairy products, detergents, surfactants, fertilizers, organic compounds, inorganic compounds, etc. This atomizing drying machine can make dry powder or granules from liquid, emulsion, suspension, and pumpable pasty liquid.

Simple Production Process

High Accuracy, Speed, and Efficiency

Good Quality, Purity, Fluidity, and Solubleness

DW Series Mesh-belt Pharmaceutical Dryer

Allpack DW series mesh-belt pharmaceutical dryer is a pharmaceutical-grade drying machine by offers efficient and uniform drying of diverse materials. With superior performance and reliability, this equipment is ideal for dealing with various raw materials with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, biotechnology, and environmental applications. Its advanced systems yield precise temperature and humidity control, ensuring you the utmost product quality.

Fast Drying Speed

Utmost Product Quality

Superior Performance and Reliability

ZLG Series Vibration Fluidized Bed Dryer

Allpack ZLG series vibration fluidized bed dryer is a professional drying equipment and cooling of powder or granule raw materials. With a vibration motor as a vibration source, it is widely applied in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and mine industries for processing materials like citric acid, monosodium glutamate, borax, ammonium sulfate, compound fertilizer, pieces of radish, beans, less, seed, mine reside and sugar.

Smooth Running System

Low Noise and Long Life

Convenient In Maintenance

SZG Series Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Allpack SZG series double cone rotary vacuum dryer is the perfect equipment for processing and handling pulp, paste, and heat-sensitive powder materials, requires low-temperature drying, and is prone to oxidation, explosion, strong stimulation, and severe toxicity. Controlled by an automatic thermostat, it can manage and dry biochemical products and mineral raw materials with high thermal efficiency without contaminating the raw materials.

High Thermal Efficiency

Uniform Product Drying

Good Drying and Mixing Effect

GFG Efficient Boiling Pharmaceutical Dryer

Allpack GFG efficient boiling pharmaceutical dryer is used for drying wet granular materials in fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, feed, and food. By applying the working principle of heating and purifying the raw materials, the air is introduced from the bottom by an induced draft fan and passes through the mesh plate of the hopper. In the studio, fluidization is formed through stirring and negative pressure, and the water quickly evaporates and is carried away with the exhaust, resulting in rapid drying of the material.

Uniform Temperature

Hermetic and Unpolluted Draught

Simple Operation and Easy Cleaning

FL300 Boiling Granulating Pharmaceutical Dryer

Allpack FL300 boiling granulating pharmaceutical dryer is specially designed for mixing, granulating, and drying different raw materials by applying spraying and fluidizing technology. It is one of the important process equipment for solid dosage preparations by improving its fluidity and reducing powder dust to fly through powder granulation. By applying the anti-static material as a filter, it is safe and stable for your operation.

Solution Spray System

Explosion Proof Design

Inlet Air Dehumidification

GF Series High Efficiency Fluidized Bed Dryer

Allpack GF series high-efficiency fluidized bed dryer can be used for drying powder, particles, granules, and pellets in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Applying the boiling drying of the particle material with a size of 0.1-6mm is suitable for speedy drying of the finished product, intermediate (semi-finished product). Using purified and heated air introduced from the bottom of the chamber with a suction fan, this fluidized bed drier can complete the fluidization of materials.

Featuring Convenient Handling

Low Temperature Condensation

Dried Uniformly and Speedily Without Boiling Dead Angle

FZG/YZG Square And Round Static Vacuum Dryer

Allpack FZG/YZG square and round static vacuum dryers are divided into static and dynamic dryers. They are applied to dry raw materials at vacuum condition heating and drying. This vacuum dryer uses a vacuum pump to pump damp and make the working chamber form vacuum status. Therefore the dry speed of raw material is quickened and the energy is saved greatly. It is suitable for drying raw materials that contain strong irritative and toxic gases and the solvent needs to recover.

Energy Saving

Uniform Drying

Meet GMP Requirements

Model RXH Series Hot Air Circulating Pharmaceutical Dryer

Allpack model RXH series hot air circulating pharmaceutical dryer is suitable for curing, drying, and dewatering raw materials like Chinese herbal, decoction pieces, extract, powder, granules, infusion, dehydrated vegetables, and so on in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural, light, and other industries. It applies the low-noise axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system to improve thermal efficiency. Under the action of forced ventilation, materials are dried evenly.

High Thermal Efficiency

Whole Circulation System

Automatic Temperature Control System

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