Label Shrink Tunnel / BS-1230X


BS-1230 series label shrink tunmnel adopts hot air circulation for shinking is mainly used for shrinking labels of otles,jars and cupsetc., no matter the labe is onthe body, bottom or cap of the bottle.


Adopt high power blowing motor and turbine for air blowing, which will not cause label to change position or become deformed.Simple changeover for different kinds of bottles.

The heater made of stainless steel has long use life.

The shrink temperature can be regulated according to the requirements of package at will, up to 300°c.

Adopt stepless conveying speed regulation controlled by electronic speed governor.

only the cap parts of botle is heated, so the quality of product inside the bottle will not be affected due to high temperature.

Tunnel can be heated partally according to some special requirement of the products in order to save the energy.

The machine can be operated alone or connected with production line.


BS-1230 seies label hrnk tunme is widely used in induties such as foodstuif, beverage, pharmacy.cosmetios and pesticide for containers with label like glassbottle, plastic bottle, paper cup etc.

Product Detail:


Voltage (VIHz) 380/50(3P)
Power (kw) 15
Max.Packing Size(p*H) (mm) 100×250
Packing Speed (pcs/hour) 8000-12000
Tunnel Size (LxWxH)(mm) 1500×120×300
External Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 1500×1005×2100
Net Weight (kg) 300


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