Granule Packaging Machine

Granule Packaging Machine,is to pack granule products, like sugar, salt, rice, seeds, beans, desiccant, nuts (cashew, pistachio, almonds, peanuts etc) coffee powder, milk-tea powder, washing powder, etc.With the function auto filling, measuring, bag forming, code printing, sealing and cutting.The screen display Chinese and English language. With intelligent photoelectric controller system.

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Granule Packaging Machine:The Complete FAQ Guide In 2023

Have you ever thought about how can granular products such as candy, nuts, rice, grains and others be packaged into pouches when you purchase them?In your daily life,there are so many kinds of granular products are packed in pouches rather than bottles or jars because pouches are more convenient to carry.

Now let’s return to the first question,the answer is that,a granule packaging machine can do so.Granule packaging machine is a popular machine which is used in many industries,it helps manufacturers pack their products in pouches.

It can complete the bag making,filling,sealing,cutting,printing and other operations,which make the packaging process more convenient.By the time you read this,perhaps you are more interested about this machine,if you are,you can read on to learn more information about it.

1.What is a granule packaging machine?

Granule Packaging Machine

Granule packaging machine is a multifunctional packaging machine which is used to pack granular products,it turn the packaging materials into packaging pouches,and fill granules into these pouches,then sealing and cutting them,if you have demand,the machine can also print logo or other things on the pouches.
The machine has high modern degree,is widely used for industries such as food industry,pharmaceutical industry,agriculture industry,PET industry,etc.

2.What are the common applications of granule packaging machine?

Granule packaging machine,as an ideal packaging machine for bagged products,is used in various industries,next let’s discuss these industries together.

Food Industry

Snack food for sale at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

One of the most common application of granule packaging machine is the food industry,for instance,many snacks are packed by pouches,such as chips,biscuits,candy and others.Meanwhile,the kitchen seasonings,such as sugar,salt,they are also need to be packed by granule packaging machines.
And another common bagged product,tea,this machine is usually be used to pack tea.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Maybe you always see capsule or tablet form of medicines,in fact,there is another type of medicine-dissolved medicine,this medicine is solid granule,it is packed by small bags,so the granule packaging machine can also play its role in pharmaceutical industry.

PET Industry

PET Industry

People who own pets will know that many pet food and pet snacks are granular products and often packed by bags.And now more and more people choose to keep a pet,so the demands for pet food is increasing,which makes granule packaging machine be popular in PET industry,too.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry

As is mentioned that the granule packaging machine can be used to pack grains,so it also have a application in agriculture industry.Crops such as rice, wheat, corn kernels, seeds,soybeans and so on,they all have demands for bagged packaging,once there are demands,there are granule packaging machines.

Commodity Industry

Commodity Industry

You must say that commodity products occupy a large proportion in your daily life,some of them are solid and some of them are liquid, some of them are packed by bottles while others are packed by bags.
And there are some granular products such as laundry detergent, laundry beads, descaling tablets,they are packed by bags,to pack them well,the industry need to use granule packaging machines.

Hardware Industry

Hardware Industry

Many hardware fittings,such as screws,metal parts and other small sized machinery parts,these objects,all need to be packed in bags,so the granule packaging machine is a good choice for the hardware industry.

Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Granule packaging machine is also popular in chemical industry,many chemical products,such as fertilizer pellets, mothballs,they can be packed by granule packaging machines quickly and conveniently.

3.How can a granule packaging machine benefit you in business?

The reason why granule packaging machines can have a wide range of applications is that it has a variety of advantages,it can bring you many benefits for your business,which includes



The granule packaging machine can pack many kinds of granular products,and the size of packaging pouch can be changed according to the production requirements,therefore,the machine is versatile,can be used in all kind of industries.

Save Cost

Save Cost

To be honest,the price of granule packaging machine is not too high for most people,and when you use the machine,it doesn’t consume you too much power and too many packaging materials,therefore,this machine can save your cost.
And since it is high efficient and have high production capacity,it can bring you higher profit.

Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

The most common granule packaging machines are fully automatic granule packaging machines and semi automatic granule packaging machines,these machines have high automation that they can finish bag making,sealing,cutting and discharging steps by themselves.
You only need to set up on the control panel,so the granule packaging machine is easy to operate.

High Speed

Download progress bar or round indicator of speed

As is mentioned that,the packaging materials are rolled on the film reel,when the machine is powered on,the film is pulled and made into pouches,the production process is continuous,and the machine is high automatic,so the machine can work in a pretty high speed,can make high output each time of using.

Increase Brand Value

Increase Brand Value

As is known that the granule packaging machine can not only pack your products well,it can also print your brand name and logo on the bags,through this operation,people see the external package of your products,will have a image of your brand,as time goes on,your brand value is increasing.

4.What are the main components of granule packaging machine?

As a matter of fact,the structures of fully automatic granule packaging machine and semi automatic granule packaging machine are different,their main components are also not the same.

Main Components of Fully Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

As the picture shows,the main components of fully automatic granule packaging machine are multi head weigher,Z-type conveyor,vibrating feeding machine,working platform,packing machine,output conveyor and PLC touch screen.The PLC touch screen is to set up the parameters of the machine.

Vibrating feeding machine is to feed the granular products,multi head weigher is to measure and weight the volume of granular products,the packing machine is to complete the whole packing process,and the output conveyor is to deliver the finished products.

Main Components of Semi Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

Main Components of Semi Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

The semi automatic granule packaging machine consists of hopper,PLC touch screen,film reel,bag maker,sealing device,cutting device and conveyor.The hopper is the feeding device of the machine,and the purpose of PLC touch screen is to control the whole machine,film reel is to fix the packaging film.
And the bag maker,sealing device,cutting device,the function these components is to pack the granular products better.The conveyor is to deliver the finished products.

5.What is the working process of granule packaging machine?

In general,the working process of granule packaging machine is not complex,it contains bag making,bottom sealing,products filling,top sealing,cutting and discharging.

working process

Bag Making

The packaging material is rolled on the film reel,when the machine is turn on,the packaging material is pulled and folded into pouches according to requirements.

Vertical Sealing

In this step,the materials which are folded into pouches are sealed by heat sealing,the side of the pouches are sealed.

Bottom Sealing

When the side of the pouch is sealed,the next step is to seal the bottom of it,so that it can pack granular products.

Products Filling

The products enters the machine by hopper,and flow down,then be filled into the formed pouches.

Top Sealing

After the products are packed in the pouches,this is the last sealing step,to seal the top of pouches,at that moment,the packaging is forms,can pack the products well,without any leakage.

Cutting and Discharging

Although the pouches are formed,they are still connected cause they are made from a complete packaging film,so next step is to cut the joint to separate each pouches,and then the finished products are delivered by conveyor to be discharged,until now the working process is finished.

6.What are the types of granule packaging machines?

According to automation degree,there are three common types of granule packaging machines available on the market,they are manual granule packaging machine,semi automatic granule packaging machine and fully automatic granule packaging machine.

Manual Granule Packaging Machine

Manual Granule Packaging Machine

Manual granule packaging machine,as the name suggests,this is a machine which need manual operations,as the picture shows,the structure of manual granule packaging machine is a little simple,you need to complete the bag making,filling,sealing and cutting operations by yourself,as a result,the packaging speed is slow.

And because the machine is manual,the function is also more simple than the automatic ones. Therefore,the manual granule packaging machines are more suitable for small scale production,for example,for family usage.

Semi Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

Semi Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

Semi automatic granule packaging machine is equipped with a PLC touch screen,you can turn on and turn off the machine and set up parameters by this screen,this machine is much more convenient than the manual one.

But,although the machine has a certain degree of automation,it also need manual intervention during the working process.The semi automatic granule packaging machine can pack 45-60 pouches per minute,the packaging speed is quite faster than the manual one,it is more suitable for medium scale production.

Fully Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

Fully Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

As you can see that the fully automatic granule packaging machine is a large size machinery,it is quite advanced and smart,like semi automatic granule packaging machine,the fully automatic one also adopts PLC touch screen.
The machine is so large that it can pack all kinds of granular products which have different requirements for pouches such as size and thickness.Also,the production capacity of this machine is pretty high,as a result,it is used for large scale production demand,mostly used for industrial applications.

7.What are the differences between fully automatic & semi automatic granule packaging machine?

In this part,you will learn the differences between fully automatic granule packaging machine and semi automatic granule packaging machine,and know which one is more suitable for you.

fully automatic

Size:It is obvious that the fully automatic granule packaging machine is much larger than the semi automatic one because it is more suitable for large scale production.
The fully automatic granule packaging machine need to be put in workshop which has large space while semi automatic granule packaging machine can be used in normal room.

Production Capacity:The production capacity of fully automatic granule packaging machine is higher than that of semi automatic granule packaging machine because its automation degree is high,it doesn’t need manual intervention,so its production speed is faster.

Cost:It is evident that the cost of fully automatic granule packaging machine is higher than that of semi automatic granule packaging machine because it is more advanced.

8.Granule Packaging Machine VS Powder Packaging Machine-similarities and differences.

As two types of packaging machine,granule packaging machine and powder packaging machine have many similarities and differences,which are as follows:

Packaging Machine


  • The working principles of granule packaging machine and powder packaging machine are the same,they can both complete the bag making,material filling,sealing and cutting operations,the whole working process doesn’t have too many differences.
  • Granule packaging machine and powder packaging machine can both be applied in food and beverage industry,pharmaceutical industry,chemical industry,cosmetic industry,etc.They have a large range of applications.
  • Granule packaging machine has similar appearance with powder packaging machine,and sometimes,the two machines are actually universal.


  • There are three main types of granule packaging machines:manual one,semi automatic one and fully automatic one.
    As for powder packaging machine,there are four types of it:inline powder packaging machine,rotary powder packaging machine,fully automatic powder packaging machine and semi automatic powder packaging machine.
  • The main components of the two machines also have some distinguishes,the granule packaging machine consists of hopper,PLC touch screen,film reel,bag maker,sealing device,cutting device and conveyor.
    While powder packaging machine consists of control system,driving system,dosing system,loading system,conveyor belt,dusting system and discharge system,compared with granule packaging machine,it has a component to remove dust.
  • The packaged products are different,granule packaging machine is to pack granular products no matter what the size of each single granule is while powder packaging machine is to pack powder form products.
9.What are the operation cautions of granule packaging machine?

Even though the granule packaging machine is easy to operate,it still have some cautions when you use the machine,which will be show you to the below.

operation cautions

  • The granule packaging machine is equipped with electrical control components. You must notwashthe machine body directly with water, otherwise, the electrical control components will be damaged,which lead to a reduction of the service life of this machine.
  • When you use the machine,remember to look at the standard voltage in advance, if the voltage is too high,it will cause damage to the machine.
  • When you need todisassembleor clean the granule packaging machine, pay attention that you need to turn off the power supply first.
  • During the usage process of granule packaging machine,you need to make sure that the power socket is well grounded,or there will be a risk of getting an electric shock.
  • During the operation process,the operator need to keep a watchable eye on whether there is any abnormal sound of the machine,if there is,the operator need to stop the machine at once and check what’s wrong.
  • Do not put yours hands near the cutting device of the machine,or there may occur accident,which make you be hurt.
  • When you need to clean the heat sealing device of the machine,you need to use a special copper wire brush,to avoid being scalded.
  • Last but not the least,when you need to move this machine,you need to keep it upright,and be careful,don’t let the machine bump against wall or other objects.
10.How to maintain a granule packaging machine?

In addition to paying attention to the protection of the machine during the operation process, you also need to maintain your machine regularly at ordinary times to extend its service life.

granule packaging machine-2

  • The first point is that you need to add lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine regularly,the best frequency is once a month.The purpose of this operation is to prevent these components from being worn and aging.
  • As is mentioned in the last part,when you need to clean the machine,don’t use water to flush the body of the machine,just use a cloth to swipe the machine,or some electric components will be damaged.
  • Check the internal and external components of the granule packaging machine regularly to ensure they can normally work,if you find there is any problem,replace the faulty component right away.
  • The most important point is that you need to make maintaining plan in advance,make a maintenance schedule,record the time of each maintenance session,so you will not forget to do this thing in the next time.
11.Problems and solutions during the working process of granule packaging machine.

After learning the cautions and maintenance of granule packaging machine,you already know how to protect your machine well,however,the malfunctions always can not be avoided,when there occurs problems,how can you resolve them?just read the next part.

solutions during

Machine doesn’t run①The contact of power plug is poor.
②Circuit breaker tripped.
③The motor is damaged.
④The AC contactors do not match.
①Eliminate the poor contact.
② Close it and re-open.
③Replace the motor or damaged parts.
④Check the ambient voltage or replace AC contactors
Bag is formed improper

①The bag maker is not adjusted properly.

②The entire roll of packaging film is transferred left and right.

①Adjust the bag maker
②Adjust the position of the packaging film and fix it.
Wrong cutting

①The edge of the packaging film is wrinkled.

②Pull film wheel slip.
③The distance of electric brake is large or small.
④Transport film is not long enough.

①Replace the packaging film

②Increase the pull force of the pull-up wheel spring.

③Adjust the distance of  electric brake to the specified size.

④Adjust the bag long wheel.

Sealing device isn’t hot enough

①The heater is burn or the temperature control meter is damaged

②The solid state relay is damaged.

③Circuit disconnection

①Check which one is damaged and replace it.

②Replace the solid state relay.

③Check the circuit

12.How to select a proper granule packaging machine?

Until now you have learned diverse aspects of granule packaging machine,it is believe that you already have a deeper knowledge of it,but how about choosing a granule packaging machine?What factors should you consider before buying this machine?Next let’s explore together.

Production Capacity

Production Capacity

The first thing you need to consider is the production capacity of the granule packaging machine,when you choose the machine,you need to figure out the production speed of it,how many bags can it pack per minute.
And combine with your real requirement,how many products you need to pack by a granule packaging machine.

If you need to pack a large amount of products,it is better for you to choose the fully automatic granule packaging machine,and if you need a medium scale production,you can choose a semi automatic granule packaging machine.Or if you only need to pack small amount of products,you can even choose a manual one.

Size of Workshop

Size of Workshop

And the size of your workshop is also an important factor,as is showed in the above text,the fully automatic granule packaging machine is quite large,so,if you want to choose this machine,you need to rent a large workshop or a factory.
And if you need to choose a semi automatic granule packaging machine or a manual one,the requirement for the size of workshop will not be too high.

Material and Bag

The materials you need to pack and the required size of bags are also necessary factors,the weight of your materials,the length,width and thickness of bags,these all influence the machine which you should choose.
The more heavy the materials are,and the more large the bag are,the larger machine you have to choose.

Quality and Performance

Quality and Performance

This is a basic factor which you need to think about,when you look through the granule packaging machines on the market,you need to choose reliable brand and observe the feedback of the machine,to realize the quality and performance of it.
In addition,the quality standards are vital,you need to ensure the machine which you choose conforms to the CE and ISO standards.

After-sales Service

After-sales Service

This point is always ignored,in fact,good quality is important,and the after-sales service is at equal importance with quality.

When you choose granule packaging machines,try your best to choose reputed manufacturer who have good after-sales service,such as installation, training, maintenance, the most necessary one is the warranty.



The last point is your budget,the prices of granule packaging machines are diverse,some of them are cheap while some of them are quite expensive.You need to determine your budget of the machine,you can invest how much in this filed,and not only the machine,the cost of packaging materials also need to be taken into account.

13.What is the development prospect of granule packaging machine?


As is well known,packaging has always been the top demand of all kinds of industries cause they need to keep their products safe and extend the shelf life of the products.
And among the packaging methods,bagged packaging becomes a new trend, food, beverages,medicines,chemicals and so many other granular products are packed by bags.In other words,the granule packaging machine is in large demand.

Meanwhile,related technologies about granule packaging machines are in rapid development,especially the weighing technique,which make the machine can pack products more accurate,control the volume of products precisely.

In terms of the whole packaging industry,this industry also in the high speed development,various types of packaging machines emerge in an endless stream.As one of the most popular packaging machine,the development of the granule packaging machine will be more and more fast,which can keep it at a stable status.


Well,these above are the detailed introduction of granule packing machine,now you have learned the definition,working principle,types,components and other important points of this machine,hope that you will have a deeper knowledge of it by reading this article.And if you have a demand to choose a granule packing machine,but have other questions about it,you can connect us at any time.

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