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Carton sealer is the best solution for consistent carton taping. Carton sealer is designed for closing uniform or random cartons (ie. with same height and width) and it represent an excellent choice for any low or high volume closure needs.Adjustable carton sealer push to adjust the height and width. It is very convenient. Carton sealer is capable to seal top and bottom simultaneously.


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Carton Sealer: The Complete Buying Guide in 2022

Many different businesses and industries pack several kinds of goods in carton boxes these are also called cardboard boxes.

After you pack your item inside a box, it needs to be sealed for more security and safety of your inner product. It may look hard but Carton Sealer can help you with this.

A Carton Sealer is a smart and powerful equipment that can increase your work efficiency and effectiveness of your cartons. In this guide you will learn all the different key notes about a carton sealer so, let’s jump into it.

Carton Sealer

Carton Sealer

A carton is a type of box or container made from folded paperboard. Cartons are usually used to package food, beverages, medicines, and other consumer products.

A carton sealer is a machine that is used to seal cartons shut. Carton sealers are often used in industrial and commercial settings to package products for shipment.

Carton sealers are available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different types of cartons. Some carton sealers can even be custom-made to meet the specific needs of a business.

So, the large container products are packed by the carton sealers. It is like adhesive tape that used to pack large products by the carton sealer machine.

Our carton sealers are the best in the market. They are more durable, reliable, and cost-effective for you.

Carton sealers can provide a tamper-proof way to package products. They can also help to protect products from damage during shipping and handling.

The machine can also be used to print expiration dates or other information on the cartons.

Carton Sealer-1

Carton Sealer

A carton sealer is a machine that is used to seal cardboard boxes. This is usually done with a plastic or metal strip that runs along the edge of the box. Carton sealers are used in many different industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.

There are many advantages of using a carton sealer. These advantages are as follows:

Improve the Product Appearance

One advantage is that it can help to improve the appearance of your products. When you use a carton sealer, the edges of your boxes will be straight and clean.

This can give your products a more professional look.

Saves Time

Saves Time

Saves Time

Another advantage of using a carton sealer is that it can help to save time. If you are packaging a large number of products, using a carton sealer can help to speed up the process.

This can be a great time saver if you are packaging products for an online store or for shipping purposes.

Gives Great Protection to Products

Another advantage of using a carton sealer is that it can help to protect your products. When you use a carton sealer, the edges of your boxes will be sealed shut.

This can help to prevent damage to your products during shipping or storage.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The other advantage of using carton sealer is that it is very easy and simple to use. You have to just plug it in and switch it on to start the carton sealer.

Carton sealer is not very complicated to use. Also, the tape can be changed easily during sealing the products.


The Flexibility level of the carton sealer is unmatchable. This is the main advantage of this machine. By fitting the machine with carters, you can move it where you want in your industry.

Easy to Maintain

The carton sealer is very easy to maintain. Because of the simple functions and design, you can easily clean and maintain the parts of this machine.

The parts like springs, belts, and rollers are easily worn out of the machine. So, these can be replaced quickly and easily. So, this is a maintenance fee machine.

Reduces Labor Costs

Less labor Costs

Less labor Costs

The Carton Sealer also reduces labor costs. As the automatic carton sealer does not require any human effort to work with.

Reduces Waste

Another advantage of carton sealer is that it reduces waste. As if you seal the boxes manually you need double taping to seal the products. But if you seal the cartons with the help of a carton sealer you just need only one strip of tape to seal that product.

Carton Sealer-2

Carton Sealer

A carton sealer is a machine that is used to seal cartons or boxes. It uses either adhesive tape or glue to seal the edges of the carton.

The machine operates very simply as it folds flaps of the corrugated carton and then simply the material into the carton sealer.

Carton sealers use a variety of different sealing methods, depending on the type of product being sealed.

Hot Melt Adhesive Method

The most common method is hot melt adhesive, which uses a heated glue gun to apply the adhesive.

Cold Glue

The other method is cold the glue method that is used to pack the box.

Pressure Sensitive Tape

The carton sealer seals the packs with pressure sensitive tape.

Ultrasonic Sealing

Ultrasonic sealing is also applied during the working to seal the products by carton sealer.

Carton sealers are an essential piece of equipment for many businesses. They help to increase efficiency and decrease packaging costs.

There are three main types of carton sealers:

  1. Manual Carton Sealer
  2. Semi-automatic Carton Sealer
  3. Automatic Carton Sealer

Manual Carton Sealers

Manual Carton Sealer

Manual Carton Sealer

Manual carton sealers are the most basic type. They require the operator to place the carton on the sealing machine and then activate the sealer with a hand lever.

Manual sealers are typically used for low-volume applications. The manual type of sealer works fully manually. It required all the work manually that is done by the workers. So, there is a need for some workers.


Uniform Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer

Uniform Semi-automatic Carton Sealer

Uniform Semi-automatic Carton Sealer

Semi-automatic carton sealers are similar to manual sealers, but they have an automated box-feeding system. This means that the operator does not have to manually place each box on the machine. Semi-automatic sealers are typically used for medium-volume applications.

It requires an operator to work on it. The operator only adjusts the width and height of cartons of every size and sealed them at the same time.

Random Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer

Random Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer

Random Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer

A Random Semi-Automatic carton sealer gives flexibility in sealing. Also, it automatically adjusts the width and height of the carton.

But there is a need for an operator that helps in folding the flaps of each carton that is going to be packed. It is best for sealing different-sized cartons at the same time.

Uniform Automatic Carton Sealer

Uniform Automatic Carton Sealer

Uniform Automatic Carton Sealer

Uniform automatic carton sealers are the most advanced type of sealer. They have a fully automated box-feeding system and can seal boxes at a much higher rate than manual or semi-automatic sealers. Automatic sealers are typically used for high-volume applications.

These machines do not require an operator if you seal cartons of the same size. But if you want to seal the cartons of a different size then an operator is needed here to adjust the width and height of the cartons.

A carton sealer is a machine that is used to seal cartons. There are two types of cartons:

  • Corrugated
  • Solid Fiber


Corrugated Carton

Corrugated Carton

Corrugated cartons are made of corrugated paperboard, which is made of layers of paper that are glued together.

Solid Fiber

Solid fiber Cartons

Solid fiber Cartons

Solid fiber cartons are made of solid paperboard, which is made of a single layer of paper.

Carton sealers can seal both types of cartons. However, they work best with corrugated cartons because the corrugated paperboard is easier to seal.

Carton sealers use a variety of methods to seal cartons, including hot glue, tape, and heat sealing.

Carton Sealer-3

Carton Sealer

The industries that use carton sealers to seal the product are as follows

Food and Beverage Industries

The food and beverage industry uses carton sealers to package products such as cereal, snacks, and beverages. In food and beverage industries this machine easily seals the packet. Food is preserved for longer a period of time

Pharmaceutical Industries

The pharmaceutical industry uses the machine to package medications and other medical products. Medicines remain safe in these cartons. The medicines also remain protected from any damage by sealing the cartons with a carton sealer.

Cosmetic Industries

The cosmetic industry uses the machine to package makeup, skincare products, and hair care products.

Overall, the carton sealer is a versatile machine that is used in a variety of industries. Its ability to seal products in cartons or boxes helps to keep them fresh and protected from contamination.

Carton Sealer-4

Carton Sealer

A carton sealer is a very important tool for any business that ships products. There are several things you should keep in mind when purchasing a carton sealer.

The very first thing you should consider before buying the carton sealer is that you should know how many boxes are needed to seal.

The next one is that you should know how you are currently sealing the boxes and how many operators are needed to seal them.

The third one is that you should know about the material you are sealing. You should know about their exact shapes. Their weight is heavy or light. Their fragility.

The next one you should consider is that if you bought the machine can it increases your production of the sealing process?

If you are experiencing any shipping damages or theft in sealing then you should why this is happening.

Moreover, you need to consider the size of the carton sealer. Sealers come in a variety of sizes, so you need to make sure you choose one that will be able to accommodate the size of your shipping boxes.

Sealed Cartoon

In addition, you need to think about the speed of the machine. Some carton sealers can seal hundreds of boxes per hour, while others are much slower. You need to choose a machine that can keep up with your shipping volume.

Also, you need to consider the warranty on the machine. Some companies offer warranties on their products, so be sure to read the fine print before making your purchase.

Finally, you need to compare prices from different suppliers. There are a lot of different suppliers out

So, these are the things you should consider while buying the carton sealer for your industry.



A carton sealer helps in a very positive way to sustainable environment. It reduces the amount of time, water, and energy used in the sealing process of cartons.

Most of the sealers available these days are made of stainless steel which is 100% recyclable.

In terms of reducing time, a recent study showed that using a carton sealer rather than hand sealing can save up to 75% of the time.

This is because it only takes a few seconds to run the carton through the sealer compared to minutes of manually sealing the cartons.

In addition, it was shown that using a carton sealer can also improve the quality of seals, thus reducing the chances of product leakage.

As for water usage, it was found that a carton sealer uses 50% less water than manual sealing methods. This is due to the fact that there is no need to soak the cartons in water before sealing them.

In terms of energy usage, a carton sealer uses 30% less energy than manual sealing methods.

This is because it does not require any heating or cooling during the sealing process.

Overall, using a carton sealer is very efficient and sustainable.

A good carton sealer can make a big difference in your business. It can help you save time and money by sealing your products securely and efficiently. With so many options on the market, finding the right machine for your business can seem daunting, but with a little research, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. ALLPACKCHINA is providing the best carton sealer in the market. You can start your business with ALLPACKCHINA carton sealers. If you have any queries regarding this article, you can ask us.

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