Honey Packaging Machines In Allpack

Allpack honey packaging machines are widely used for filling and sealing liquid and pasting in stick or sachet pouches, such as honey, drinks, oils, water, etc. The process involves material feeding and loading, bag forming, sealing and cutting, data printing, and discharging.

With Allpack honey packaging machines, you can increase your honey packaging speed and expand with your own needs and requirements. All here honey stick packaging machines are automatically designed with PLC control panels, it can totally free your hands and save your labor work cost.

Liquid Packaging Machine

Allpack liquid packaging machines are vertically designed and ideal for packaging liquids in low and high viscosity such as honey, milk, soy milk, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, etc. Filling materials will be pumped into the sticks or sachets formed by the bag former. Through the heating device, the filled sticks or sachets will be sealed and cut by the next device cutter. The stainless steel construction of this liquid packaging machine meets international hygiene standards.

  • Model: DXDY-1000All
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Quantitative fling and sealing

Paste Packaging Machine

Allpack paste packaging machines are vertically designed to pack various sauces. This paste packaging machine works in the way of bag forming, sauce filling, bag sealing, and cutting. It applies the flow filling system for the fluent sauce filling and the heat sealing system for bag sealing. They are all automatically controlled for your easy operation with great performance. It is ideal for packaging sauces and pastes in the fields of food seasoning, daily chemicals, and medicine.

  • Model: DXDG-100II
  • Heat sealing system
  • Fluent sauce filling system

Vertical Packing Machine

Allpack vertical packing machines can automatically complete the whole process of bag-making, filling material measuring, blanking, sealing, cutting, and counting. The vertical packing machine can both offer you back sealing and four-edge sealing for your need. And also can configure the functions of printing batch numbers according to your requirements. This vertical packing machine is applicable to food, medicine, chemical, and other industries in paste and liquid packaging.

  • Model: Multi-lane Pouch Packing Machine
  • PLC microcomputer controller
  • Stepper motor for bag length control

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