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Salt is an indispensable condiment in your diet, and it is also an indispensable substance in your body. Human needs for salt are indispensable, so the packaging of salt is also very important. Most of the salt in human life is mainly packaged in bags, which can not only keep the salt fresh but also facilitate the transportation of the salt.

Allpack salt packaging machines can provide you with all sizes and shapes of salt packaging in bags. At the same time, we can also provide you with personalized customized salt packaging. The salt packaging machine has an accurate filling, tight packaging, and small error, which can bring you the greatest benefits.

With automatic quantitative intelligent dispensing, the salt packaging machine can increase your production capacity without labor work. There are more humanized designs to meet your various needs, and for a variety of material packaging, you can choose the packaging bag format according to your needs.

Granule Filling Machine

Allpack granule filling machine is designed for different kinds salts filling into bottles. Operated by stepper motor drive, this granule filling machine have stable performance with high packaging accuracy. Designed with adjustable volumetric cups filling system, this filling machine is specially used for salt filling with high precision without pollution or be polluted.

  • Model: KFG-1000
  • Adjustable volumetric cups filling system
  • Stable performance with high packaging accuracy

Powder Packaging Machine

Allpack powder packaging machines are specially designed for powder packaging such as salt, sugar and so on. After salts have been loaded into the filling hopper, they will be packed by powder filling machine or powder packaging machine. It is an automatic vertical powder packaging machine for salt powder filling, bagging, weighing, sealing and cutting.

  • Model: DXDF-1000AX
  • High-precision auger filling system
  • Suitable for any heat-sealable compound materials

Band Sealer

Allpack band sealer can be used for sealing plastic films and is suitable for sealing all kinds of heat-sealed packages continuously. The sealing part of the band sealer applies the heat irons to seal the bag mouth, and cooling irons to cool the bag mouth after you finished the bag sealing. This sealing machine is simple and easy for your operation and maintenance.

  • Model: FRM-980II
  • Constant temperature control system
  • Step-less speed adjusting transmission mechanism

Bag Sewing Machine

Allpack bag sewing machine is designed to closer bags made of paper, burlap, plastic, cotton, PP woven fabrics and other bag making materials. With compact body design, this bag sewing machine is hand-held type with good slip-resistance and able to work up to 20-hour continuously and long service life. It is light weight, easy to operate with automatic thread cutter.

  • Model: GK26-1A
  • Manual bag sewing machine
  • Small size, easy use, high speed, and good quality

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