Washing Powder Packaging Machines In Allpack

Washing powder, laundry soap powder, or laundry detergent powder is a type of detergent (cleaning agent) that is added for cleaning laundry. People's daily demand for laundry detergent can greatly increase your washing powder packaging productivity.

Allpack offers you both semi-automatic and automatic washing powder packaging solutions with high efficiency and good quality. The washing powder packaging machine we offer you that is suitable for weighing white detergent powder, sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, milk powder, coffee powder, seasoning powder, and small granular materials.

Powder Filling Machine

Allpack powder filling machine adopts screw feeder and is suitable for filling powdered materials such as washing powder, milk powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, etc. Adopted with PLC touch screen control system and metering of the servo system, the quantity of filling and the filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily with high precision. The filling mouth is adjustable according to different containers.

  • Model: APK-GEF50A
  • Metering of the servo system
  • PLC touch screen control system

Pneumatic Vacuum Feeding Machine

Allpack pneumatic vacuum feeding machine conveys powder materials by using the high vacuum produced when the compressed air goes through the vacuum generator. With advantages of simple structure, small size, maintenance-free, low noise, convenient control, this vacuum feeding machine can automatically load your washing powder materials to powder filling and packaging machine with high efficiency.

  • Model: Mesh Belt Elevator
  • Open frame structure
  • Frequency converter to control and drive

Granule Packaging Machine

Allpack granule packaging machine is a volumetric sachet cutter designed for packaging loose products, in the form of granules, powders, or grains. This packaging machine forms foil bags in the form of a web to make washing powder bags. This filling and packaging system provides high versatility and flexibility as well as excellent dynamics. The washing powder filling machine has been designed in such a way as to avoid the risk of infection, illness, or infection.

  • Model: DXDK-1000II
  • Volumetric sachet cutter
  • High versatility and flexibility

Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack weighing packaging machine is high counting precision designed for packaging powders, granules, fragile bulk materials, etc. With a PLC control servo electrical double-pull or single-pull membrane structure, this weighing packaging machine can maximize the whole machine's control precision, reliability, and intelligentized level.

  • Model: HLNV-1300
  • Vibration Feeder
  • Supporting Platform
  • Finished Products Conveyor

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