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Allpackchina Tea bag packaging machine is applied for the packaging of medical supplies, food, hardware and other particle in bulk such as electuary, spices,sugar, coffee,seeds and monosodium glutamate .It is stainless steel surrounds the part where contact to the material. The machine is accordant with the European CE standard.The computer controller is the first patented product in China, an advanced frequency converter, and supports multi-language control.

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Tea Bag Machine: The Complete Buying Guide in 2023

Nowadays,more and more people are interested at drinking tea,compared to use tea directly,people prefer using tea bags to make tea since this method is quick and convenient.It is obvious that the advent of tea bags brings people many benefits and the tea bags are more and more popular as time goes on.

To meet the increasing demand of tea bag,the packaging industry need to use a machine to make them,this is,the tea bag machine.Tea bag machine plays a important role in tea processing industry,it fill tea into bags and cut them into separated tea bags.

In this blog,you will learn much information of tea bag machine,have a comprehensive realization of it,and if you think its necessary to you,please keep on reading.

1.What is tea bag machine and what is its purpose?

tea bag machine

Tea bag machine is a equipment which is used to pack tea leaves,produce tea bags,made them convenient to be drink.It can pack tea leaves in a high speed and cost-effective way,is suitable for volume production.The machine can complete weighing,filling,bag making and sealing operations,which is high automatic.

The purpose of tea bag machine is simple,it pack tea leaves into small bags,to keep them fresh,extend their shelf life.And this packaging method can prevent tea leaves from moisture and can keep their original smell and taste.

2.Why do you need a tea bag machine?

Besides keep fresh,tea bag machine can also bring you other benefits,it can largely help you in business,the benefits are as follows:

High Efficiency

High Efficiency

The tea bag machine can realize continuous packaging process,and the production speed of this machine is pretty high,the speed can up to pack 3600 tea bags in an hour.Therefore,the machine has high efficient and high production capacity,finally can bring you high profits.

High Sanitary

The frame and components of tea bag machine are made of high quality food-grade stainless steel,which conform to all kinds of hygiene standards,so,you don’t need to worry about the safety of this machine,it’s very sanitary.

Easy Operation

Easy Operation

Most of the tea bag machines which are available on the market are equipped with control panels,the operators control the whole working process of the machine through control panel,turn on and turn off the machine,or adjust the speed.So,the operation of the machine is quite easy.

High Cost Performance

High Cost Performance

As a common and simple machine,the price of tea bag machine will not be too expensive,at the same time,the machine can make high profit cause it has excellent performance,can make high output in limited time.With low cost and high profit,it is evident that the machine has high cost performance.

Guarantee Safety

Guarantee Safety

An important point is that the tea bag machines are equipped with strict safe system,there are emergency stop buttons on the machines,and when there is error,the machine will make warning,this design can ensure the safety of operator,avoid the happening of accidents.



One thing makes tea bag machine distinguish from other machines is that this machine is customizable,you can design a tea bag machine totally based on your requirements.You can customize the features of your machine,and as your business goes better,you can upgrade your machine,isn’t that interesting?

3.What are the applications of tea bag machine?

Although this machine is named tea bag machine,it is not only used for tea packaging application,next I’ll introduce other industries which take use of this machine.

Food Industry

Food Industry

Although this machine is called tea bag machine,it can also be used to pack food products,such as candy,chips and other snacks,this is because that these products have similarities with tea leaves:they are granular products.As a result,besides tea industry,tea bag machines also be widely used in food industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Except capsules and tablets,there is another form of medicine:drug powder,the drug powder is packed in bags,this form of medicine is called dissolved medicine,people pour it into water and take it.It is suitable for children or other people who have weak swallowing ability.
As the dissolved medicine becomes more and more common in pharmaceutical industry,the tea bag machine can take its role in this field.It can pack drug powder in a high speed.

And a important advantage is that the tea bag machine can accurately control the dosage of drugs,so this machine is quite practical in pharmaceutical industry.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry

Besides tea leaves,tea bag machine can also used to pack seeds,the agriculture industry have a large demand of seeds,therefore,the machine can be used in agriculture industry to pack seeds in small bags.

Coffee Industry

Coffee Industry

In fact,coffee beads can also be packed by tea bag machine,and soluble coffee is more and more popular nowadays,it is also in small bag form,the coffee powder is packed in tea bag shaped pouch.So,this machine can be used in coffee industry and helps coffee manufacturers improve production efficiency.

4.What are the components of tea bag machine?

components of tea bag machine

Stainless steel hopper

The hopper is the entrance of the tea leaves,to complete the material feeding role,this part is indispensable,the tea leaves are fed into the machine through hopper,and then flow into the measuring cup.

Measuring cup

The function of measuring cup is to measure the weigh of tea leaves,to control the volume of them precisely.This part is actually a rotary tray which contains several measuring cup,it is also an important component of tea bag machine.

Label and thread-making device

If you always use tea bags,you will know that each tea bag has a label and a line,the label and thread-making device is such a component to make these things.This device contains a cutting blade,and with the assistance of photoelectricity,it can cut labels and lines accurately.

Inner bag-making device

The purpose of this part is to produce inner bag of a tea bag,when the filter bag is filled by tea leaves,the machine will do the sealing and cutting operations next,and at the same time,the machine will stitch the thread of the bag and label it,then the inner bag is finished.


The function of this component is to put the finished inner bags into out bag former.

Envelope making device

This component is to make outer bags,it contains horizontal and vertical sealing devices,can tightly seal each side of the bags which are made of aluminum foil film and Kraft paper.

Control panel

Control panel is a vital part of tea bag machine,it controls the whole running process,by this component,you can turn on and turn off,adjust the temperature of sealing,or adjust the speed of the machine.This component is very convenient for operators,they can set up all the parameters by it,don’t need to many extra operations.

Finished product conveyor

This part is to deliver the finished products,when the tea bags are made and filled with tea leaves,they are discharged by the machine through conveyor,the conveyor will deliver a certain number of finished products one time,so the workers can pack them into boxes without counting again,which is very convenient.

5.What is the working process of tea bag machine?

After learning the components of tea bag machine,maybe you will be interested at the working process of it,next let’s explore how does this machine work together.

working process of tea bag machine

  • At the beginning,the tea leaves are fed into the machine through hopper,and then flow into the measuring cup.
  • Next,the measuring cup weighs the tea leaves and determine the volume of them,at that moment,the inner bag making device is making inner bag,and the measured tea leaves are filled into finished inner bag.
  • Then,the inner bag is sealed by label and thread-making device and be put into outer bag former.
  • The next step,the envelope making device begins to make outer bag and seal it,at this moment,a finished tea bag is produced.
  • The last step is discharging,the tea bags are discharged from the machine by conveyor,they are moved out and be packed in boxes.
6.How many types of tea bag machine there are on the market?

As a matter of fact,there are many different types of tea bag machines,next these machines will be classified in terms of two aspects:automation and design.
In terms of automation

Fully Automatic Tea Bag Machine

Fully Automatic Tea Bag Machine

As the picture shows that the fully automatic tea bag machine is equipped with control panel,and this machine has high automation degree,it can complete the bag making,material filling,sealing,cutting and discharging operations independently.

And the production speed and capacity of the fully automatic tea bag machine is quite considerable,the speed can up to 25-35 bags per minute.Meanwhile,the machine has high precision and it is stable.So,it is an ideal packaging machine for industries.

Semi Automatic Tea Bag Machine

Semi Automatic Tea Bag Machine

As the picture shows,the semi automatic tea bag machine doesn’t look as advanced as the fully automatic one,and the size is smaller.Actually,the components of semi automatic tea bag machine is similar to that of fully automatic tea bag machine.The difference is the production capacity of the two types of machines.

The fully automatic tea bag machine has high production capacity so that it is more suitable for large scale production demand while semi automatic tea bag machine is more suitable for medium scale production.

According to design

Tea packaging machine with outer envelop

This type of tea bag machine looks have no differences with fully automatic tea bag machine,it is to fill crushed tea leaves into filter bags,and then add strings and tags to bags and then put them into outer envelops.This type of tea bag machine is more suitable for square tea bags.

Pyramid tea bag packing machine

Pyramid tea bag packing machine

Pyramid tea bag packing machine,as the name suggests,is to pack pyramid shaped tea bags,it is more suitable to pack long leaf tea,herbs,loose tea,flower tea,blending tea and so on.Pyramid tea bag machine belongs to inner and outer bag tea bag machines,it has different appearance with other tea bag machines.

Double Chamber Tea Bag Machine

Double Chamber Tea Bag Machine

Double chamber tea bag machine has its own design,is a high endtea bag filling and sealing machine. It has two tea chamber,can automatically complete the bag making,filling,sealing,stringing,tagging and other operations,and the speed is much higher than other types of tea bag machines.

The structure of double chamber tea bag machine is complex,hygiene and delicate,it can not only pack tea leaves,it can also pack herbs and health care products,so it is also used in pharmaceutical industry.

7.What is the relationship between tea bag machine and vertical packaging machine?

Sometimes,you may find that the tea bag machine almost have the same appearance as the vertical packaging machine,so you will ask if they are the same machine or not.Therefore,what is the real relationship between the two machines?Just read on.

relationship between tea bag machine

Tea bag machine belongs to vertical packaging machine,in fact,tea bag machine is a type of vertical packaging machine,it has the same components,functions and working principle as vertical packaging machine.

Merely,this branch is called tea bag machine,it is designed mainly to pack tea leaves,its various performance and parameters will be closer to the needs of tea packaging.

Whereas,vertical packaging machine isn’t equal to tea bag machine,it is the umbrella name of packaging machines which are packing in vertical direction,such as granule packaging machine,powder packaging machine,rice packaging machine and so on.In other words,it doesn’t only refer to tea bag machine.
But in fact,although different vertical packaging machines have different names,they are versatile,for example,a tea bag machine can also pack candy,biscuit,grains,coffee,seeds and other products,and the rice packaging machine can also pack other products,not just rice.

8.What kinds of tea can be packed by tea bag machine?

In general,there are many kinds of tea can be packed by tea bag machines,which includes:

packed by tea bag machine

Tea Dust:This is a powder formed tea,the tea leaves are ground into powder,which makes them more easy to be dissolved. This types of tea can be easily packed by tea bag machine.

Fragmented Tea:This types of tea is not infrequent in packaging by tea bag machine.For instance,the fruit tea is a type of fragmented form tea and it can be packed by tea bag machine.

Loose Leaf Tea:The loose leaf tea is very common in tea packaging industry,there are many types of loose leaf tea,such as green tea,black tea,herbal tea and so on.

Scented Tea:Scented tea is always in dry flower form or broken flower form,they can be easily packed in tea bags.
Pressed Tea Brick:This type of tea may be a little relatively rare than others,it is made by pressure,pressed tea leaves or tea dust into brick form,make them more compact,and this type of tea can also be packed by tea bag machines.

9.How many different types of tea bags there are?

As is known that there are different types of tea bag machines that are suitable for packing different kinds of tea bags,however,do you know there are how many kinds of common tea bags?Actually,the more common shape of tea bags are square tea bags ,pyramid tea bags and round tea bags.

Square Tea Bag

Square Tea Bag

The square tea bag is a type of familiar small tea bag that is used to steep tea. There are many small holes on the tea bag,and when it is filled tea leaves,it will be 3-side filled or 4-side filled,and a string will be added to it.

Pyramid Tea Bag

Pyramid Tea Bag

Pyramid tea bag,also named triangle-shaped tea bag,as the picture shows,it is a three-dimensional four-side small bag which is made of porous heat-resistant tea bag mesh.

The reason why it is called pyramid tea bag is that the triangle design looks like a small pyramid,this form can make the tea bag more stable and convenient to be carried.

Round Tea Bag

Round Tea Bag

This types of tea bag maybe not so common as square tea bag and pyramid tea bag,like the other two types of tea bags,the round tea bag is also designed porous.Sometimes,it is used to pack tea leaves,and in fact,it can also used to pack pressed tea brick,which is quite suitable.

10.What are the cautions when you operate a tea bag machine?

During the operation process of tea bag machine,there are somethings you need to pay attention,to avoid accident,they are as follows:


  • Before turning on the machine,it is necessary to check whether there is any abnormality around the machine.
  • When the tea bag machine is working, the body, hands, head and hair of the operator should not touch the working parts of the machine.
  • When the machine is running normally, do not frequently switch the operation buttons, do not change the parameter settings randomly and frequently,or you will cause damage to the machine.
  • Do not mix foreign matter to the machine in the packaging process, otherwise it may cause material blockage, inaccurate or components damage.
  • The storage piston and sealing ring at the lower end of the discharge cylinder of tea bag machine need to be replaced in time when they are worn.
11.How should you maintain your tea bag machine?

Basically speaking,the maintenance of a tea bag machine contains several aspects,such as cleaning,tightening,adjustment,lubrication,etc.

maintain your tea bag machine

Cleaning:Use a cloth to wipe your machine rather than flushing it with water,each time when you finish using your machine,you need to clean it,and even if you don’t use the machine for a long time,you need to clean it regularly.

Tightening and Adjustment:You need to inspect your machine regularly,to find whether there are loosen components or screws,if there are,you should tighten them or adjust them at once,to avoid accident when use the machine.

Lubrication:As for the moving parts of the machine,if they are used in a long term,they will be worn,which will lead to a downtime for the machine.Therefore,you need to swipe lubricating oil to them regularly,the frequency is better be once a month.

12.How to troubleshoot tea bag machine?

A machine is actually the same as human,it will feel tired and it will occur faults,what should you do when there are problems during the using process of tea bag machine?Next are the common situations and the solutions of them.

troubleshoot tea bag machine


1.The transmission gears don’t match proper with each other

2. The coupling screw is loose

3.The pressure of horizontal seal and vertical seal is improper

1. Readjust the transmission gears

2. Tighten the coupling screw

3. Adjust the pressure

The sealing effect is defective

1. The teeth of the mold are not clean

2. The bag shaper has wrong

3.The sealing speed is too fast
4. The packaging film is at low quality

1. Adjust the teeth of the mold,clean it with a copper brush

2. Adjust or replace the bag shaper

3. Adjust the sealing speed to let it slow down

4. Replace the film to a high quality packaging film.

Not seal

1.The sealing temperature too low

2.The heating parts of the machine are burnt out

3. Bad electrical assembly

1. Reset the sealing temperature

2. Replace the burnt heating parts

3. Check where’s the problem and resolve it

Motor doesn’t run

1. Fuse wire is broken

2. The motor is damaged

1. Replace the fuse wire

2. Replace the motor

13.What factors should be considered when buying a tea bag machine?

When you have a need to buy a tea bag machine,perhaps you will be puzzled at beginning,don’t know how to choose a machine.Don’t worry,next we will discuss this question together,help you find your proper tea bag machine.

The kind of tea you want to pack

kind of tea you want to pack

At first you need to make it clear that you need to use a tea bag machine to pack which kind of tea leaves.Each kind of tea leaves have their own characteristics,different tea leaves are suitable to be packed by different kind of tea bag machine. If you determine this,you can ask for the most proper machine.

The tea bag shape you need

Pyramid and rectangular Shape Tea Bag Set. Mock Up With Empty Square, Rectangle Labels. Green and black tea. 3D Realistic Teabag Template. Vector Illustration

As is mentioned that there are different types of tea bags,such as square tea bags,pyramid tea bags,round tea bags and irregular tea bags,different shapes of tea bags have different requirement for tea bag machines,so,this is also a factor to consider before buying this machine.

The packaging speed of tea bag machine

packaging speed of tea bag machine

Simultaneously,an important factor you need to inspect is the packaging speed of the tea bag machine,it is better to figure out all kinds of parameters of the machine,to know how many tea bags can this machine produce per hour.The basic requirement is that the packaging speed of the machine can meet your demand.

The cost of the tea bag machine

cost of the tea bag machine

To be honest,cost is the most basic factor you need to think carefully,the prices of tea bag machines are diverse,these machines which are at different price range will also different in quality.Therefore,it is suggested to set a budget for yourself,the cost of the machine can not be much higher than your budget.


Anyway,the tea bag machine is a useful invention since it can resolve increasing market demand and brings people and diverse industries values.After looking through the above content,do you have a new realization of this machine?And if you have any puzzles about it,you can contact us,we will answer your questions at once.

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