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Milk is healthy for your body and can give you healthy protein and good fats. Most of the milk is filled and packed in glass bottles, boxes, plastic bottles, and tetra pak. Milk filling machines are specially designed for those packages for milk filling and packaging.

Over the last 13 years, Allpack has earned great experience in milk-filling machine design and manufacturing and is a leading milk-filling machine manufacturer and supplier. We can offer you a wide range of filling machines for different milk packaging methods and materials.

Pneumatic Piston Filler

Allpack pneumatic piston filler for milk is a volumetric filling machine designed for filling products with any kind of liquid. This pneumatic piston filler adopts vacuum returning or instant cut-off for stable operation, reliable performance, easy operation, and maintenance in which its filling quantity and speed can be adjusted freely and precisely.

  • Model: LPF 50T/250T/500T/1000T/2000T/5000T
  • Volumetric filling
  • Compressed air as the power
  • Simple, reliable, and convenient adjustment

CNC Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack CNC liquid filling machine uses the computer to control the filling time, motor speed, and other factors of the micro-pump to achieve uniform liquid filling with minimal repeat error. This CNC liquid filling machine is suitable for filling all liquids, especially milk, oil, juice, corrosive liquid, etc.

  • Model: LT-I
  • Micro-pump
  • Minimal repeat error
  • Magnetic gear pump

Capping Machine

Allpack electrical table capping machine is electrically designed and widely applied in milk plastic bottle caps sealing. Equipped with a cap positioning device, and electric design, this capping machine is easy to operate according to standard capping work. With multiple applications in a wide range of cap specifications, you can adjust the cap tightness by the rotation speed.

  • Model: DDX-450
  • Good performance
  • Cap positioning device
  • Standard capping work

Labeling Machine

Allpack labeling machine is designed for single-side labeling and is mainly used for labeling single-side stickers on round bottle products like milk bottles, juice bottles, water bottles, etc. Equipped with intelligent control, an automatic photoelectric tracking system, and an auto-detection function, this labeling machine can offer you clear and neat labels with high stability.

  • Model: KP-80
  • Single side labeling
  • Auto-detection function
  • Automatic photoelectric tracking system

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