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The Green Revolution In Food Packaging

The Green Revolution In Food Packaging

food packaging

Did you know that bagged chips come in 6-7 layers of packaging? Did you know that the food category most willing to spend money on packaging? Is recyclable packaging really being recycled? Can biodegradable packaging really save the planet?

We as consumers should know very few of the answers to the above questions. When we buy food, unpack it and put it in our mouths, we care about the flavour, we care about the health, we care about the food itself. But in reality, food packaging is a very important part of food.

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Like the chip bag mentioned at the beginning, its multi-layered material overlapping and pressing process is designed to seal and aerate the chips to prevent moisture and ensure their taste and shape.

Food packaging material safety is the most basic requirement, but also has a variety of different functional requirements such as oil resistance, moisture resistance and impact resistance. In recent years, the scale of the food packaging market has been expanding, accounting for about 65% of the domestic packaging market share, the industry’s development prospects are very good.

However, at the same time, the resource consumption and environmental pollution brought about by the food packaging industry are also gradually being taken seriously. Walkers, the UK’s leading crisp and snack producer, has been the subject of a joint protest by over 330,000 people because of the pollution of bags behind its large output.

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“The global branding initiative, Break Free From Plastic, found that seven of the top ten brands that produce the most plastic waste are food brands. Food brands’ plastic reduction initiatives are imperative and food packaging materials are an important part of the overall green supply chain under the dual carbon policy.

Under the pressure of policies, downstream markets and consumers, the packaging industry is undergoing a “green revolution”, and how to replace polluting materials with environmentally friendly green packaging materials that are recyclable, edible and biodegradable to promote ecological sustainability is a hot topic in the packaging industry.

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Green packaging, also known as sustainable packaging, usually includes both recyclable and biodegradable types. There is already a lot of green packaging on the market. The recyclable type, such as a foreign beer brand breaking and rebuilding the entire beer packaging line, uses sea glass bottles (smooth glass remains formed after being polished by water, sand and waves in nature) as the main material for packaging to save the large amount of water consumed in the production of glass products; the biodegradable type, such as a brand of coffee cans made from coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are collected, dried and mixed with biopolymers, starch, cellulose, wood, natural resins, waxes and oils. The composite material is biodegradable, lightweight and has the smell of coffee and the appearance of dark wood.

Rising costs are the biggest obstacle for food packaging companies and brands in their efforts to ‘reduce plastic’. The process of adopting environmentally friendly packaging is complex and means changes to the entire raw material pipeline to the production line, requiring investment in equipment, production processes, training and other aspects, so it is a costly exercise for a company to adopt environmentally friendly packaging.

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Thankfully, consumers are waking up to environmental awareness. The PwC Global Consumer Insights 2021 report shows that 55% of respondents worldwide are interested in buying goods that use environmentally friendly packaging or less packaging, and 54% of respondents would buy products from companies that value and support environmental protection.

For food brands, when a mature traceability chain is formed in the food life cycle, information on the composition, origin and recycling of packaging materials will become more and more transparent, and even through the scanning of the traceability code on the packaging, consumers will be able to understand the efforts made by the brand in environmental protection, which will also encourage them to dispose of the used packaging more properly, improving the green closed loop of production – transportation – use – recycling.

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For food packaging companies, the future of the packaging industry will be greatly enhanced by regulation, when the carbon footprint of the production of environmentally friendly packaging materials and the carbon emissions of production plants can be calculated and recorded, so that they can quickly respond to market regulation; in addition, packaging materials with a “green label” can seize the opportunity in the fierce competition in the industry, and be In addition, with a “green label”, packaging materials can be seen and adopted by more brands.

Blockchain technology and the Wechain industry solution are powerful drivers for food brands and packaging companies to develop a low-carbon environment.

Walkers chips, which was jointly protested against as mentioned earlier, has already launched a chip bag recycling scheme and is producing recycled products.

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Nowadays, a low-carbon lifestyle has become a fashion and a value, driving the development of low-carbon and environmentally friendly packaging. But there is still a lot of room for improvement in current research and development techniques for environmentally friendly packaging, and in the implementation of environmental protection by consumers.

Is recyclable packaging really being recycled? Can biodegradable packaging really save the planet?

What can be determined is that the earth is not recyclable, and the above questions need to be answered by the brand, the package, the supply chain and the consumer.

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5 Advantages and 4 Troubleshooting Methods of Automatic Labeling Machine You Must Know

5 Advantages and 4 Troubleshooting Methods of Automatic Labeling Machine You Must Know

The wide application of labeling machine has made more and more people pay attention to the automatic labeling machine,that way,its function is also constantly improving.


At present, automatic labeling machine has been widely used in medicine, food, daily chemical industry, and has obtained good market feedback.

Get to know the advantages of automatic labeling machine will

Small size

The volume and floor area of the automatic labeling machine are very small, which can save the cost of workshop infrastructure for pharmaceutical enterprises, and can also be matched with the filling machine to form a complete production line.

High production efficiency

Compared with manual labeling, automatic labeling machine as long as less human resources and workshop area can carry out uninterrupted work, and has higher production efficiency and return efficiency, saving material costs. In addition, the labeling accuracy of the automatic labeling machine is also very high, basically no error.

Long service life

The automatic labeling machine is generally made of 304 stainless steel and controlled by PLC. It is easy to operate and clean. Labeling machine equipment experts said that the full-automatic labeling machine is corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, has a long service life, all parts and components, solid structure, long time will not fall.

It has a wide range of applications. As mentioned above, automatic labeling machine is widely used in medicine, food, daily chemical industry and other industries. Even cosmetics can be labeled with automatic labeling machine, including bar code, two-dimensional code, anti-counterfeiting label and so on. Industry insiders said that the emergence of automatic labeling machine simplifies the previous production process.


High performance and cost performance. Someone once calculated an account: if a fully automatic labeling machine is 60000, its service life is 10 years, and it costs only 500 yuan per month. The salary of an ordinary employee is 2000 yuan, which is 240000 yuan in ten years. As a result, the emergence of automatic labeling machine has brought great benefits to the production and packaging line.

Although the full-automatic labeling machine has many advantages, like other equipment, it also has the time of failure. In case of failure, it can be adjusted from the following four aspects.

Adjustment of cot and scraper.

It is reported that there is no gap between the rubber roller and the rubber scraper in the whole length. Once there is a gap, the rubber scraper should be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric screw. Practice has proved that when the gap between the cot and the standard plate is between 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm, it is more appropriate.

This can be achieved by adjusting the bearing seat at the lower part of the cot, or the bearing at the upper part of the cot if necessary.

Adjustment of brush pressing device.

The overlapping gap of the brush across the container is 10 mm-15 mm for a single brush, 5 mm-10 mm for a combined brush, and 1 mm-2 mm for the cleaning brush from the sponge. In terms of head adjustment, the head should be 200 mm lower without bottle than with bottle.

Adjustment of label box.

The gap between the label paper and the label box is between 0.8 mm and 1 mm.

If the gap is too large, it is easy to cause the label paper to shift in the label box, resulting in the phenomenon of oblique label.

If the gap is too small, it will appear the phenomenon of poor push mark.

Adjustment of bottle feeding star wheel, bottle discharging star wheel and bottle feeding screw rod.

When adjusting the bottle feeding star wheel, bottle discharging star wheel and bottle feeding screw rod, the marked bottle pressing head shall prevail.

When the bottle pressing head is just over the bottle, adjust the star wheel so that the bottle is in the middle of the star wheel groove;

When the bottle is in the middle of the star wheel groove, adjust the screw rod so that the bottle side of the screw rod is close to the bottle;

When the bottle pressing head is just raised, adjust the star wheel so that the bottle is in the middle of the star wheel groove.

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5 Benefits You Will Get From Vacuum Packaging Machine

5 Benefits You Will Get From Vacuum Packaging Machine

In today’s packaging market, vacuum packaging machine has accounted more than half of the goods.


However, many people still don’t know much about the vacuum packaging machine. They still have doubts about whether the function of vacuum packaging machine is so powerful.

What are the functions of vacuum packaging machine ? What will you benefit from vacuum packaging machine.

Here is an introduction.

A vacuum packaging machine is to pack various of ripe products, salted, bean products, fruit product to be fresh. After the vacuum packaging, your food may keep it’s original taste and stored much longer.

Imagine if you could preserve food like the professionals.

Now you can, with the latest model Vacuum packing Machine. This commercial grade vacuum packing machine gives you the opportunity to seal in your foods goodness and pack it for later. Get the best steak you’ve ever tasted!

This machine will help you seal your meat perfectly for the new slow cook method used by chefs like Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay.

It is also suitable for small size object packing and for packing money and financial document,voucher etc.It packed products can be prevented geting damp,going mould,insect and prolonged the storage period.


The principle of vacuum packaging is: because the mildew of food is mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, and most microorganisms (such as molds and yeasts) need oxygen to survive, and vacuum packaging uses this principle to pump out the oxygen in the packaging bags and food cells, so that the microorganisms lose their “living environment”.

The results show that: when the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag is less than 1%, the growth and reproduction rate of microorganisms will drop sharply. When the oxygen concentration is less than 0.5%, most microorganisms will be inhibited and stop breeding.

However,you should note that vacuum packaging can not inhibit the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and the deterioration and discoloration of food caused by enzyme reaction, so it should be combined with other auxiliary methods, such as refrigeration, quick freezing, dehydration, high temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization, microwave sterilization, salting, etc.

Vacuum Packing Machine

Features of vacuum packaging machine can be list as follows:

  • l The vacuum packaging machine can effectively remove spoilage from the air.
  • l The packaging materials with excellent barrier (air tightness) and strict sealing technology and requirements can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging contents, avoid food weight loss and flavor loss, and prevent secondary pollution.
  • l The gas inside the vacuum packaging container has been eliminated, which accelerates the heat conduction, which can not only improve the efficiency of thermal sterilization, but also avoid the packaging container cracking due to the expansion of gas during heating sterilization.

Vacuum packaging machine is also a kind of vacuum air filling packaging machine, which puts food into the packaging bag, draws out the air in the packaging bag to reach the predetermined vacuum degree, then fills nitrogen or other mixed gas, and then completes the sealing process.

Then what will you benefit from the vacuum packaging machine:

Save labor

Vacuum Packing Machine-1

Vacuum packaging machine is a high degree of automation of vacuum packaging equipment, its working method is that the operator will customize thousands of bags placed in the bag position of the bag type vacuum packaging machine, the equipment output signal, automatic bag feeding, bag supporting, material filling, vacuum, sealing. Delivery of finished products.

That is,the working process of vacuum packaging machine is completed by mechanical equipment without manual operation, which saves labor for you.

Fill soup 

When you are packaging cooked food, especially sauce and bittern products, you may need to fill that with soup.

With the vacuum packaging machine,that will be realzied as during the design of vacuum packaging machine, the design engineer adds the function of filling soup into it.

After solid materials are filled, the function of filling soup will be added. This can save workers’ workload.

Print date 

With the strict requirements of food hygiene, consumers have more and more strict requirements for food.

So,you are required to print or spray print the production date for packaged products, which undoubtedly requires the use of coding or inkjet device.

Therefore, the vacuum packaging machine designed by the food industry also reserves a place for the inkjet date device, and adds the function of printing date after the equipment supports the bag The complex work of printing and printing is saved.

Vacuum Packing Machine-6

Detection function

Apart from the functions of saving labor, filling soup and printing date,the vacuum packaging machine also has the detection function.

It can detect whether materials are added into the bag. If there are no materials, the sealing process will not be carried out. For the products filled with soup, the vacuum packaging machine will not fill the bags without solid products ,the advantage of this is that the bags can be reused without waste.

Early warning 

There are many functions of vacuum packaging machine. For manufacturing enterprises, the early warning function can provide convenience for enterprises.

For vacuum packaging machine, if the equipment fails, the early warning function of the equipment will produce a beep to prompt the operator that the equipment fails and needs to be stopped for detection and maintenance.

The early warning function can also display the equipment failure position on the display screen, which is convenient for you and also provides convenience and saves time for the maintenance personnel, and will not cause work stagnation due to equipment failure.

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What Key Factors Do You Need To Consider When Buying Packaging Machine?

What Key Factors Do You Need To Consider When Buying Packaging Machine?

When it comes to buying packaging machines you will have many key factors to consider.From learn about the structure,working principle,model,brands to selecting a reputable supplier,considering the service and maintenance they offer.


It is also critical to identify some specific details of your products to be packed before purchasing.For example,what materials you will choose to run on your production line match with the packaging machine are also important before you buy the packaging equipment.

If you are going to buy a sealing machine,you may need to look at all the different kinds of sealing machine as well as various sealing materials that are available.Choosing the wrong type,type and material for the sealing may cost your business thousands dollars over time.

Now,here is a list of some of the packaging consideration you will need to pay attention include:

  • What type of product you are packaging
  • The product’s weight, shape, and dimensions
  • Your targets for color and labeling
  • Whether the film can be printed to meet your needs
  • How the product will be packaged into the flexible film (manually or via machine, and what type of machine)
  • The product’s journey from creation to shipment to the shelf and beyond
  • Whether it will be handled often and/or subject to rough handling
  • The types of climates/environments it will experience
  • Whether it requires specific film additives to keep it fresh (e.g., oxygen or moisture barrier)
  • Requirements for anti-tampering and security of the finished good

Apart from consideration of the product you are going to package itself ,there are other key factors you need to consider before making the final determination.

Key Factor: Where to Buy:Distributor Vs Direct Manufacturer

It is a common choice that you will buy a packaging machine directly from the manufacturer, as after all,the factory manufacturer who designed and builded the machine will be better than someone who is just saying about the machines,they will be better know about the structure or working principle of their equipment,but also they will be able to answer every questions you are most concerning.

However, every manufacturer will boast their products or their capacity,that is you will not really get the best answer for “which is the best brand new packaging machine to buy” or “which manufacturers could offer the best service?”

Nowadays,in fact,apart from purchasing from the OEM,you can also buy from the distributor.A distributor may have obvious strengths ,weakness from cost competition to customer service to quality guarantee,maintenance or after work.

That is,as for your geographical location or production infrastructure,a distributor may or may not be a good choice for you.

Obviously,materials are one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing packaging equipment.However,apart from that machine and material,the environment and atmosphere are also important factors you should consider.Of course,working with a distributor will allow you to have a variety of choice as they will be able to help you get lots of information you want related with the machine,or advice and products for your needs.

Key Factor: Environmental 

There is one thing for sure when it comes to the environment of the packaging machine,you will not want to operate the pneumatic machines as the pneumatic technology is not only outdated but also bad for the environment because of the too much electricity it uses.

Now many of the machines have not used pneumatic components that save a large sum of cost for some factories as compressed air is one of the most expensive facilities.

Besides,air cylinders have worms,not using pneumatics will result in less purchasing replacements and disposal.

But also now many non-pneumatic machines also have what is called”servo technology” which does not need you to add additional floor space or conveyors to get the correct space between your products.

With the advancement of high technology,most machines have been designed with lean technology that use less material with special metered film delivery systems,reducing the chance of film breaks.That means now you don’t have to re-wrap and have too much material waste.

Apart from choosing the right pneumatic technology for your packaging line,you also need to choose the environmentally friendly materials to run your production line.

Key Factor: Material

When selecting materials for your packaging,it is critical to consider using flexible packaging materials such as the shrink film or stretch film to replace the high carbon footprint items like glass,metal and cardboard.

In fact,shrink film and stretch film can be recyclable and much cheaper than other materials.But also these materials has lower carbon footprint than other materials.In other words,it is better for you to choose flexible packaging materials that is also friendly to the environment.

Key Factor: Formulate your Production Line

There must be a plan for you to formulate your production line before moving the new packaging machine into that place,as for the machine size,electrical requirements,physical location of the line and the weight of the machine both need to be planned in advance.

Then you may need to reach out to your supplier to help you formulate a plan based on the actual condition to avoid unnecessary or repetitive actions before the transportation and installation of the machine in its new location.

And depending on the flow of your packaging line,some machines may need to be installed first to ensure the after work.That include which machine you should move first or install first should be have properly formulated.

Key Factor: Should You Buy Or Lease The Packaging Machine?

Purchasing a new machine will be a big cost for many people and some newcomers even not well known about the process.

Actually,one very critical factor that you should take into consideration is that if you should buy or lease the packaging machine to reach your target.

In fact,the first is that you need to focus on your overall needs and time frame.How much you plan to use the machine,how many machines you need ,potential investors in your business and last but not least, your balance sheets.

Secondly,you will need to consider what is your budget.Should the budget is right within your cost ability.Besides,the ability to justify the purchase (ROI) is based on a business decision that the payback meets your requirements for investment.

Lastly,deciding which type of technology you need,that means you need to get clear if the new technology will offer the best lease option for your business.That you may take extra work to learn about the advanced technology nowadays in the market to make the good choice.

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