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Allpackchina vertical packing machine has continues sealing function, with high packing speed, varies bag shape and cutting style. It is equipped with 14 or 16 heads combination weigher.  It can independently complete the bag making, filling (air filling or exhausting), sealing , cutting, code printing, and bag counting etc. It’s good for packing chips or irregular shape material.

This unit is composed of one weighing machine, one vertical filling packaging machine, one platform and one Z elevator. It integrates the functions of feeding, metering, bag-making, packaging, sealing, printing, punching and countering, has automatic film position control function,both the horizontal sealing and film pull mechanisms adopt servo motor for transmission.

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Vertical Packaging Machine: The Complete Buying Guide In 2022

The vertical packaging machine is the latest type of packaging machine, it is used in many industries such as medicine industries, food, chemical, beverage, and others.  It has three main types these include liquid, granule, and powder vertical packaging machines. The structure of all these machines is the same except for the hopper only. These machines have an advanced minicomputer technology system to control their functions.

The vertical packaging machines have ultra-fast speed with high precision. For buying vertical packaging machines, this article would be helpful. Let us discuss some points for your assistance in more detail such as.

1.What Is A Vertical Packaging Machine?

Vertical Packaging Machine

The vertical packaging machine is the latest type of packaging equipment that has numerous applications in different industries such as in medicines, beverages, food, and others. It has an advanced microcomputer system which increases its accuracy and speed. Vertical packaging machine mainly comprises liquid, granules, and powder vertical packaging machines which depends on the products that use during packaging. It has a control system that controls all the functions of the machine and the cutter system automatically cuts the edge of the packed materials.

2.How Many Types Of Vertical Packaging Machines?

Vertical Packaging Machine-1

Vertical packaging machine has different types, and each has similar parts with different feeding system. However, all types of vertical packaging machines have dissimilar applications. The kinds of vertical packaging machines include:

Liquid vertical packaging machine:It can be used to pack liquid materials and can pack five to thirty bags within a minute and can pack bags of around 540 kg.

Granule vertical packaging machine:The granule types materials seal by the granule packaging machine. This machine can be packed materials from four sides can pack 30-70 bags within a minute and can carry a weight of 250 kg respectively.

Paste vertical packaging machine:The sample in the paste form is packed by using a paste vertical packaging machine. It has a speed of packaging from 5 to 60 bags in a minute and can pack materials of 100 to 250 bags in width.

Powder vertical packaging machines:The materials in powder form are sealed by the powder vertical packaging machine. They can also pack the backside, along with three and four sides of the packaging materials in the same way as the granule vertical packaging machine perform. It has a speed of packaging from 20 80 bags in a minute and can be seal bag of 250 kg.  

3.How Many Parts Of The Vertical Packaging Machine?

Vertical packaging machine uses to pack a variety of materials such as to used to seal food, bread, popcorn, candy, coffee, etc. This machine can be used to save money and time, it has six main parts for proper functioning, which comprise of;

  • The blanking part
  • The film released part
  • The packaging part
  • Printer
  • Cutter
  • Control cabinet

The blanking part consists of screw weighting, a rotating measuring cup, a combined weight, and the liquid pump, respectively. Whereas the film release part comprises tensioners and unwinding rolls. There is also a film roll which is a roll of film and it is driven by a motor to provide smoothness and pulling motion. The printer uses to print the label of date, and other information too. After packaging materials, the cutter that is inside the sealing machine cuts the edge of the pack.

4.What Is The Working Principle Of Vertical Packaging Machines?

Vertical Packaging Machine-2

Vertical packaging machines such as snack packing machines, rice packing machines, and biscuit packing machines are used to seal products in a good manner. During its working, the film container is positioned on the supporting maneuver that is mixing around the rod. Initially, the longitudinal heat sealing instrument is used to fix the film, after that the tube-shaped film moves from the longitudinal heat device to the transverse heat sealing instrument which forms a packaging bag. The weight item in the sealing bag then fills with the weighing device through the filling pipe. Finally, the heated packaging device is transferred to the transverse heat sealer which is cut off to make a sealed unit.

5.What Are The Applications Of Vertical Packaging Machines?

Vertical Packaging Machine-3

The vertical packaging machine has a wide variety of applications in numerous aspects, these includes,

The vertical packaging machine uses a variety of materials to pack, these include such as nuts, seeds, popcorn, other particles,  liquid including water, paste, chili oil, beverages, and powders.

Since the manual packaging machine can take more time and labor to complete the task, the automatic vertical packaging machine can save money and also reduces the power of pressure and less labor required to operate it.

The vertical packaging machine is relatively small in size which is convenient. Since vertical packaging materials have a control system which makes them more attractive because their maintenance is easy and it can control the function of the machine.

The vertical packaging machine uses to pack materials composed of polyethylene, polypropylene, and others.

The vertical packaging machine can be used to seal low-weight to high-weight packaging products.

It has a cutter inside it, which automatically cut the edge of the packed materials.

6.How Does Cost Effects The Types Of Vertical Packaging Machines?

Vertical Packaging Machine-4

The vertical packaging machine has a variety of shapes, styles, and prices. So, it has a different price based on some aspects of parameters and models. The price mainly depends on the internal structure of the vertical packaging machine such as cutter, former, barrel, and stainless steel, and also mainly on the size of the cutter and former. Before buying a vertical packaging machine, one must look at the quality of the product packaging which depends on the materials used to make a vertical packaging machine, these effects the quality and quantity of the packaging.

7.What Points Should Be Considered Before Buying Vertical Packaging Machines?

Vertical Packaging Machine-5

Vertical packaging machine has numerous application in different areas, so before buying one must consider some points. These include,

The first point should depend on the stable quality of the product packaging which should be high-cost performance. If the materials used for making packaging machine is high-quality packaging should be stable and faster. The other important point should depend on the packaging materials that you are going to pack. The main points considered before buying a vertical packaging machine is depending on the types of products related to the type of machine, for instance, the liquid materials can be packed by a liquid vertical packaging machine, and so on.


In the year 2022, the vertical packaging machine is considered the newest kind of sealing equipment because it has numerous applications in different industries such as medicine, beverage, food, popcorn, coffee, nuts, and others. It is a less expensive and faster machine that is used to seal a variety of items in a short time. Are You Interested In Procurement?“Allpackchina” is the best company that provides the most economical and One Stop Solution to your needs. Contact Us Now!   

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