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The V-type blender is used to produce homogeneous solid-solid mixture. Mixing is a common process step in the manufacture of products for industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, cosmetics, detergents, colorants, fertilizers and plastics.

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Whether food, chemical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, adhesives, or cosmetic; mixing is a vital aspect of manufacturing processes. In the majority of applications, a V-type mixer performs a significant role that you can’t skip at any cost. It is the most demanding operational tool implemented in every production sector.
Owning a V-type mixer is the start-up of any growing company. If you’re handling a large range of ingredients and looking to make an investment on V type mixer for a small or continuous manufacturing batch, then you’re at the right place. To help you in selecting the right option, we’ve elaborated on basic considerations.
See how V type mixer is best suited to your business!

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The V-type mixer- also known as ‘Twin Shell Mixer’ is one of the tumbling mixers broadly used in various production sectors involved with powder mixing. It is designed to mix granular materials in no time. This machine is incredible as it perfectly performs the mixing process of dry powders homogeneously as it revolves.

If you’re wondering about mixing type, then the V-type mixer follows ‘Diffusive Mixing’, characterized by the small random motion of mixing particles ultimately promoting better mixing. V-type mixers are ideal where you’re required with precise, fast, and smooth outcomes as it typically leads to a high degree of homogeneity in five to fifteen minutes that is also depending upon the material’s property.

V-type mixers are commonly designed to deal with the dry mixing of free-flowing substances. That’s why it is used for unlimited applications in the industrial sector, such as:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

V-type mixers are extremely important in the pharmaceutical industry because pharmaceutical companies have to make sure that they adhere to strict production guidelines and quality control. The medicines produced have to be of a certain purity, quality, and potency to ensure that they are safe to consume.

Food Industry

Food Industry

V-type mixers can also be used to mix dry powders, milk powders, cereals and spices in the food industry. It is especially used to make mixed spices since it has the ability to blend all the spices together till they form a homogenous mixture.

Paint Industry

Paint Industry

The paint industry is involved in the manufacture of paint which is made up of pigments, resin solvents, and additives. V-type mixers blend the pigments, solvents, resins, and additives together to form a paste which is then thinned out with solvent to its final form.

Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a broad manufacturing sector where products like pesticides, herbicides, laboratories, household cleaning items, etc., are dealt with routinely. A V-type mixer is of prime importance as it safely carried perfect mixing without causing health hazards.

Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetics are made from oils, dyes, and various kinds of pigments.  Whether producing lipsticks, foundations, or eye shades; the first step in its production is the melting of wax and oil together. The formed product is taken to the V-type mixer where it combines with the desired color pigment and a solvent. All of these constituents are blended for hours in the V-type mixer till a homogenous formula.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry produces animal fodder with the help of a V-type mixer. The raw materials for fodder include vitamins, wheat, fruits, forage, minerals, corn, barley, etc. These materials are added in a V-type mixer till they are blended well and have acquired their final form.

V Type Mixer-3

V Tank

This section supports the mixing of the formulation.

Feeder Points

Feeder point or hopper where mixing material to be mixed is poured.

VH Base

This part is comprised of the following components:


V Type mixer is mainly driven by a motor. It is considered a main component of the machine.

V- Belt

This is beneficial for power transmission, controlling vibrations, and ensuring stability during the procedure.

Drive Belt

It is associated with a set of pulleys and belts in order to produce torque and modulate the speed.

Control Panel

The brain of a machine; you can set the mixing time, speed, processing, and storing via the control panel.

Discharge Chute

This section enables the discharging of mixed material from the machine.

V Type Mixer-4

The working principle of V type blender is simple where the mixing barrel which is composed of two cylindrical barrels of unequal sizes rotates continuously.

Upon rotation, the mixing material mixes gently and segregates in the mixing barrel. A range of different potential energies and heights of material leads to creating a thrust in the material. The two hollow cylindrical shells correspond at the angle of 75° to 90°.

The base of the V blender is mounted on trunnions enabling the tumbling process as the machine moves. Here the mixing is carried out as the material free-falls randomly in the mixing vessel. Thus, the repetitive converging and diverging process of the material enhances frictional contact with particles and the wall of the mixer yet forms a homogenous mixture.

The particles move in a random manner resulting in diffusion mixing; there’s no chance of segregation effect as diffusion mixing is used.

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V-type mixers generally have lots of advantages in various industrial sectors. We will discuss some of its advantages below:

Production Of A Homogenous Mixture

The use of V-type mixers ensures that the product produced is homogenous and all its constituents are well blended together.

User Friendly

V-type mixers are quite easy to work with since the V-shaped cones make it easy to load and unload the product inside.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

V- type mixers are easy to clean since the V-shaped blenders are easy to handle.

Prevention Of Product Contamination

The complete closure of the V-type cylinders prevents the entry of any particles from the outside. This ensures the purity of the product inside and prevents its contamination.

Cost Effective

Most of these mixers are generally cheaper as compared to the other machines which are used in the various industrial sectors.

There are two types of mixers available to fulfill the production requirements. They are

Mini or Small V Type Mixer

Small V Type Mixer

This is ideal for small production lines. It has a manual or vacuum conveyor through which the powder enters the system. The rest operation remains the same. Due to the compact size of the machine, the powder that sticks in the corners of the machine is not easy to be removed.

Large V Type Mixer

Large V Type Mixer

Large V mixers are used for large-scale industries where freely flowing mixtures are carried out on large scale. The design of the machine remains the same as small v-type machines, but the only difference is productivity. These machines are much more economical due to their low maintenance and easy handling. Large V-type mixers can produce mixing up to a level of 6000 liters per hour.

Technical Problems and Solutions







Resistance during Operation

The resistance is due to no proper cleaning of high friction areas, or they are not timely greased.

Application of grease or cleaning those high friction areas can minimize this problem.



Knocking in Machine

Loosing of parts can cause this problem

Monitoring the tightness of parts and tight those which get loose


If the V Belt gets loose, it can also cause knocking

Check the V Belt and tighten it to the required tension.









Delay in Powder Mixing


No proper setting of operation time.

The setting of timers should be done according to the powder that is being mixed in a V-type mixer




V Tank with a high fill volume

The amount of powder should be verified and reduced to a standard defined by the manufacturer.




Different particle properties of powder

Granulating or milling of mixing powder can eliminate the particles that have different properties or are a different size than powder.




Incorrect filling of powder in V Tank

Horizontally layered filling of powder in the V tank can ensure quick mixing rather than vertically layered.





Vibrations in Machine

Loosing of parts can cause this problem

Monitoring the tightness of parts and tight those which get loose


If V Belt is worn, it can cause vibration

Check the V Belt and change it if required


A machine with no anti-vibration pads can create too much vibration

The placement of anti-vibration pads at the bottom of B type of mixer can reduce vibration.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing product often requires a series of delicate, sensitive, and complex procedures. With that said, V- the types mixer is considered the most cost-effective and crucial step in the manufacturing industry.

The construction of a V-type mixer is perfectly suited for simple to complicated, and general to sterile processes.

For food, pharmaceutical, herbs, and nutraceutical industries, cleanliness and sanitation are essential. A closed-housed unit of a V-type mixer eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination or product leakage.

Quality and efficiency are critical when you’re dealing with mixing operations, through V- a type mixer both jobs can be dramatically achieved, therefore it is an essential element for manufacturing industries.

Improve Production

The old proverb “time is money” works in business especially when it comes to mixing procedures. What if you’re dealing with three or four batches to mix hourly?You would be amazed to know how V type mixer can improve your productivity. Such as:

It is a container-based mixer with compact housing saving hundreds of square meters of space and reducing floor space and capital.

Machine excellent features with reduced stock storage; there is no product wastage and reduced maintenance.

With V type mixer, you can easily clean the machine thus saving your labor costs.  

With automatic data in-feed, you do not require operators for the procedure, as the machine itself discharges the mixing product.

V Type Mixer-6



Initially, all the panels and V Tank are removed from the mixer.



Wipe off the sticky material with a brush and the top section, area of panel doors of the mixer must be vacuumed to make it clean. Later, use soapy water and clean it with using cloth.



In the end, the outer and inner surface of the mixer is cleaned with portable water and then sanitized with the same procedure done previously.


Interested in Purchasing V Type Mixer

If you’re interested in sourcing out a V-type mixer for a business line, the following points need to be assessed before investing in it:

  • Expected outcome
  • Mixing density of the Product
  • Mixing time and cycle time ( this will give the size of V type mixer).
  • Will you be requiring an intensifier bar ( Yes, for cohesive material)
  • Speed of material discharging

Today market trend of V-type mixer is growing at a faster pace. This is because a proper, uniform and clean standard mixing are crucial when it comes to serving biological and food products. The mixer assures reduce operating costs with high profitability. It is best to choose the right industrial V-type mixer for the business. Are You Interested In Buying? Please contact us for Guidance and Product Information.

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