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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Allpack tablet press machine is designed for pressing round tablets from various kinds of granular materials. It is a primary machine to fit batch production of tablets. The cover is made of stainless steel with a close type. The inner tablet surface is also applied with stainless steel materials which could keep surface luster and prevent it from being polluted crossly, complying with GMP requirements. All these rotary tablet press machines are mainly used in manufacturing piece prescriptions for pharmaceutical industry enterprises like the chemical industry, foods, and electronics. It can suppress various conventional wafers and other special-shaped tablets (including double-sided printing): This equipment is pharmaceutical and chemical, and it is the best choice for food, plastic, electronics, and other production enterprises.


Rotary Tablet Press Machine

ZP-5B Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Allpack ZP-5B rotary tablet press machine is an electromechanical high-tech product developed on the basis of years of automated product inspection developed by our company. It can suppress various conventional wafers and other special-shaped tablets (including double-sided printing): This equipment is pharmaceutical, chemical, The best choice for food, plastic, electronics and other production enterprises.

Beautiful appearance&high production efficiency,

Low energy consumption

Easy operation

ZP-7B Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Allpack ZP-7B rotary tablet press machine is a new generation product, and this machine is a single Roller continuous automatic tablet press for pressing various kinds of different shape tablets and plain tablets. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, food, electronic industries. Characteristics: High quality all stainless steel constructions. Reliable safety sealing system and dust-proof system. High visibility isolated door to prevent cross-contamination. Easily remove parts for quick machine's maintenance.

Multiple punch dies

Smooth surface

Clean&hygienic&low noise

ZP-9B Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Allpack ZP-9B rotary tablet press machine is a single-press type tablet press machine. It can rotate automatically and press tablet continuously. It makes the granular materials into tablets. It is suitable for laboratory and produce that needs small production capacity. The rotary tablet press machine is widely applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electron for pressing the granular materials into all kinds of round tablets, irregular tablets and ring shaped tablets.

High quality all stainless steel constructions

Reliable safety sealing system and dust-proof system

High visibility isolated door to prevent cross contamination

The Buyer's Guide

Rotary Tablet Press Machine: The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

Are you dreaming to introduce the advance efficient technology of rotary tablet press machine into your business? But do you have any idea about this machine? How it process tablets? What is the exact working mechanism? If not! Certain questions may be arising in your mind.

So, this guide is going to answer all of your quires and would enable you to better know the applications, classification and many more about rotary tablet press machine.

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    1.What Is A Rotary Tablet Press Machine?


    Rotary tablet press machine is an advance electro-mechanical device integrated with several tooling stations which efficiently compress various powders into tablets. Its upper and lower punches constantly press the tablet material in turret and form homogenous tablets both in size and weight.

    Main purpose of this equipment is to increase the production level of tablets through greater output. As a result, many industries particularly pharmaceutical is utilizing this machine on large extent for its excellent, hygienic and precise service.

    2.What Benefits Does A Rotary Tablet Press Machine Give?


    A rotary tablet press machine is praised with immeasurable substantial qualities and it benefits you in many ways among which some are highlighted below:

    High Productivity

    A rotary tablet press machine functions with extreme efficiency and ultimately it enables you to increase your production with minimal labor. With high level output ratio it can formulate 9000 to 23400 tablets per hour and thus meeting the high demand of production.

    Independent Process

    Whole process of tablet formation can be automatically managed without need for manual intervention. It also has independent lubrication system thus both the hardness and weight of a machine is controlled automatically.


    Making thousands of tablets is not an easy task even it requires hygienic operation as well as pollution free environment where susceptible and sterile nature of tablets can be preserved. In addition, it also reduces product waste, carries out dust free production and assures fullest safety of material.


    Its durable housing is constructed with corrosion resistant stainless steel which makes the case more compact, ensures quick cleaning and easy product changeover. Moreover, the convenient assembly and disassembly of parts is the result of its modular design.

    High Loading Capacity

    Its loading capacity is higher than normal tablet pressing machine with dual material transmission. Wonderful mechanical components decrease tablet flaws like sticking, lamination, picking etc.

    Clear Observation

    The crystal clear transparent windows help in observing the entire mechanism going on in machine.

    3.Describe The Working Principles Of A Rotary Tablet Press Machine?


    The working procedure of a rotary tablet press machine can be understood by looking into the following steps:

    Powder Filling

    The initial step involves the loading of ingredients into hopper from where material shall flow towards the die. It takes place when ingredients are mixed and passed through wet granulation process.

    Powder Metering

    In the second stage, some amount of powder is precisely released into die cavity or mold hole. Meanwhile, machine also tries to remove the excess powder so abnormalities that might cause by the overload are prevented during the process.

    Tablet Compression

    The core process occurs here when the upper and lower punches compress the powder consistently. The upper punch falls into die hole and press the powder with exerting pressure for solid dosage formulation.

    Tablet Discharge

    In last stage, the lower punch lifts out die cavity and move backward in downward direction. The continuous punching and rising of lower punch pushes the tablets for final discharge by exerting them out of the cavity.

    4.Explain In Detail The Components And Functions Of A Rotary Tablet Press Machine?



    The hopper can be also referred as the feeding station where powder or granules are poured before processing. It is located in top of machine with feeding show which allows material to move in for compression.

    Feed Peddle

    This part of machine joins the hopper and dies. Mostly, it play crucial role in assisting the ingredients formulation by forcing feed into dies during fast rotation.


    Punches consist of two sets, upper and lower punches. Their main function is to compress the material in order to formulate desirable tablets by constantly moving in die bore.

    Die Cavity

    This is hollow place where actual formation of tablets occurs. It determines the size, diameter and thickness of tablets.

    Cam Track

    Cam track basically guides the movement of both upper and lower punches. It also assures the accurate functioning of punches.

    Compressing Unit

    Compressing unit helps in tablet formation. Recompression rollers assists the granules by allowing force for eliminating the air which might be entrapped in die cavity in initial compression.

    Take Off Blades

    This part is fitted near feeding house and its role is to deflect the tablets to discharge chute so they can be easily moved to collection containers.

    Discharge Chute

    This part of machine is designed to perform the function of directing compressed tablets to gather in collection bin.

    Ejection Cam

    Ejection cam directs the lower punch to eject tablets upward from die cavity so the final discharge of tablets may occur.

    Control Panel

    Control panel compromised of various options which enable you to set the parameters for tablets such as their size, shape or quantity and efficiency of machine.

    5.Can you Connect A Rotary Tablet Press Machine Directly To Tablet Deduster?

    Rotary Tablet Press Machine-2

    While making tablets from powders, the situation is obvious when there would be small amount of dust left on prepared tablets. At that time a question arise whether or not a tablet deduster can be directly connected to a rotary tablet press machine?

    The answer is yes! A tablet deduster can be directly connected to rotary tablet press machine. Even it makes the process of tablet dedusting more convenient because it rapidly removes the dust from tablets.

    Moreover, the adjustable height and intake pipe of tablet deduster allow its perfect connection with rotary tablet press machine. The tablets collected in tank of press machine move towards tablet deduster and get cleansed.

    6.Explain The Classification Of A Rotary Tablet Press Machine?

    A rotary tablet press machine can be classified into three categories on the basis of tooling system, automation and functions. These categories have been explained below in detail:

    On The Basis Of Tooling System

    All the multi station rotary tablet press machines have either type B tooling or of type D. Both the types can be understood by following elongation:

    Type “B” Multi-station Press

    The diameter of punch barrel is 0.75 inches with applying 6.5 tons pressure on powders. Mostly, two types of dies can be used with this tooling which are:

    • “B” dies having diameter of 1.1875 inches
    • “BB” dies with diameter of 0.945 inches

    Type “D” Multi-station Press

    Diameter of this punch barrel is 1 inch with capacity of exerting upto 10 tones compression force. Furthermore, it can be used with die that have diameter of 1.5 inches. It also increases the effective number of stations and punches.

    On The Basis Of Automation

    There are three types of rotary tablet press machine on the basis of automation. They are:

    Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Semi-Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    This type of tablet press machine is fully automatic with advance self working features. It is used to change the powder material into pills or tablets. Its working efficiency is high with automated system but due to big size it requires large space and is expensive in price.

    Working Principles

    The operation of machine is automatic which only require you to set the measurements. It begins with filling the powder in die cavity after which punches compress the powder. The extreme pressure eventually results in the formation of strong tablets. These tablets are then ejected from die cavity and the process restart and goes on until you stop the machine when desired amount is achieved.


    It comprised of hopper, die cavity, turret, feed peddle, punches, cam tracks, ejection cam, scraper and discharged chute.


    This machine is employed to deal with the excessive amount of production. That’s why it is mostly used in large pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries for day to day production.

    Semi-Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Semi automatic rotary tablet press machine is another type of tablet pressing machine with good efficiency. This machine requires little amount of operator assistance in processing tablets. The user feeds hopper and machine is powered on, the process of tablet forming starts and the alarm ring after each task is finished.

    Working Principles

    It is quite easy to use these machines as you have to manually fill the hopper of machine. The machine completes its process by taking start from compressing powders after which tablets are removed from die cavity. For the completion of each task an alarm is settled which indicate the process is finished.


    Various components join together to form the structure of semi automatic rotary tablet press machine. These components are AC inverter drive system, hopper, dust extractor, alarm logs, dies, turret, gravity feeder and punches.


    This machine is suitable for medium level manufacturing firms like nutraceutical industry, veterinary Industry, herbal industry and agricultural industry etc.

    Manual Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Manual Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    A manual rotary tablet press machine is highly portable with no running cost. It does not require electric supply for processing and applicable to wide range of dosages. It produces proper tablets with speed ratio of forming upto 20 tablets in a minute.

    Working Principles

    The working procedure is somehow different but not difficult. Once you put the powder in hopper, you only have to crank the handle with modest effort. The rolling parts of machine starts revolving and tablets are formed. The ready pills are then released from outlet hopper.


    It consists of few parts including one filling station, punches, die cavity, die cushion, handle, die holder, cam truck, stainless steel revolving plate and main frame.


    Its presence is limited to small working areas because its production capacity is gentle. But most of the home based laboratories and small scale domestic entities are greatly admiring use of this machine for being cost effective and small footprint.

    On The Basis Of Structure

    Two of the following machines come under the category of rotary tablet press machine on the basis of structure:

    Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    This machine has single punching station and capable of producing tablets of uniform shape and size. It can be found in automatic, semi automatic and manual type. It consists of the general components of rotary tablet press machine. The only difference is of the single punching station. This machine is good for medium scale production.

    Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Double sided rotary tablet press machine has similar function to that of the single sided machine but Its capacity and efficiency is higher in nature. The reason behind is its double punching stations which constantly adds more to your production. Such type of equipment is mostly automatic and utilized by big industries associated with food or pharmaceutical processing.

    7.What Are The Different Shapes, Colors And Nature Of Tablets That A Rotary Tablet Press Machine Can Make?

    A rotary tablet press machine is most versatile tablet processing machine in a way that it can form tablets of various shapes and colors that are shown below:

    Tablets Shapes


    • Concave
    • Compound Cup
    • Flat Face Plain
    • Triangle
    • Square
    • Oval
    • Bullet
    • Capsule
    • Heart
    • Pillow arc square
    • Hexagon
    • Pentagon
    • Octagon
    • Arrow Head

    Tablets Colors


    • Single Layer
    • Double Layer
    • Tri Layer

    Tablets Nature

    Tablets Nature

    Different types of tablets can be prepared by using a rotary tablet press machine. These tablets vary in nature thus to know them in proper way we have separately described them below:

    Effervescent Tablets

    Effervescent tablet dosage is made in such a way that it releases carbon dioxide upon contacting with water. It is used to circumvent the swallowing of big tablets and to promote easy disintegration eventually, usually used These tablets are formed by rotary tablet press machine. Ca C1000 Sandoz tablet is the best example of effervescent tablets.

    Compressed Tablets

    Compressed tablets are formed by granules, powder or crystalline material after the exertion of much pressure by machine. They easily get disintegrated and quickly absorbed in gastric fluid after ingestion.

    Chewable Tablets

    Like other tablets chewable tablets are also created by rotary tablet press machine. These tablets are usually of big size having good taste which are difficult to swallow thus are intended to be chewed in buccal cavity prior to swallowing.

    Sublingual Tablets

    Sublingual tablets are oval shaped small in size which is kept under tongue for rapid absorption in order to produce systematic effect. The purpose behind is to prevent the dosage from destruction by gastric juice and allow quick impression.

    Coated Tablets

    Tablets are either film coated, sugar coated or enteric coated for different reasons like avoiding bitter taste, odor or to increase stability. Before coating these medicines are transformed from powder material into tablet form by rotary tablet press machine.

    8.What Are The Applications Of A Rotary Tablet Press Machine?

    The growing production of tablets has raised the demand for a rotary tablet press machine and today almost every tablet manufacturing industry from small to large production area is taking the services of this machine. They are:

    Pharmaceutical Industry


    The very first industry which comes in mind while discussing the applications of a rotary tablet press machine is no doubt pharmaceutical industry. Producing huge number of tablets and pills everyday this industry is vigorously using the machine to fulfill the excessive demands of medicines. With incorporated features this machine is capable of producing unique design tablets.

    Nutraceutical Industry


    Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    Chemical industry too has a greater demand for this effective machine which is playing major role in the formation of various tablets such as chlorine tablets, detergent tablets, camphor balls and buffer tablets etc.

    Veterinary Industry

    Veterinary Industry

    Thing are now changing, the world’s circle of attention which was only confined to humans is now expanding further towards the creature of animals. In this way, many research institutes and veterinary industries are trying to discover new ways of medicinal cures to combat the growing diseases in animals and pets. For the fulfillment of such responsible task a rotary tablet press machine is highly praised.

    Herbal Industry

    Herbal Industry

    Herbal medicines are made from either dried leaves, fruit, stem, flower or bark of plants. They are usually produced to treat or wound various diseases and injuries. Unlike pharmaceutical medicines, herbal tablets do not have any side effects due to which their use is preferred by many people. To properly transform the powdery material of these herbal leaves in tablet, a rotary tablet press machine is always the first choice of these industries.

    Food Industry

    Food Industry

    Combined with excellent usability and safety this machine is satisfying the vary needs of food industries. For instance different types of food products and tablets are formed by this machine including confectionaries, milk tablets, candies and many more.

    Agricultural Industry

    Agricultural Industry

    The tablet pressing technology has also gripped over the agricultural industries. Today, enormous tablets in this area have been formed by this machine including fertilizer tablets, seeding nutrition soil tablets and animal feeding blocks etc.

    Cosmetic Industry

    Cosmetic Industry

    Like other manufacturing firms cosmetic industry is also ahead of the game. The advance technology of tablet making has also gripped over this area as a result of which numerous medicines are now produced by this efficient equipment. Moreover, pills for increasing beauty, removing dark circles and wrinkles are among the prominent list which consumers look for.

    Pellets Manufacturing Industries

    Pellets Manufacturing Industries

    Preparing various shapes of tablets this machine is capable of designing beautiful pellets from powders or granules. This is the reason why industries are utilizing this machine for producing wood pellets and pellets for pond fishes and birds etc.

    9.Differentiate The Single Punch Tablet Press Machine Vs Rotary Tablet Press Machine?

    No Factors Single Punch Tablet Press Machine Rotary Tablet Press Machine
    1  Definition Single punch tablet press machine is standard model for processing tablets with single punching station. A rotary tablet press machine is mechanical device with dual pressing stations.
    2  Procedure Its operating procedure is convenient and can be operated either manually or by power. Its working process is easier than single punch machine as it functions automatically while using both the punches.
    3  Capacity It is capable of processing limited number of tablets. It has greater output than a single punch tablet press machine.
    4  Size Its size is small which makes it compact and easy to move. Although, a rotary tablet press machine has a big size but it is more durable than a single punch tablet press machine.
    5  Applications It is best suitable for small industries which are associated with producing normal amount of tablets such as small size pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. Its area of applicability is vast enough that’s why its presence is often in large scale industries particularly pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and veterinary.
    Single-Punch-Tablet-Press-Machine Rotary-Tablet-Press-Machine-6

    10.Are There Any Disadvantages Of A Rotary Tablet Press Machine?


    Despite having lots of benefits a rotary tablet press machine has also some flaws which is explained below:

    Big Size

    Its extra large size covers huge space and taking great effort for mobility.


    Although, a rotary tablet press machine is desirable for large scale industries but its efficiency is somehow not valuable for small scale production.


    With its various automated systems and multi-station pressing machines it is costly and requires expertise for handling which makes it more expensive. It requires critical expert knowledge due to several automated systems inbuilt thus is expensive in terms of sourcing.

    Limitation of Susceptibility

    It uses liquid lubrication method which may spill into tablets and cause tablets contamination.

    Unsuitable to Small Industries

    Its suitability is confined to large scale business because of large size, expensive price and high productivity. Thus it is not economical for small batch productions.

    11.What Problems Might Occurs While Using A Rotary Tablet Press Machine also Give Their Solutions?


    No Problems Causes Remedies
    1 Wearing of the pressing wheels Wheels are dry due to which hindrance is created in their movement This can be fixed by lubricating them but in case of serious wear wheels should be replaced
    2 Accumulation of excess dust Formulation production process is high which increases powder constituents It can be solved by changing tablet formulation and preventing the accumulation of powder beyond 10%
    3 Upper Track Wear Dry surface cause the damage Lubricate the upper track if still not working proper then change the tracks
    4 Inconsistent tablet weight Inappropriate installation of machine

    It also happens if there is wearing in feeder

    Adjust the machine installation

    If cause is feeder wearing or problem in die just change them

    5 Abnormal sound pressing material during process Either synchronous belts are too tight or too loose Correct them to moderate adjustment

    12.What Factors Should Be Kept In Mind When Intending To Purchase A Rotary Tablet Press Machine?

    Rotary Tablet Press Machine-9

    Choosing a right machine for your business is sometimes a headache especially for those who are new to the technology. In this respect we have pointed out some of the essential factors that should consider before deciding for a right rotary tablet press machine:


    Production Schedule

    First of all you have to understand your production requirements. For example, you should be aware of the quantity which you want to produce also the safety of machine is important for sensitive pharmaceutical pills. Thus, large scale production needs advance machinery while as low ordinary material would need a basic device.

    Machine Structure

    Awareness about different parts of machine is another important thing to look for. A buyer needs to fully understand the relations of machine components. How they process one by another, their mechanism and functions as well.

    Accuracy of Tablet Punches

    Another important factor is to look for the accurate tablet punches because they determine the efficiency of tablet compression mechanism.

    Dwell Timing

    Dwell time play key role in fast fault-free tablet formation and improve the performance qualities of a tablet.

    Machine Parts

    A rotary tablet press machine is composed of three major parts including tablet press, ingredients, and punches & dies. Among them the core part is tablet press although it does not work independently and need other two for processing. So, you have to be careful in selecting these parts in order to have compressing equipment with complete tooling.

    Type of Machine

    It is commonly misunderstood that all the rotary tablet press machines are same. But this is not the fact; rotary tablet press machine varies in size, price and performance as well. If you are new to business basic model would be a good choice same as for high production, upgraded basic model is suitable. While as if you want extra ordinary fast performance then advanced high speed model is ideally recommended.


    Technology which a rotary tablet press machine uses is advance due to which it has a higher global demand. Allpack is thus striving to provide the best quality, cost effective machinery to its customers with full remote support. We are hopeful that all of your queries have been answered in this article. Besides if you have any confusion or you want to discover more about rotary tablet press machine feel free to contact us.


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