Automatic Carton Sealer

Allpackchina automatic carton sealer with both side drive in close all four top case flaps,use tha handle to adjust width and height,the structure design of the high strength makes the machine has reliable performance and can be adapted to production line continuous heavy sealing work.It is suitable for packing and sealing of products in various industries such as household appliances,textile,food,daily provisions,medicine,light industry,chemical industry and so on.

Automatic Carton Sealer: The Completer Buying Guide in 2022

Sometimes, manual or hand held carton sealer will not help you with the type of sealing you are looking for your cartons.

And to achieve the quality carton sealing you need to get a quality sealer & Automatic Carton sealer is a super quality carton sealer that can work automatically to seal different carton and boxes.

This guide is all about the Automatic Carton Sealer what, how and why this sealer is more effective and efficient in his working. Which ways you can utilize it for your production line and many more.

1.What is Automatic Carton Sealer?


Automatic Carton Sealer

An automatic carton sealer is a machine that is used to close the top and bottom of a cardboard box. This process is also known as taping or boxing. This is mainly used tape to seal the boxes.

Automatic carton sealers are widely used in different industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

Automatic carton sealer provides the safety of products from getting any damage. You can seal your material easily with the help of an automatic carton sealer.

2.How Automatic Carton Sealer works differently from other sealers?


Automatic Carton Sealer

Automatic carton sealers are very different from other types of sealers on the market. They are designed to work quickly and efficiently, sealing cartons in a matter of seconds. This is possible due to the unique design of the automatic sealer.

Most sealers on the market use heat to seal the carton. However, this can often result in uneven seals that are not as strong as they could be. Automatic carton sealers use a cold sealing process that results in a stronger, more consistent seal.

Another key difference is that automatic carton sealers can handle a wide range of carton sizes. This means that you can use one machine for all of your sealing needs, regardless of the size of the carton. This is not possible with other types of machines, which can often only handle one or two specific sizes.

Overall, automatic carton sealers are superior to other types of machines on the market. They are designed to work quickly and efficiently, and they produce a stronger, more consistent seal. If you are looking for an industrial-strength machine for your business, an automatic carton sealer is a way to go.

Working of Automatic Carton Sealer

Automatic carton sealers work by first applying adhesive tape to the top and bottom of a box. The box is then placed on the conveyor belt of the machine.

The machine uses a roller to press the adhesive tape onto the box. The conveyor belt then moves the box to the next station, where the bottom of the box is sealed.

This is the working of an automatic carton sealer. That is how you can seal the boxes using an automatic carton sealer.

3.Why you should use Automatic carton sealer over other sealers

Automatic Carton sealers are the best sealers to seal the products. They are considered more advantageous than other sealers.

Here are the top reasons to use an automatic carton sealer instead of another type of sealer:

Works Faster


Work Faster Logo

Automatic carton sealers are faster than other sealers. They can seal a carton in seconds, which is a huge time-saver.

Provides Safety to Products

Automatic carton sealers provide a better seal than other sealers. This ensures that your products stay fresh and safe during transport.

Easier To Use


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Automatic carton sealers are easier to use than other sealers. They require little to no setup, so you can get started sealing cartons right away.

Cost Effective

Automatic carton sealers are more cost-effective than other sealers. They save you time and money, so you can reinvest those savings into your business.

More Versatile

Automatic carton sealers are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you need to seal food, cosmetics, medicines, or electronics, an automatic carton sealer can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

4.Explain different applications of Automatic Carton Sealer?


Automatic Carton Sealer

Different industries have different packaging requirements. Depending on the product, the carton sealer can be equipped with different types of sealing jaws to accommodate those requirements.

Some of the common types of products that are sealed in cartons include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Household goods

Some of the common features of automatic carton sealers include:

  • The ability to seal cartons of various sizes
  • Adjustable seal widths
  • Variable speed conveyors
  • Automatic product loading

Different industries have different needs when it comes to packaging. The food and beverage industry requires gentle handling of delicate products, while the electronics industry needs to protect sensitive components from static discharge.

The cosmetics industry needs tamper-proof packaging for expensive products, and the pharmaceutical industry needs airtight seals to protect medications from contamination. Automatic carton sealers can be equipped with different types of sealing jaws to accommodate these different needs.

5.What are the factors you should consider while selecting an Automatic Carton Sealer?

There are many things you should consider when selecting an Automatic Carton Sealer. Cost and brand are important, but there are other factors to consider as well.

Size of Automatic Carton Sealer

The first factor to consider is the size of the machine. You need to make sure that the machine you select is the right size for your needs. If you have a large business, you will need a larger machine than if you have a small business.

Speed of Automatic Carton Sealer


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The next factor to consider is speed. You need to make sure that the machine can seal cartons quickly. If you have a lot of orders, you will need a machine that can seal cartons quickly.

Warranty of Automatic Carton Sealer

The third factor to consider is the warranty. You need to make sure that the machine comes with a good warranty. This way, if something goes wrong with the machine, you will be covered.

Wight of Automatic Carton Sealer

The fourth factor is to consider the weight of the automatic carton sealer according to the requirement of your industry.

Production Volume

The fifth factor you should consider before buying is that the production volume of your industry. Make sure the automatic carton sealer seals cartons more than other sealers.


The sixth factor to consider is service. You need to make sure that the company you purchase the machine from has good customer service. This way, if you have any problems with the machine, you can get help from customer service.

Reviews of the product

The seventh factor to consider is reviews. You need to read reviews of different machines before you purchase one. This way, you can see what other people think.

6.Difference between Automatic Carton Sealer and Manual Carton Sealer?


Manual Carton Sealer

Different people have different opinions on which is better an automatic carton sealer or a manual carton sealer. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of sealer so that you can make an informed decision.

Automatic carton sealers are faster and more efficient than manual sealers. They can seal a large number of cartons in a short period of time. This is ideal for businesses that need to seal a large number of cartons on a daily basis.

Manual carton sealers are less expensive than automatic sealers. They are also more portable and can be used in smaller spaces. Manual sealers are ideal for businesses that have a smaller number of cartons to seal on a daily basis.

Automatic carton sealers use heat to Seal the cartons shut while manual carton Sealer uses adhesive. Automatic Sealers provide a stronger and more secure Seal than manual Sealers.

7.What type of boxes an Automatic Carton Sealer can seal?


Cardboard Boxes

An automatic carton sealer can seal various types of boxes, including those made of

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metal

The most common type of box that an automatic carton sealer is used for is a cardboard box. However, these machines can also be used to seal plastic and metal boxes.


The automatic carton sealer is a versatile and easy-to-use machine that can help you save time and money when sealing cartons. With this machine, you can quickly and easily seal cartons of all sizes, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all types. If you’re looking for a way to improve your packaging process, an automatic carton sealer of ALLPACK China is definitely worth considering. ALLPACK is providing the best automatic carton sealer for you. If you have any questions regarding automatic carton sealer you can contact us.

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