Automatic Carton Sealer

Allpackchina automatic carton sealer with both side drive in close all four top case flaps,use tha handle to adjust width and height,the structure design of the high strength makes the machine has reliable performance and can be adapted to production line continuous heavy sealing work.It is suitable for packing and sealing of products in various industries such as household appliances,textile,food,daily provisions,medicine,light industry,chemical industry and so on.

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Automatic Carton Sealer: The Completer Buying Guide in 2023

Sometimes, manual or hand held carton sealer will not help you with the type of sealing you are looking for your cartons.And to achieve the quality carton sealing you need to get a quality sealer & Automatic Carton sealer is a super quality carton sealer that can work automatically to seal different carton and boxes.

This guide is all about the Automatic Carton Sealer what, how and why this sealer is more effective and efficient in its working. Which ways you can utilize it for your production line and many more.

1.What is Automatic Carton Sealer?


Automatic Carton Sealer

An automatic carton sealer is a machine that is used to close the top and bottom of a cardboard box. This process is also known as taping or boxing. This is mainly used tape to seal the boxes.

Automatic carton sealers are widely used in different industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

Automatic carton sealer provides the safety of products from getting any damage. You can seal your material easily with the help of an automatic carton sealer.

2.How many types of Automatic Carton Sealers there are?

As a matter of fact,the automatic carton sealers can be divided to two different types:the uniform automatic carton sealer and the random automatic carton sealer.

Uniform Automatic Carton Sealer

Uniform Automatic Carton Sealer

The uniform automatic carton sealer,as the name shows,the cartons which are sealed by this type of machine are in the uniform size.This machine is very convenient to seal quantities of cartons in same size because it can realize continuous sealing operation once the operator has set up it simply.

Random Automatic Carton Sealer

Random Automatic Carton Sealer

On the contrary to uniform automatic carton sealer,the random automatic carton sealer is used to seal cartons of different sizes,,the automated arm of this machine will adapt to each carton’s height,which make it more convenient for users.The speed of random automatic carton sealer is fast,it can seal 15 to 20 cartons each minute.

3.Difference between Automatic Carton Sealer and Manual Carton Sealer?

Automatic Carton Sealer and Manual Carton Sealer

Different people have different opinions on which is better an automatic carton sealer or a manual carton sealer. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of sealer so that you can make an informed decision.

Automatic carton sealers are faster and more efficient than manual sealers. They can seal a large number of cartons in a short period of time. This is ideal for businesses that need to seal a large number of cartons on a daily basis.

Manual carton sealers are less expensive than automatic sealers. They are also more portable and can be used in smaller spaces. Manual sealers are ideal for businesses that have a smaller number of cartons to seal on a daily basis.

Automatic carton sealers use heat to Seal the cartons shut while manual carton Sealer uses adhesive. Automatic Sealers provide a stronger and more secure Seal than manual Sealers.

4.Difference between Automatic Carton Sealer and Automatic Carton Erector?

Automatic carton sealer and automatic carton erector are both packaging machines for cartons,but their functions are different,automatic carton sealer is to seal the top and bottom of cartons,automatic carton erector is to shape a carton.If you want to know the other differences of the two machines,please keep reading on.

 Automatic Carton SealerAutomatic Carton Erector
AppearanceAutomatic Carton SealerAutomatic Carton Erector
SizeThe automatic carton sealer is in medium size,it isn’t too large but it also not small.The automatic carton erector is larger than automatic carton sealer,if you use this machine,you need a large workshop.
PurposeThe purpose of automatic carton sealer is to seal cartons by tape.The purpose of automatic carton erector is to the forming of cartons.
Sealing AreaThe automatic carton sealer is to fold the side flaps and seal the top and bottom of cartons.The automatic carton erector will remain the side open and only seal the bottom of cartons.
Working PrincipleCartons are fed to the conveyor belt and be delivered to sealing station,when the carton be fixed,it will be sealed by tape.The unformed cardboard are delivered by conveyor belt,and then be supported by different components of the machine,meanwhile,the adhesive tape is applied to the bottom of carton to help it form.
TypesThere are two types of automatic carton sealers:uniform automatic carton sealer and random automatic carton sealer.There are two types of automatic carton erector:vertical automatic carton erector and horizontal carton erector.
Cartons Delivering DirectionThe cartons will be delivered by automatic carton sealer in a certain direction.As is mentioned that there are vertical and horizontal two types of automatic carton erector,so there are also vertical and horizontal two delivering direction of cartons.
5.What are the components of Automatic Carton Sealer?

To have a deep knowledge of a machine,you also need to know its components,how does it consist of.The main components will be introduced to you to the below.

components of Automatic Carton Sealer


Motor is a important part of automatic carton sealer,it provides motivation for the whole machine,to let it run normally.


When you need to turn on or turn off the machine,you can click the switch.


The function of conveyor is to deliver cartons to let the machine realize continuous sealing.


Roller plays a role in helping press the tape to the cartons.

Carton Positioning Wheel

As the names shows,carton positioning wheel is used to fix cartons during the sealing process,to avoid cartons moving,which will influence the working of the machine.

Sealing Frame

The purpose of sealing frame is similar to carton positioning wheel,it helps the machine seal the top and bottom of the carton conveniently.

Tape Roller

Tape roller,or you can call it tape dispenser,this part is the most vital part of the whole machine,without this components,the machine can  not complete the sealing operation.

Lifting Handl

You can also call it height adjustment,the purpose of this part is to adjust the height of the sealing frame,to fit various cartons of different sizes.

Width Rocker

Similar to the lifting handle,width rocker is to adjust the width,to be suitable for diverse sized cartons.

6.How Automatic Carton Sealer works differently from other sealers?


Automatic Carton Sealer

Automatic carton sealers are very different from other types of sealers on the market. They are designed to work quickly and efficiently, sealing cartons in a matter of seconds. This is possible due to the unique design of the automatic sealer.

Most sealers on the market use heat to seal the carton. However, this can often result in uneven seals that are not as strong as they could be. Automatic carton sealers use a cold sealing process that results in a stronger, more consistent seal.

Another key difference is that automatic carton sealers can handle a wide range of carton sizes. This means that you can use one machine for all of your sealing needs, regardless of the size of the carton. This is not possible with other types of machines, which can often only handle one or two specific sizes.

Overall, automatic carton sealers are superior to other types of machines on the market. They are designed to work quickly and efficiently, and they produce a stronger, more consistent seal. If you are looking for an industrial-strength machine for your business, an automatic carton sealer is a way to go.

Working of Automatic Carton Sealer

Automatic carton sealers work by first applying adhesive tape to the top and bottom of a box. The box is then placed on the conveyor belt of the machine.

The machine uses a roller to press the adhesive tape onto the box. The conveyor belt then moves the box to the next station, where the bottom of the box is sealed.

This is the working of an automatic carton sealer. That is how you can seal the boxes using an automatic carton sealer.

7.Why you should use Automatic carton sealer over other sealers

Automatic Carton sealers are the best sealers to seal the products. They are considered more advantageous than other sealers.

Here are the top reasons to use an automatic carton sealer instead of another type of sealer:

Works Faster


Work Faster Logo

Automatic carton sealers are faster than other sealers. They can seal a carton in seconds, which is a huge time-saver.

Provides Safety to Products

Provides Safety to Products

Automatic carton sealers provide a better seal than other sealers. This ensures that your products stay fresh and safe during transport.

Easier To Use


Easy to Use Logo

Automatic carton sealers are easier to use than other sealers. They require little to no setup, so you can get started sealing cartons right away.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Automatic carton sealers are more cost-effective than other sealers. They save you time and money, so you can reinvest those savings into your business.

More Versatile

Automatic carton sealers are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you need to seal food, cosmetics, medicines, or electronics, an automatic carton sealer can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

8.Explain different applications of Automatic Carton Sealer?


Automatic Carton Sealer

Different industries have different packaging requirements. Depending on the product, the carton sealer can be equipped with different types of sealing jaws to accommodate those requirements.

Some of the common types of products that are sealed in cartons include:

Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

There are many food and beverages such as fruits,bread, biscuits,instant noodles, milk, soda and so on,they are all need to be packed by cartons.But there are too many cartons need to be seal,so automatic carton sealers are widely used in food and beverage industry.

Electronic Industry

Electronic Industry

And,because cartons are harder than general bags,their protection ability is also stronger,so they are always use to pack electronic elements and fragile electronic instruments.Therefore,the automatic carton sealer has a application in electronic industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

In pharmaceutical industry and drugstores,medicines are also need to be packed in cartons to be safely delivered to destinations.So,automatic carton sealer can also be used to pack pharmaceutical products.

Household Goods Industry

Household Goods Industry

Cartons are widely used in household goods industry,the household goods,such as toilet paper,shampoo,shower cream,all kinds of detergent and other products,are all need cartons.As a result,automatic cartoon sealer is commonly used in this industry.

Delivery Industry

Delivery Industry

In delivery industry,cartons are quite common,because people always use cartons to protect objects which they need to send off.With so many cartons need to be sealed,automatic carton sealer is very popular in delivery industry.

Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Industry

Basically,lots of cosmetics and skincare products are also packed in cartons because cartons can protect these products in a better effect.Therefore,in cosmetic industry,automatic carton sealers are also applied in packaging products’ packages.

9.How to operate an Automatic Carton Sealer?

To be honest,the automatic carton sealer is very easy to operate,the operation steps are not complex,you can operate this machine without too much professional training,the steps are as follows:

operate an Automatic Carton Sealer

  • Adjust the height of working table by adjust the screws,to let operator feed cartons conveniently.
  • Adjust the lifting handle and width rocker to adjust the height and width to fit the carton.
  • Turn on the power supply to check the moving direction of the conveyor,and then put carton on the conveyor to prepare for feeding,pay attention that you need to put the carton on the center of the conveyor to ensure proper feeding.
  • Feed the adhesive tape andcheck whether the tape can be dispensed on the cartons uniformly.
    After these adjustment,you can feed cartons one by one normally,when them be delivered to the sealing station,the next operations will be completed by the machine.
  • When you finish sealing cartons,don’t forget to turn off the machine and clean it.
10.How to maintain an Automatic Carton Sealer?

Any machine will be aging after being used for a long time, so it is necessary to maintain it well when it is used at ordinary times.The next part  is the answer of how to maintain the automatic carton sealer.

maintain an Automatic Carton Sealer

  • The main parts of an automatic carton sealer is easy to be worn if the machine be used for a long time,so you need to check these main parts regularly,if they are worn,remember to replace them in time.
  • Check the screws of the machine regularly to ensure the machine can work normally,if they are loosen,you need to tighten them.
  • Apply lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine regularly to avoid wear and tear to the greatest extent possible.
  • Clean the surface of the automatic carton sealer every time when you finished using it,to avoid the machine be damaged during the working process because of dust or material fragments.
11.What are the problems and solutions of Automatic Carton Sealer?

It is a common situation that the machine will occur big and small faults,when you meet this situation,don’t worry,you will learn the solution to these problems to the below.

problems and solutions of Automatic Carton Sealer

Conveyor belt doesn’t deliver cartons

①The conveyor belt is worn

②The compression roller is too tight

③The pressure which added by top tape head isn’t enough

①Replace the conveyor belt

②Adjust the compression roller
③Adjust the lifting handle to adjust the height of cartons.

Conveyor belt doesn’t run

①The driving shaft,bearings or gears are worn

②The tension of conveyor belt isn’t enough
③The power supply is unconnected
④The motor occurs fault

①Replace driving shaft,bearings or gears.

②Adjust the belt tension screw

③Check the power supply and electric plug

④Check the fuse, capacitor, and setting of

thermal relay

The tape doesn’t apply to the center of carton

①The tape drum isn’t in the central place.

②Top compression rollers are not aligned with the tape head
③The length of the flaps of carton is not equal

①Adjust the position of tape drum

②Adjust the position of  left and right compression roller to let them align with the tape head
③Check the specification of cartons and adjust them.

The tape has wrinkles



①There is excess tension on the tape mandrel assembly

②The roller in the tape can not rotate freely.

③The blade can not cut tape normally

①Adjust the mandrel knurled wheel

②Clean the roller and add lubricating oil to it.

③Replace the blade.

There is noise during the carton delivering processThe compression roller is dryAdd lubricating oil to the compression roller to lubricate it.
12.What are the factors you should consider while selecting an Automatic Carton Sealer?

There are many things you should consider when selecting an Automatic Carton Sealer. Cost and brand are important, but there are other factors to consider as well.

Size of Automatic Carton Sealer

The first factor to consider is the size of the machine. You need to make sure that the machine you select is the right size for your needs. If you have a large business, you will need a larger machine than if you have a small business.

Speed of Automatic Carton Sealer


Speed Logo

The next factor to consider is speed. You need to make sure that the machine can seal cartons quickly. If you have a lot of orders, you will need a machine that can seal cartons quickly.

Warranty of Automatic Carton Sealer

The third factor to consider is the warranty. You need to make sure that the machine comes with a good warranty. This way, if something goes wrong with the machine, you will be covered.

Wight of Automatic Carton Sealer

The fourth factor is to consider the weight of the automatic carton sealer according to the requirement of your industry.

Production Volume

The fifth factor you should consider before buying is that the production volume of your industry. Make sure the automatic carton sealer seals cartons more than other sealers.


The sixth factor to consider is service. You need to make sure that the company you purchase the machine from has good customer service. This way, if you have any problems with the machine, you can get help from customer service.

Reviews of the product

The seventh factor to consider is reviews. You need to read reviews of different machines before you purchase one. This way, you can see what other people think.

13.What is the development prospect of Automatic Carton Sealer?

development prospect of Automatic Carton Sealer

Automatic carton sealer is one of the most demanded packaging machinery in various industries,it occupies a high proportion in packaging industry.This machine can be used individually,and it can also be used together with other packaging machines,to form a complete packaging production line.
With the rapid development of economic,the demand for packaging equipment will only increase.To meet the increasing demand,more and more advanced technology will be applied in automatic carton sealers,as a result,the speed and quality of these machines will be largely improved.
When the automatic carton sealers have faster speed and higher quality,it can reduce more cost of users,which means that the market competition of this machine will get higher and higher.In a word,the automatic carton sealer has been developed constantly,and the development of it will be better and better,so you can buy this machine with confidence.


The automatic carton sealer is a versatile and easy-to-use machine that can help you save time and money when sealing cartons. With this machine, you can quickly and easily seal cartons of all sizes, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all types. If you’re looking for a way to improve your packaging process, an automatic carton sealer of ALLPACK China is definitely worth considering. ALLPACK is providing the best automatic carton sealer for you. If you have any questions regarding automatic carton sealer you can contact us.

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