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Toothpaste, hand cream, sunscreen, hair gel… we’re surrounded by things that come in tubes but how those things get into tubes is worth taking a closer look at.Today you will get one machine called tube filling machine,that is a packaging solution for industries,with which you can package your cosmetic tube,gel tube,wasabi tube,glue tube,hair cream aluminium tube,toothpaste tube,ointment aluminium tube,mayonnaise,cleanser tube,cream tube,etc. Basically, products having different characteristics of flow and viscosity are packed by tube filling machine. The machinery is strictly according to GMP norms and has a compatible design, which is ideal for sealing and filling lame as well as aluminum tubes.

What is Tube Filling Machine?

Tube Filling Machine can be also called tube filler machine,tube filling and sealing machine,it feeds the tube into a rotary indexing table, orients the tube then fills and seals with either heat seal and trim, or fold and crimp for metal tubes. Tube filling machine is suitable for a wide range of applications, like creams, lotions, food products, pharmaceuticals, greases, gels, glues, pastes, and even, on occasion, powders. All of our automatic tube filling and sealing machines include automatic tube loading, orientation, filling, sealing, and coding for plastic or aluminum tubes with speed ranges from 30 to 80 tubes per minute and sizes up to 200 ml.

Types of Tube Filling Machine

You will get three types of tube filling machine,namely:

Fully Automatic Tube Filling Machine

As the name indicates,a fully automatic tube filling machine has automatic tube in feed in holding cups and then fills, seals and ejected to discharge hopper. Filling volume can be easily adjustable as per desire weight and there are sealing option for aluminum tube by folding & crimping device and PVC tube seal by thermo heat sealing device.

Semi-automatic Tube Filling Machine

Semi-automatic tube filling machine is very cost-effective tube filling machine providing several features for pharmaceutical, food, paint, beverages and cosmetic industry. The design of the semi-automatic tube filler machine is ergonomic, easy to handle and maintain for operators. It incorporates a full-size opening of the front guard with excellent access for maintenance and change-over and an improved Tube orientation system that guarantees even better accuracy. The machine is mainly mechanical and therefore, easy to operate and maintain.

Rotary Tube Filling Machine

Rotary tube filling machine is suitable fot ointments, creams, gels or viscosity fluid filling,, and then folding and sealing the tube tail and print code, the system produces the finished product. It is mainly used for the packaging containers of metal hose material quantitative filling, folding, this machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical and other industries packaging. Such as ointments, gels, adhesives, AB glue, epoxy glue, skin cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste and other liquid or paste filling and sealing materials.

Common Applications and Benefits

A tube filling machine has several applications since it’s possible to fill many types of tubes with liquid of varying level of viscosity. Here are some of the popular applications:

Pharmaceutical Industry: Medical products are available in many different tubes and containers. Such container tubes are filled using an appropriate machine. These machines are versatile and help fill relevant substances in the correct tube with help of automated and programmed machine units. These units are able to efficiently fill, seal and sort products in an appropriate manner, hence it is vital to the pharmaceutical industry. For example, it is useful to fill products like ointments, creams and liquid medicines like syrups.

Cosmetic Industry: The cosmetic industry makes use of a tube-filling machine extensively since almost all the products are available in some type of tube package. The cosmetic industry is very big and they have a requirement for tube-filling machines for custom size and shapes. For example, products like shampoo, liquid soap, ointments, body and hair lotions, etc are usually available in some type of tube.

Food Processing: tube filling machine is also vital to food processing industry. There are a wide range of food products in the market and a fair portion of these products are packaged in tubes. There are several filling-machines available, picking a suitable machine for filling different types of tubes as per the food products is important.

Pesticides Manufacturing: There are many different types of pesticides that also make use of tubes for the purpose of distribution. An appropriate filling-machine will ensure the product is packaged the right away.

Working Principle of Tube Filling Machine

The first thing which you’ll have to do is starting by inserting the tubes into the tube holder. This process can be manual or automatic depending on the type of equipment that you’re using. Typically,the tube holders will rotate with the rotary table, and in that case, they will be positioned at various workstations. Now at this point, all the functions are already set from the control unit.

So it happens that the machine conducts all the respective functions in an organized sequence. It starts with filling, sealing, printing the batch number as well as cutting off the tail. And remember all these functions are automatically generated.

The completion of all these functions will be at different intervals on the specific respective workstations. The most important thing about the entire process of this machine is that you can easily adjust the filling quantity as well as speed.

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