Toothpaste Filling Machines In Allpack

Toothpaste is a paste or gel dentifrice used with a toothbrush to clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of teeth. They are generally useful to maintain dental health, and containing fluoride is effective at preventing tooth decay. Toothpaste filling machines are used to package toothpaste into tubes or other containers.

The toothpaste filling machine is widely used to fill toothpaste into tubes or other containers. These filling machines can also be used to produce and fill cosmetic and food pastes or creams. Allpack toothpaste filling machines are designed to meet the different needs of the toothpaste industry with semi-automatic types and fully automatic types.

Vacuum Toothpaste Making Machine

Allpack vacuum toothpaste making machine is widely used for manufacturing paste-like products, like toothpaste, cosmetics, foods, and chemistry industry, etc. The working system of the vacuum toothpaste-making machine is based on a certain production process, a variety of raw materials into the paste system in turn, through strong mixing, kneading, and grinding to make raw materials fully dispersed and mixed evenly.

  • Model: APKYGJ -50
  • Good stability
  • Full automation of production control

Tube Filling Machine

Allpack tube filling machine adopts imported foreign advanced techniques for cosmetics, ointment cream products filling, and sealing. This tube-filling machine includes automatic tube feeding, heating, and sealing. With a compact structure, simple and convenient operation, this tube filling machine is applicable to many industries. This tube filling machine also adopts a mechanical structure, smooth and fast operation, high efficiency, and low noise.

  • Model: NF-60
  • Foreign advanced technique
  • Compact structure, simple and convenient operation

Manual Filling Machine

Allpack manual filling machine is powered by compressed air with the foot switch and automatic switch. This pneumatic filling machine can dose the product in the range of 5ml to 50ml, and the range can be adjusted with a screw. The compressor requires connection to the compressor. With simple design, this filling machine allows you dispensing small amounts of liquids and pastes.

  • Model: A03
  • Wide filling range
  • Manually control filling

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