Cashew Packaging Machines In Allpack

Cashew is one type of nut that is widely liked by most people. Cashew is rich in vitamin A, which is an excellent antioxidant, and can make the skin shiny for a better complexion. Regular consumption of cashew can strengthen your body and improve your disease resistance. The packaging of cashew is very important as cashew is susceptible to moisture and spoilage.

Allpack cashew packaging machine is suitable for weighing and packing grain, stick, slice, globose, and irregular shape products such as candy, chocolate, jelly, pasta, melon seeds, roasted seeds, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, nuts, coffee beans, chips, raisins, plum, cereals and other leisure foods, pet food, puffed food, vegetable, dehydrated vegetables, fruits, seafood, frozen food, small hardware, etc.

With high weighing precision and efficiency, the Allpack cashew packaging machine is simple to operate. It can offer you the perfect packaging and pattern for your bags. This cashew packaging machine can perform bags such as three-side seal bags, stand-up bags, ziplock bags, gusset bags, etc. to complete automatic bag pick-up, bag open, fill product into pouch bag, seal pouch bag, and finished product output.

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging machine

Allpack single chamber vacuum packaging machine applies the vacuum method to remove all the oxygen in the product bag and shrink them to a low low volume with the heating sealing to secure them. This vacuum packaging machine contains only one vacuum chamber. By applying low pressure and low oxygen seal, this vacuum packaging machine can prevent your food from spoiling and keep the original taste.

  • Model: DZ-500/2ES
  • Visual operation panel
  • Suitable for all kinds of vacuum bags

Band Sealer

Allpack band sealer can be used for sealing plastic films and is suitable for sealing all kinds of heat-sealed packages continuously, especially for nuts such as cashew, peanut, almond, etc. The sealing part of the band sealer applies the heat irons to seal the bag mouth, and cooling irons to cool the bag mouth after you finished the bag sealing. Band sealers also adopt a constant temperature control system and stepless speed regulation mechanism, and you can easy to operate this machine with your mind without any concern. 

  • Model: FRS-1120w
  • Constant temperature control system
  • Step-less speed adjusting transmission mechanism

Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Allpack thermoforming packaging machine applies the heating process to mold different types of plastic materials and seal the different products in the packaging molds. You can get any kind of thermoforming packaging shape by applying Allpack thermoforming machines. This thermoforming packaging machine can continuously finish the procedure of film forming, product feeding, vacuuming, sealing, and cutting automatically.

  • Model: HVR-320A
  • Recycling device for waste film
  • Sensor for accurate positioning

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Allpack double chamber vacuum packaging machines are equipped with semi-automatic or automatic covers and external pumps for more efficient production. This vacuum packaging machine contains two chambers and covers for you to complete the vacuuming from one chamber to another chamber cyclically. The vacuum packaging can prevent cashews from oxidation, going mold, insects, or getting damp.

  • Model: DZK-500/S
  • Requires vertical or square package
  • Inclined design for different bag sizes

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