Coffee Powder Packaging Machines In Allpack

Allpack coffee powder packaging machines are specially designed for coffee powders filling and packaging. But also this packaging machine can be applied for filling and packaging dry powders, such as milk powder, spices powder, corn flour, laundry powder,coconut powder, fruit powder, collagen protein powder, cocoa powder, chilli powder, etc.

This coffee powder packaging machine integrates metering, bagging, packing, sealing, date printing and counting into one. And allpackchina can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics and your needs.

Powder Filling Machine

Allpack screw blanking powder filling machine is designed with PLC-controlled auger filling system to complete the coffee powder measurement, filling. Due to its unique design, it is more suitable for packaging those easy to flow or very poor fluidity of powder and granular materials like spice. This screw blanking powder filling machine is applicable for all kinds of packaging styles, such as bottles, cans, cartons, stand-up pouches, plastic bags, etc.

  • Model: FLG-1000A
  • Screw blanking powder filling
  • PLC-controlled auger filling system

Powder Packing Machine

Allpack powder packing machine adopts high accurate auger filling system for measurement. It's suitable for heat sealable compound materials such as single Paper/PE, Cellophane/PE, Aluminum foil /PE, BOPP/PE, Nylon/PE etc. This powder packing machine offers you pillow sealing type, "M" fold type, three-side sealing type, four-side sealing type, and diamond type.

  • Model: DXDF-100AX
  • High accurate auger filling system
  • Suitable for any heat-sealable compound materials

Band Sealer

Allpack band sealers can be used for sealing plastic films and are suitable for continuously sealing all kinds of heat-sealed packages, such as PE bags, aluminum foil bags, kraft paper bags, electrostatic bags, and Yin-Yang bags. This band sealers are applied for sealing small packages. These band sealers also adopt a constant temperature control system and stepless speed regulation mechanism.

  • Model: FR-770I
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Constant temperature control system

Induction Sealer

Allpack hand sealer is suitable for sealing 16-inch PE/PP bags, aluminum foil bags, and kraft paper sacks that is under 0.4 mm thick. This impulse hand sealer with middle cutter of Allpack is small in size, it is portable and it occupies little space, it is ideal sealing equipment for most of people. This impulse hand sealing machine is equipped with middle cutter which is used to cut the mouth of bag after it is sealed.

  • Model: FSC-220
  • Antibacterial Sealing
  • Automatic Power Off Protection

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