Soda Filling Machines In Allpack

A soda filling machine, also called a soda bottling machine, is widely used in the beverage industry for soda filling and sealing. Soda is widely filled in aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles. Allpack soda filling machine is one of the best industrial soda filling machines available in the market now for all those bottles and cans filling and sealing.

With foreign advanced technology, Allpack soda filling machines can be widely applied in filling and sealing gas beverages, such as beer, soft drinks, soda, cola, sparkling wine, mineral water, etc. The filling machine is made of stainless steel alloy for the material contact part which is the best material for hygiene and safety.

Piston Filler

Allpack piston filler for juices is a volumetric filling machine designed for filling products with any kind of liquid. This piston filler adopts vacuum returning or instant cut-off for stable operation, reliable performance, easy operation, and maintenance in which its filling quantity and speed can be adjusted freely and precisely. When you are operating this pneumatic piston filler, you need to load the liquid materials manually. There is no need for electricity as power which can save your cost and offer you high efficiency. 

  • Model: LPF 50/250/500/1000/2000/5000
  • Volumetric filling
  • Compressed air as the power

CNC Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack CNC liquid filling machine is applicable for filling almost all liquid that can flow, especially soda, soft drinks, oil, washing liquid, and highly corrosive liquid. Driven by magnetic force with a gear pump, this liquid filling machine can be controlled by the manual model, foot pedal switch, and also can be automatically operated to adjust the cycling time.

  • Model: LT-II
  • Stable Performance
  • Driven by magnetic force

Capping Machine

Allpack automatic high-speed capping machine has wide applications. It is equipped with three pairs of friction wheels, which can automatically adjust the tightness of the bottle cap. This high-speed capping machine only needs to adjust some parts to complete the operation of changing bottles and caps. In order to ensure the quality of capping, you can strengthen the capping torque control. By configuring the self-diagnosis system, any errors in leaked bottles or leaked caps will be ruled out.

  • Model: APC-D903
  • Self-diagnosis system
  • Capping torque control

Label Shrink Tunnel

Allpack label shrink tunnel is specially designed for bottles and cups with high efficiency. Adopting high power blowing motor and turbine for air blowing, this shrink tunnel can offer you smooth and neat labels fitted to your different bottle shapes and sizes without deformation. This label shrink tunnel is simple to operate, flexible, and safe, it has a digital temperature control device which supports its shrinking effect. 

  • Model: BS-1540
  • Turbine for air blowing
  • High power blowing motor

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