Stand Up Pouch Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2024

Stand Up Pouch Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2024


Stand-up pouches or doypack can be seen everywhere in our life. Are there any products in your life that often use this kind of packaging? Do you know why the stand-up pouches are so popular now? Do you know what kind of machines are designed for this kind of packaging? All the details about this packaging and packaging machine will be cleared out in this FAQ guide. Let's enjoy!

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    1. What Is The Stand Up Pouch?


    A stand-up pouch or doypack is a type of flexible packaging that is able to stand erect on its bottom for display, storage, and convenience. It is a common packaging way that is widely applied in all kinds of industries.

    The stand-up pouch or doypack is very common in our life. Especially when this kind of packaging is applied to the food industry. In different industries, the materials used in the stand-up pouch are also different. In the food industry, this packaging is generally applied with non-toxic, tasteless, healthy, and environmentally friendly materials.

    2. What Are The Types Of Stand Up Pouches?

    All stand-up pouches have different purposes and characteristics:

    Bottom Gusset Pouches


    The bottom gusset pouches are stand-up pouches with an oval-shaped base. It can facilitate the storage and display of products. Generally, the bottom gusset pouch can be designed with windows for view, handles for control, tear notches for your opening, and valves for degassing.

    Side Gusset Pouches


    The side gusset pouches are designed with side gussets to give you a generous front and back printing area and display space. Thanks to its multi-layer design, it can greatly prevent your products from moisture, steam, and light.

    Flat Bottom Pouches


    The flat bottom pouches are designed with a rectangular base, which not only supports long and secure standing and displaying but also provides you with five printing sides. Another feature is its durability. The flat bottom pouches are reinforced at the bottom to accommodate more weight.

    Retort Pouches


    The retort pouches are stand-up bags with rounded bottom gussets. It is a packaging bag specially used for packaging aseptically processed products. Its main feature is that it is portable and easy to open. The retort pouches are specially used for packaging field rations, space food, fish products, camping food, instant noodles, etc.

    Spouted Pouches


    The spouted pouches are suitable for filling various free-flowing liquids and fluid products, such as liquids, beverages, creams, gels, solvents, powders, etc. Generally, its top and side position are installed with a spout, which is convenient for you to pour out without any leakage.

    3. What Are The Types Of Sealing Mouth For Stand Up Pouches?

    There are plenty of sealing mouths for your choice:

    Zipper Grip Seals


    A zipper grip seal is the most common sealing method in stand-up pouches. It consists mostly of a simple plastic ridge. By nesting the different tracks in the plastic ridges into each other, the closure can be held tightly together. This kind of sealing is simple, cheap, and effective, and is very popular among manufacturers.

    Zipper Slide Seals


    The zipper slide seals help you open and close the seal quickly and securely, with minimal effort. This packaging method provides you with a tight, reliable product package. But its cost may be more expensive than ordinary sealing.

    Spout Seals


    The spout seals are mostly applied on the spout pouches at the top or side of the pouch for easy dispensing of liquids and creams, etc. They are all premade bags and can not apply for the granules filling and sealing.

    4. What Materials Are Stand Up Pouches Made Of?


    The materials by stand-up pouches are usually made of multi-layer materials such as plastic films, paper, foil, etc. These materials are made of high-quality barrier films and can prevent the ingress of moisture and oxygen. Some metal packaging bags also have the function of avoiding light and deodorizing.

    Laminated Film


    The laminated film is made of two or three layers of film after bonding and heat pressing. This film is widely used in various packaging fields, especially in the field of food packaging. It's safe, reliable, and the material can withstand the printing of high-impact graphics and labels.

    Laminated Paper Film


    The laminated paper film can be widely applied for product packaging in the pharma and health care, food, and beverages industries. This material is very environmentally friendly, can effectively prevent moisture and light, and can be used in almost all food packaging.

    Aluminum Foil Film


    The aluminum foil film can be used for the packaging of many kinds of food, such as candy, biscuits, sausage, dried fruit, raw and cold cooked food, etc. This material has strong heat resistance and high-temperature resistance and can accept colorful printing.

    5. What Are The Advantages Of Using Stand Up Pouches?

    Compared with other packaging bag types, including pillow pouches, sachets, etc., the advantages of stand-up pouches are very prominent:

    Special Bottom Style


    Compared with other types of pouches, the stand-up pouches can provide you with solid support of the special bottom design, whether it is for display or for easy access, this design is great. And it can also provide you with a large capacity of space.



    Stand-up pouches are generally made of extremely durable materials, strong and reliable. It is not easily torn or punctured. Even storing some sturdy items such as walnuts will not be a problem.



    Compared with traditional hard packaging, the current stand-up pouches are more environmentally friendly. Because this packaging uses more environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes in the production process, it can save more resources and reduce waste.

    Product Secure


    The high-quality packaging material of stand-up pouches can well ensure that the contents avoid contact with air and dust, thus extending the shelf life and freshness of the product.

    Low Cost


    Stand-up pouches are more expensive to make than regular bags, but far less than boxes or bottles. But it can achieve the same packaging effect as a box or bottle. This can greatly save the packaging cost of the product.

    6. Stand Up Pouch VS Flat Pouch

    Before comparing a stand-up pouch and a flat pouch, we need to understand what is a flat pouch.

    Flat Pouch


    Contrary to the stand-up pouch, the flat pouch doesn't have any gussets, bottom seals, etc. A flat pouch is generally a back seal or a three-sided seal. Due to the simple design of this bag, it is relatively cheap to make and is widely used without the same.


    Stand Up Pouch Flat Pouch
    Appearance Chemicals Flat-Pouch
    Bag Design Special bottom design with gussets that can stand up on the shelf. Without a special bottom design that is designed lay flat.
    Bag Types Bottom gusset pouches, side gusset pouches, flat bottom pouches, retort pouches, spouted pouches. Sachets, pillow bags, three-side seal bags.
    Product Types Suitable for packaging products with high volume or bulk quantities. Suitable for packaging products that are slim and can neatly fit inside a tray or box.
    Purpose Can stand directly to display at the shelf to attract customers. Unable to stand, often displayed on hooks to attract customers.
    Size There are a variety of sizes, and the inside space is also large, just need to choose according to the number of products. There are a variety of sizes, but the inside space is not particularly different, and it needs to be selected according to the tight fit of the product.

    7. What Is The Stand Up Pouch Machine?


    The stand-up pouch machine also referred to as doypack machine uses premade stand-up pouches or doypack to fill and seal all kinds of products. This kind of machine has a very large production capacity, and most of them are fully automatic design. It can even provide you with a very large capacity filling line.

    8. What Products Are Often Applied By Stand Up Pouch Machines?

    The stand-up pouch machine is widely used, most of which are concentrated in the pharma industry, skincare, food and beverage industry, and chemical industry.

    Food and Beverage


    The stand-up pouch machine can be used to fill powder, liquid, fluid, and solid, almost all hardness products are applicable. Foods that are often filled include sausages, nuts, dry food, snacks, cheese, preserved fruit, fruit, flour, powder seasoning, etc. Liquids include sauce, rice vinegar, fruit juice, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, paste, etc.

    Pharma Industry


    Many nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical raw materials, protein powder, vitamin gummy, gauze, band-aids, traditional Chinese medicine, liquid supplements, etc. are using this stand-up pouches packaging.

    Skin Care


    Face cream, body lotion, laundry detergent, hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, hand cream, essence, dish soap, facial cleanser, sunscreen, hair conditioner, etc. are all widely used in stand-up pouch machines.



    Various chemical and industrial raw materials can be packaged using stand-up pouch machine. These include pigments, coatings, talc, paints, cement, fertilizers, and more.

    9. What Are The Advantages Of Applying Stand Up Pouch Machines?

    After applying the stand-up pouch machine, you can get the benefits of:

    Flexible Packaging Application

    Flexible Packaging Application

    The stand-up pouch machine can be used for filling and packing different liquid, paste, and cream products such as water, oil, milk, juice, ketchup, tomato sauce, peanut butter, honey, mayonnaise, liquid detergent, shampoo, body washing, and other non-free-flowing liquid when equipped with different filling machines like piston pump filling parts.

    High Speed And High Capacity

    The stand-up pouch machine generally adopts a fully automatic mode. You can choose the mode of premade pouch or film bag making according to your needs. Both modes don't slow down your productivity and can bring high efficiency.

    Easy Operation And Maintenance


    With the fully automatic mode and the PLC control, you only need to train one employee to operate the machine according to the manufacturer's instructions. And most of the machines have an automatic cleaning function, which is very convenient for your early use and later maintenance.

    High Automation


    The whole process of the stand-up pouch machine operation does not require human participation, only one supervising staff is required. This can drastically cut your labor costs.

    10. What Is The Working Principle Of Stand Up Pouch Machine?

    The stand-up pouch machine works as follows:


    Working Principle Of Stand Up Pouch Machine -photo credits: Acepack

    • Film Unwind. Once the machine has been started, the films will be unwind for the stand-up pouch making later.
    • Bottom Hole Punching. To control the humidity and the amount of oxygen inside the bag, before the bag forming, the films will be punched for the bottom hole.
    • Bag Forming. The ends of the film roll are aligned and rolled up. The approximate shape bag has been formed.
    • Film Guide. The film guide is to fix the shape of the bag and facilitate further plastic and heat sealing later.
    • Bottom Seal. A special mold is applied under the bottom seal to mold the bottom of the bag into an oval shape or rectangular shape to make them stand up.
    • Vertical Seal I. The heat seal panel will heat seal the left edge of the bag.
    • Vertical Seal II. The heat seal panel will heat seal the right edge of the bag.
    • Tear Notch. Two tear notches will be cut on the edge of the top side of the bag that has been heat-sealed on three sides, which is convenient for customers to open later.
    • The photocell will locate the position of the bag.
    • Servo Advance. Servo advance keeps the bag going.
    • It separates the pouches from the films.
    • Pouch Catching. After each pouch has been separated from the films, it will be caught and controlled for the following steps.
    • Pouch Opening. The grip will open the top mouth of the stand-up pouches.
    • Air Flushing. For some products that need to be flushed with nitrogen, they need to be flushed with nitrogen here to ensure the freshness of the products.
    • Filling I. It will fill the products into the pouches.
    • Filling II. If the quantity or grams is inaccurate, or if mixed products are required, secondary filling is required.
    • Top Seal I. Requires mounting interface.
    • Top Seal II. Seal the interface part.
    • Finished Products. Products are packaged.
    • Products are moved to other links.

    11. What Are The Components Of Stand Up Pouch Machine?

    The components in stand up pouch machine as follows:


    Independent Film Unwind Unit

    The film unwind unit can ensure good control of the film tensile force to make it more flexible for film roll width or pouch specification. After you set the parameter before starting this machine, it can offer you better stand-up pouch forming and making.

    PLC Control System

    The PLC control system can ensure intelligent machine control. You can set the parameters and make adjustments easily and fast.

    Powder Filling System

    The dual powder filling system is suitable for powder, and granules, and can help you with filling two products at the same which can greatly improve your efficiency and capacity.

    Servo Advance System

    The servo advance system can help you with a stable pouch advance with less deviation. It is easy to computerized specification change. With a big torque-moment of pouch advance, it is suitable for big-volume production.

    Dual Filling Station

    The dual filling station can fulfill two products simultaneously to reduce your time by half. It can also offer you high filling speed, high capacity, and high filling accuracy.

    Light Walking Beam

    The light walking beam can ensure you a faster working speed and longer operational life span.


    For receiving the finished products and transferring them into other parts.

    12. What Are The Types Of Stand Up Pouch Machines?

    Most of the stand-up pouch machines may only differ in appearance:

    Horizontal Stand-Up Pouch Machine


    The horizontal stand-up pouch machine started with a premade pouch and has a very flexible packaging application. It can apply to different types of product filling and packing, such as powder, liquids, granules, and solids. Different types of product filling and packaging may require different filling systems.

    Generally, a servo auger filling system for powder filling, a piston pump filling system for liquid filling, a volumetric cup filling system for granule filling, and a multi-weightier filling system for solid filling.

    Rotary Stand-Up Pouch Machine


    Rotary Stand Up Pouch Machine -photo credits: bojupacking

    The rotary stand-up pouch machine can automatically complete suction bags, date printing, bag opening, material filling, bag sealing, finished product output, and other links. And the horizontal stand-up pouch machine uses the way of horizontal filling and packaging, the rotary stand-up pouch machine uses the way of rotation. This can effectively use the space of the machine.

    13. Stand Up Pouch Machine VS Sachet Machine

    What Is Sachet Machine?


    Sachet machine mainly completes sachet filling and packaging. Due to the limitation of sachet size and shape, the sachet machine is mainly used for filling powder, liquid, and pastes.

    Sachet machines can automatically finish sachet forming, pouch making, dosing, and filling packing processes. It is the best packaging solution for small sachet fast packaging. With a flexible filling device, that can be applied for packing juice, yogurt, syrup, coffee powder, detergent powder, coffee beans, peanuts, etc.

    Stand-Up Pouch Machine VS Sachet Machine

    Stand Up Pouch Machine Sachet Machine
    Machine Design Stand-Up-Pouch-Machine Sachet-Machine
    Bag Design Stand-Up-Pouches Sachets
    Bag Volume High Low
    Bag Sealing Tear notch, zipper sealing, zipper slides sealing, spout sealing. Three-side sealing, four-side sealing, back sealing.
    Working Principle Stand up pouch forming, bag making, dosing and filling, sealing, etc. Sachet forming, pouch making, dosing and filling, sealing, etc.
    Purpose Product packaging and display. Dose dispensing.
    Product Types All kinds of liquids, pastes, powder, granules, and solids. Only applied for liquids, pastes, powder, and small granules.
    Machine Type Horizontal type and rotary type. Horizontal type, vertical type, and rotary type.
    Automation Fully automatic Semi-automatic, fully automatic.

    14. Is The Stand Up Pouch Machine Right For You?


    The stand-up pouch machine is versatile and can provide you with customized solutions while protecting your products. With this perfect packaging solution, when you have a deep understanding, you will find that this machine will match your needs very well.



    The stand-up pouch machine can provide you with a variety of ways of customization, including stand-up pouch material (aluminum bag, kraft paper bag), stand-up pouch shape (small bag to heavy square bottom bag) and size, stand-up pouch sealing mouth way, the working speed and efficiency of the machine, etc.



    The stand-up pouch machine offers great versatility. Because it can be applied to almost all product packages. Including, food (fresh food, dried food and fruit, cereals, nuts, rice, spices, sauces, etc. ), soft & alcoholic drinks (wine, water, soda, sprites, etc.), hot drinks and beverages (coffee, tea, etc.), pet food and treats (cat food, dog food, fish food, etc.), garden supplies (seeds, pesticide, solid fertilizer), beauty & cosmetics (face masks, makeups, skin creams, etc.), health & fitness (protein powder, vitamins, supplements, etc.).



    The stand-up pouches are all made of eco-friendly materials. In addition to being able to keep the contents of the bag fresh, it can also save materials and avoid the waste of packaging materials. Packaging materials are recyclable, in line with the concept of circular economy.


    The FAQ guide of stand-up pouch machines can not only share knowledge with you but also give you more inspiration. In addition to making good use of this packaging, the design of the entire machine is in line with the green development of the environment. If you have more questions or insights about this machine, you are welcome to consult our customer service or browse our website.

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