Chili Powder Packing Machines In Allpack

Allpack chili powder packing machines can offer you plenty of functions and a wide range of packaging. The chili powder packing machine is suitable for filling and packaging various powders and granules such as chili powder, coffee powder, spice, turmeric powder, mirchi powder, pepper powder, and other materials.

Chili powder packing machine has the ability of weight measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and bags counting at one time. With a high degree of automation, the chili powder packaging machine provides you with simple operation and high capacity.

Automatic Weighing Machine

Allpack automatic linear weigher is suitable for the automatic weighing of small particles and powders with good fluidity, such as chili powder, sugar, condiments, seeds, and other materials, and packs into bags or bottles with automatic works for high productivity. This weighing machine has a date and knife making an incision for easy opening. It is made of stainless steel using high-quality components which is simple to use, efficient, and trouble-free.

  • Model: Linear weigher
  • High quality components
  • Efficient and trouble-free

Weighing Packaging Machine

Allpack automatic weighing filling and packaging machine is a single-head machine designed for dosing all kinds of loose, dry, non-caking products, such as flour, salt, flour, cereals, spices, etc. The packaging device consists of a funnel, vibratory feeder, weighing unit, and feeding mechanism. This weighing machine is operated via a simple panel, accurate and easy to clean.

  • Model: EWM-3000
  • Vibratory feeder
  • Feeding mechanism

Granule Filling Machine

Allpack automatic granule filling machine can automatically complete the measurement and filling of turmeric powders. This filling machine has an electronic sensor that helps control the volume of the packages for different powder products. With extremely high precision, this turmeric powder filling machine has a speed and long-lasting life. Adopted with a digital display, this screw blanking powder filling machine makes it easy for your operation.

  • Model: KFG-500
  • Electronic sensor
  • Extremely high precision

Induction Sealer

Allpack induction sealer machine is widely used for sealing aluminum foil on plastic and glass bottles or jars by induction sealing after dry powder filling. This induction sealer has a fast speed for bulk production and stable and reliable performance with long working life. Its conveyor speed and sealing speed are variable. With adjustable sealing duration and power, it can be applied for powder use with high efficiency.

  • Model: HL-3000B
  • Adjustable sealing duration
  • Operational memory and data saving

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