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Allpackchina horizontal packing machine is ideal for suppliers of products that must be packaged individually. Flow wrapping is a horizontal packaging process in which product enters the machinery and is wrapped in clear or printed film. The result is a tightly fitted flexible package with a horizontal back seal and end seal.It is is suitable for the packaging of various solid and regular objects such as biscuits, bread, instant noodles, moon cakes, candy, chocolate, medicines, daily necessities, hardware parts, cartons or trays. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical,hardware, daily chemical and other industries, can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, bag making, sealing,printing batch number, finished product output, counting, etc.

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Horizontal Packaging Machine: The Complete Buying Guide In 2023

Dealing with regular solid items you must need to seal them well for their life cycle and then pack them for safety purposes.

For this kind of working you must need an equipment that work for your business in the best possible way and guess what? You have found one which is Horizontal Packaging Machine.

This ultimate information provider guide will lead you to the best possible Horizontal Packaging Machine that can satisfy your needs and provide you effective and efficient solution. Let’s read it together.

1.What Is A Horizontal Packaging Machine?


A horizontal packaging machine is a type of automated machine that is used to package products. These machines are often used in factories and warehouses to package items such as food, beverages, and other consumer goods. Horizontal packaging machines can vary in size and complexity, but all typically use some type of conveyor belt to move products through the packaging process.

2.Explain The Different Of A Horizontal Packaging Machine?Benefits

The horizontal packaging machine is a fully automatic packaging machine. The seal poaches are produced during packaging by using the film. Moreover, both dry and wet products can be carried by this poach.

The horizontal packaging machine is being used by many of companies for packaging purposes. The advantages of horizontal packaging machines are as follows:

Works Quicker


The very first advantage of a horizontal packaging machine is that it works quicker than other packaging machines. As it is a fully automatic machine it makes the packaging process quicker.

The machine mainly sealed more products in a minute than others.

Easy to Use


The horizontal packaging machine is very easy to use. You do not need any type of rocket science to pack different types of products.

Easy to Maintain

The maintenance of the horizontal packaging machine is very easy and simple. You just have to simply clean the machine daily. Cleaning is not a big job.

More Flexible

The horizontal packaging machine also gives a great flexibility level to the user. It sealed all types of packages very flexibly.

The packages you can seal from this machine are as follow:

  • Dry Products
  • Solid Products
  • Liquid Products

Increases Production


The greatest advantage of a horizontal packaging machine is that it increases the production rate of your industry. So, the higher the production higher you can earn from it.

3.What Is The Working Process Of A Horizontal Packaging Machine?

A horizontal packaging machine is a type of machinery used for packing products into containers. The containers are usually bags or boxes.

The machine fills the container with the product and then seals it. Horizontal packaging machines can be used for a variety of products, including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

The horizontal packaging machine contains a feed conveyor.

Many horizontal packaging machines are designed to work with specific types of products. For example, some machines are equipped with special features that allow them to handle delicate items such as eggs or fragile electronics. Others are designed for large or bulky items such as furniture or appliances.

Working Process of Horizontal Packaging Machine

The working process of a horizontal packaging machine typically begins with the operator loading the product into the machine. The product is then conveyed to the filling station, where it is dispensed into the container. Once the container is full, it moves to the sealing station, where it is sealed shut. The sealed container is then discharged from the machine and sent on its way.


Working Process

4.How You Can Use A Horizontal Packaging Machine For Multiple Applications?

Horizontal packaging machines have many applications. These applications include:

Pharmaceutical Industries

The horizontal packaging machine is used in pharmaceutical industries to pack different kinds of medicines. The packaging products of pharmaceutical industries are as follows:

  • The syringes
  • Many blisters
  • Different kinds of drops
  • Bandages

So, this machine is very beneficial for pharmaceutical industries. It also makes the packaging of medicines easy and very reliable.

Food Industries


The other application of horizontal packaging machines is in the food industries. The machine is used in food industries to pack food products. The machine is very useful in packaging the bakery products such as:

  • Cake
  • Pizza
  • Cookies
  • Bread
  • Crumbs

Moreover, the horizontal packaging machine is very useful in sealing dry items and also sealing

pasta products easily.

Also, if you want to pack the bags the horizontal packaging machine is used for it. The machine is used in packaging products like:

  • Different types of candies
  • Toffees
  • Bubble Gums

The machine can also be sealing the products that are dry and wet.

Cosmetic Industries



The horizontal packaging machine is also widely used in cosmetic industries for packaging cosmetics products. Also, by using this machine it becomes very simple to pack every type of cosmetic products.

Agriculture Industries


In agriculture industries, horizontal packaging is used for sealing different types of chemical products. The machine itself provides great safety to these chemical product.

5.Which Parts Of The Horizontal Packaging Machine Are Important?


Different Parts of Packaging Machine

Every part of horizontal packaging is very important. Because every part has different functions. And they all play a vital role in working or sealing the products.

The parts of the horizontal packaging machine are as follows:

The conveyer Belt

Conveyer Belt

Conveyer Belt

The very first and the important part of a horizontal packaging machine is the conveyer belt. This part helps to move products through the packaging process.

The main work of the conveyer belt is that it moves the seal of the products with great safety. And also moves them in a hygienic way towards the ceiling.

The Heat Sealer

The second part of the machine is called the heat sealer. The main function of this part in the horizontal packaging machine is that it seals the products in their packaging.

The Print Head

The print head is the next important part of the horizontal packaging machine. The print head prints information on product packaging.

You can easily print all types of information on the products by using the print head part. Information about manufacturing and expiry date. Price can also be labelled by this part.

The Labelling System

Labelling System

Labelling System

The very next important part of the horizontal packaging machine is the labelling system of the machine. The part of this machine is mainly used to apply labels to the products.

So, the labelling can be done easily by this part of the horizontal packaging machine.

The Fully Automatic Packaging

The fully automatic packaging is another part of the horizontal packaging machine. This part makes sure that the product should be packed completely and accurately from both ends.

Also, this helps in rotating the hot air incision every time whenever the packaging is starting or ending.

Touch Screen System

Touch Screen System

Touch Screen System

The next and most interesting part of the horizontal packaging machine is the latest touch screen. Through the touch screen, you can control the packaging process. The touch screen is colorful.

Moreover, you can change the settings of the machine according to your requirements by using the touch screen system of the horizontal packaging machine.

The above are all the important parts of the horizontal packaging machine that are used to pack different types of products.

6.What are the categories of a Horizontal Packaging Machine?

When it comes to the categories of a horizontal packaging machine, it can be divided into two kinds which we have explained below:

Fully Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine

Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine

Fully automatic packaging machine is a continuous operation equipment without any halt. It ensures fast output with performing dual task of bag setting and cutting at one step. With high automation degree it saves your time and rejects mistakes. It is capable of sealing diverse shapes packages beautifully.

Working Principles

This machine is supplied with pre made pouches which gradually dispensed from the roller when machine gets started. These pouches are then fed with products and further conveyed by conveyor belt where sealing crimper tightly holds the opening of package with jaws. After getting sealed these horizontal packages are discharged by machine.


It consists of film holder, control panel, bag former, cutting device, conveyor, hopper, crimper, caster wheels, electrical wires, stainless steel frame and film roller etc.


This type of machine carrying great suitability for large scale industries like baking industry, confectionary, pharmaceutical and grocery products processing industries.

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine

Another type is semi automatic horizontal sealing machine with medium size production. This machine need an operator to intervene in the packaging mechanism. It comes with customization and is cost economical with low initial cost and easy usability.

Working Principles

The machine starts its function after getting started. Operator manually feeds the packets after which these packs are carried by conveyor belt. The sealing head seals opening of packs tightly and they are pushed forward for discharging.


It comprised of film roller, sealing head, conveyor belt, heating system, control panel, crimping jaws and belt drive motor etc.


This machine is mainly utilized for medium size production volume that’s why its presence can be found in areas like restaurants for packing fast food and ketchup, in bakeries for packing biscuits and cookies etc.

7.How a fully automatic Horizontal packaging Machine is different from semi-automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine?

Both fully automatic horizontal packaging and semi automatic horizontal packaging machine do not lie in same category rather they have distinguished specifications which can be found by following facts:

NoFactorsFully Automatic Horizontal Packaging MachineSemi-Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine
1NatureFully automatic horizontal packaging machine is self relaint and works automaticallySemi automatic horizontal packaging machine depends upon operator for full processing
2ProcessIts process is fast and easy due to automationIt is slow compare to fully automatic horizontal packaging machine
3StructureIts structure is complicated with number if machines which are integrated with itIt has simple construction due to no additional parts
4Cost & CapacityIt is expensive but has higher throughputIt is less expensive and has low processing capacity
5ApplicationIt is utilized by big industries like pharmaceutical, food and beverage etc.It is employed for low volume production like bakery, cosmetic and non food items etc.
6MachineFully Automatic Horizontal Packaging MachineSemi-Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machine-1
8.Difference Between Horizontal Packaging Machine & Vertical Packaging Machine?

When it comes to horizontal packaging machines, there are many different types and varieties on the market.

However, they all essentially serve the same purpose: to package products in a horizontal fashion. This is in contrast to vertical packaging machines, which package products in a vertical fashion.

Horizontal Packaging Machine is Faster than the Vertical Packaging Machine

There are several key differences between horizontal and vertical packaging machines. For one, horizontal packaging machines are typically much faster than vertical packaging machines.

This is because horizontal packaging machines can operate in multiple lanes, while vertical packaging machines can only operate in one lane.

Horizontal Packaging Machine Handle More Products


Additionally, horizontal packaging machines can typically handle more products at once than vertical packaging machines.

Horizontal Packaging Machine Uses Heat Sealing while the Vertical Packaging Machine uses Ultrasonic Sealing

Another key difference between horizontal and vertical packaging machines is the way they seal products. Horizontal packaging machines typically use heat sealing methods, while vertical packaging machines typically use ultrasonic sealing methods.

Heat sealing is generally more reliable and produces stronger seals than ultrasonic sealing. However, ultrasonic sealing is often faster and can be less expensive than heat sealing.

Horizontal Packaging is More Versatile

Finally, horizontal packaging machines tend to be more versatile than vertical packaging machines. This is because they can be used for a variety of different product types and sizes.

Design and Construction of Machines


Both horizontal and vertical packaging machines work very differently from each other. When it comes to the horizontal packaging machine, you can see that there is a roll of film that is present in the machine that helps in producing the bottom of the gusset.

So, by having roll film the horizontal packaging machine does not require extra force to pack the products.

While on the other hand, the vertical packaging machine requires more force to pack the products because the machine has an oriented aircraft that is present to pack the products.

Also, the film roll is present in the upward direction and is unwound and due to this, the packaging required more force during the sealing of products.

Limitations of Machines

There are also some limitations that are present in both the horizontal packaging machine and the vertical packaging machine. These are as follows:

  • Both machines have a very limited capacity for production.
  • None of the machines can be used without any workers. So, there is somehow a need for any operator to start the machines.
  • The horizontal packaging machine does not pack the products in a single layer.
  • And the vertical packaging machine does not pack the hard materials.
9.What Types Of Products You Can Pack With A Horizontal Packaging Machine?

Horizontal Packaging machines are used to pack different types of products. These products are as follows:

Granule Products


You can easily pack granule products from horizontal packaging machines. These granule products are mainly coffee, sugar, and spices.

Powdered Products


The next type of product you can pack with the help of a horizontal packaging machine is that powdered products. These products include mainly flour and powdered milk.

Liquid Products

The third type of product that is packed by the horizontal packaging machine is liquid products. The liquid products that are packed are shampoo, soap, cooking oil, and different type of syrups.

Semi-Solid Products

The second last type of products that are being sealed by the horizontal packaging machine is the semi-solid products such as peanuts, butter, and jelly products.

Solid Products


You can also pack solid products with the horizontal packaging machine. Solid products like candy, biscuits and, cigarettes can be easily packed by this machine.

10.How would you troubleshoot the problems when face using a Horizontal Packaging Machine?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the exact cause for a problem that you are confronting when using a horizontal packaging machine. However, these problems can be easily solved if you already know the solutions for their cure. Just know them all in table below:

1Fracture on the end sealing area of package It usually happens when spring pressure is uneven or the crimper has excessive pressure on both the ends of film.Correct it by adjusting the spring pressure and also clear the crimper.
2There is leak in package even after sealing It is due to the additional film to jaws of package that creates thickness eventually space left during sealing.This can be solved by increasing the temperature and also use carbonless paper impression.
3Sealing quality problem due to distortion It indicates that film you are using is of low quality and also the crimper may be worn out.Replace the film with one having good quality and do visual inspection for checking the crimper and change it in case of damage.
4The movement or tracking of film is improper There might be problem in spindle position or film is tight on one side and loose on the other side.Make sure that spindle is centered and it is moving freely so that film from both sides would have state.
5There is jam in sealing jawsThe setting of jaws is incorrect or the air pressure is insufficient.Properly set the configurations required for sealing jaws and release enough air pressure.
11.What To Look For While Selecting A Horizontal Packaging Machine?

When selecting a horizontal packaging machine, there are a few key factors to consider in order to find the best option for your needs. These factors are as follows:

Type of Product You Will Pack


The first is the type of product you will be packaging. Horizontal machines can be used for various types of products, but some are better suited for certain items than others.

For example, if you plan on packaging fragile items, you will want a machine that is designed specifically for that purpose.

Speed of Product

Product Speed

Product Speed

Another important factor to consider is the speed of the machine. Horizontal packaging machines can vary greatly in terms of how fast they can operate. If you need a machine that can handle high-volume packaging, then you will want one with a higher speed rating.

On the other hand, if you do not need such a high-speed option, then you may be able to save money by opting for a slower model.

Size and Weight of the Products

Finally, you will also want to take into account the size and weight of the products you will be packaging. Some horizontal machines are only designed for small items while others can accommodate larger ones.

Be sure to choose a machine that can handle the size and weight of your particular products.

Model of the Machine

The next thing you should consider about the horizontal packaging machine before buying is the model of the machine. Because the machine is present in many models in the market.

So, you should know what type of packaging and which model suits you the best for packaging purposes.

Types of Horizontal Packaging Machine

Horizontal Packaging Machine-2

Horizontal Packaging Machine

As there are many types of horizontal packaging machines that are present in the market. So, you should know the requirement of your industry in selecting the horizontal packaging machine.

So, all the above factors you should keep in mind before buying horizontal packaging for your industry.


A horizontal packaging machine is a versatile and efficient way to package products. With the ability to handle a variety of product types and sizes, a horizontal packaging machine can help you increase your productivity while minimizing your packaging costs. If you’re looking for a Packaging Machine that can help, take your business to the next level, consider investing in a horizontal packaging machine. ALLPACKCHINA is providing the best horizontal packaging machines in the market. You can boost your business by using ALLPACKCHINA horizontal packaging machine. If you have more queries, you can contact us.

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