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Instead of tap water, more and more people are getting used to taking bottled water, like mineral water, pure water, etc. Allpack has more than 11 years of experience in water-filling machine and line research and development. So, there are plenty of solutions, quality, and competitive water-filling machines that can support your business.

Water filling machines are mainly used for filling and sealing drinking waters, fruit juices, and other drinks, but also are widely applied in liquid filling with low viscosity, such as beverages, sauce, alcohol, etc. Allpack vertical packaging machine is suitable for dried PE film or composite film bag filling and packaging. The piston filler machine is suitable for drinking bottle filling.

Allpack water filling machines integrate bottle filling, capping, and labeling machines to realize the automation of the whole process. It is an ideal solution for you to start a water bottle-filling business. All the water filling machines are proven to be high efficiency and capacity with low cost and energy saving.

CNC Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack CNC liquid filling machine is especially suitable for bottle filling of clean filling with high precision and free of secondary pollution, like water and beverages. This water filling machine works only when the flow of liquid in the tube and the pump is completely non-contact, and non-polluting, then the filling can be achieved. With stepper motor control, measurement precision is less than 0.1%.

  • Model: Yt180-1
  • Stepper motor control
  • Magnetic gear pump liquid filling

Liquid Filling Machine

Allpack liquid filling machine is driven by compressed air control for water bottling, so it is especially suitable for use in a humid environment with explosion-proof requirements and has a high degree of safety. Due to the use of pneumatic control and mechanical positioning, the filling accuracy is high, and the accuracy can be controlled at 1%.

  • Model: Double-head nozzle piston pneumatic quantitative liquid filling machine
  • Compressed air control
  • Pneumatic control and mechanical positioning

Liquid Packaging Machine

Allpack liquid packaging machine is widely used in the packaging of various liquids such as water, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, etc. This water pouch packaging machine can complete the whole process of film sterilization with ultraviolet radiation, date printing, rationed filling, and sealing & cutting automatically as a continuous action.

  • Model: DXDY-1000AII
  • Wide application
  • International hygiene standards
  • Automatic sealing temperature control

Label Shrink Tunnel

Allpack label shrink tunnel is used to shrink wrapping bottles. This water bottle label shrink tunnel adopts hot air circulation technology, can complete the labeling quickly and precisely, and can be availed at reasonable rates. It can do a complete bottle or be used for partial labels, however, this model always encloses the whole bottle.

  • Model: BS-1230
  • Cooling blower
  • Easy operations
  • Hot air circulation technology

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