Herb Packaging Machines In Allpack

Allpack herb packaging involves a lot of links and a very complicated process. The most basic herb packaging process includes washing, drying, slicing, crushing, screening, packaging, and so on. Each of these devices can be used alone or integrated into the production line, which is very practical.

Herb packaging has very strict requirements on the quality of the environment, materials, and machines. Therefore Allpack can provide you with a series of professional solutions and products to meet your different needs. We provide you with a series of herb-crushing machines, herb slicers, herb-crushing machines, and herb packaging machines.

Herb Slicer

Allpack herb slicers are specially designed for herb cutting and slicers for further packaging. This herb slicer can be applied for all kinds of herbs cutting and slicing. You need to manually load the herbs and switch on the machine. The herb slicer can automatically slice the herbs with high speed and efficiency. This slicer machine is integrated with a fine steel cutter head for stable operation and easy deformation. The pure copper wire motor offers you good quality.

  • Model: DYQ401
  • Turbine speedometer
  • Motor without brush and commutator

Herb Grinding Machine

Allpack herb grinding machine has simple structure, firm and stable operation and good crushing effect. This grinding machine works through its sharp moving blades, whose fast rotation makes it possible to tear the material into the smallest possible particles. It involves herbs loading, material automatically grinding, and material discharging. Equipped with micro switch, the protection performance is stronger.

  • Model: DLF-45S
  • Air cooling device
  • Classification double chamber crushing

Powder Packaging Machine

Allpack powder packaging machines are specially designed for herb powder packaging. After herbs have been sliced or ground, they will be packed by a powder filling machine or powder packaging machine. The powder packaging machine is an automatic vertical powder packaging machine for herb powder filling, bagging, weighing, sealing, and cutting. The powder packaging machine adopts a high-precision auger filling system which makes your filling fast and accurate.

  • Model: DXDF-1000A
  • high-precision auger filling system
  • Suitable for any heat-sealable compound materials

Tea Bag Packing Machine

Allpack tea bag packing machine works in the process of herb feeding, measuring, filling and sealing, bag labeling and discharging. This tea bag packing machine is accordant with the European CE standard and it is totally PLC controlled with advanced frequency converter and multi-language supporter. It is suitable for heat-sealable filter paper. 

  • Model: DXDC-125
  • Totally PLC controlled
  • Heat-sealable filter paper
  • Advanced frequency converter

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