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Capsule/Tablet Counting Line

Allpackchina capsule/tablet counting lines are widely applied and strongly recommended by pharmaceutical manufacturers all around the world.Its comprehensive equipment include Bottle-Unscrambler, Tablet/Capsule Counter, Cotton inserter, Capping Machine, Labeling Machine, Induction Cap-sealer Labeling machine. We are providing the best integrated solutions to satisfied all your requirements of production line.These capsule/tablet counting line is used for tablets , capsules, gels pills and most solid granules.

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A complete fully automatic tablet counting machine production line is made of bottle unscrambler,tablet counting machine,desiccant inserting machine,capping machine,sealing machine and labeling machine.It can be used for bottling and filling solid tablets, capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules), pills, etc. The counting and packaging of boxes and bags meet the requirements of GMP, and are suitable for the production and packaging of scientific research institutions, hospitals, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories and health care products factories. According to your materials and production volume, we will individually customize a set of supporting programs that meet your needs. Bring you the best cost performance and the most assured after-sale protection.


You will benefit from a tablet counting machine production line from below points:


Imagine sorting, counting and dispensing thousands of pills of different types, sizes and colours every day by hand! It will take hundreds of man hours to complete the task. Also, there is a risk of human errors in these activities. If there is a staff shortage, it hampers productivity and creates a backlog of work. A pill counter can easily automate all these activities and relieve the staff to do core or more intelligent jobs. Instead of adding extra hands, it will be more useful to install a tablet counter.

Cost Saving

When you convert man hours into money, you will be surprised how much costly hand counting is. An automatic tablet counting machine production line will incur a one-time cost but save a significant amount of money on staff salaries.

Accurate Counting

When employees make mistakes in counting, they have to start all over again. This results in a heavy loss of time and money. The key purpose of a tablet counting machine is to assist in accurate counting and increase the efficiency of the process.

Prevention of Contamination

In most cases, employees wear gloves and other protective gear as it may be required while handling the pills. However, this does not eliminate the risk of contamination of the pills and bottles. A tablet counting machine production line will reduce that risk of contamination.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are likely to complain if they get bottles with wrong tablets or incorrect number. You may even have to recall these bottles or the entire batch which leads to customer grievances. A tablet counter ensures that such instances do not happen.



Allpackchina tablet counting machine production line is mainly used in medicine, industry, chemical Industry and food industry. It is widely used in counting and bottling of solid preparations, such as pills, sugar-coated tablets, plain tablets, soft and hard capsules and other shaped tablets. Suitable for 10-500ml round, square shaped plastic bottles.

The machine not only can be used independently, but also with the automatic bottle unscrambler machine, desiccant inserter machine, bottle capping machine, sealing and labeling machine and other supporting equipment to form an interactive production line.


Buying a tablet counting machine has to be a very vital decision. This isn’t just from a point of view but from a productivity point of view as well. The dilemma is a mainstream of table counters appear the same at 1st look. This makes it important to recognize the essential components which should always be taken into account during the buying process. This’ll make sure each element satisfy a least set of needs based on individual requirements & preferences.


The 1st thing to take into account while purchasing a tablet counting machine is accurateness. On some components, this’ll be demonstrated as the counting divergence instead of an accuracy ratio. The best options accessible in the market have a 100 percent accuracy rate. Alongside the particular accuracy percentage, it’s also essential to recognize any changeable which may have an effect on accuracy. For instance, some tablet counters will not precisely count clear capsules, softgel tablets, or products with a big hole or peculiar shape.


The 2nd aspect to take into account is speed. There’re many features & functions which can have an effect on the general speed of a capsule counter. The 1st aspect which will have an effect on speed is the amount of lines nourishing the counting machine. The more number of lines there are, the quicker the counter can run. Furthermore, the counters capability to process information will have a similar effect on how quick the device can run. It’s essential to keep the suggested speed of a tablet counting machine since it can negatively affect accurateness.


The 3rd aspect to take into account while purchasing a capsule counter is how it’ll be used. Certain tablet counters are made specially to manage capsules and nothing else. Others have been productive in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. In most circumstances the flexibility roots from the underlying technology. The more precise & versatile the machines, the more flexible the system will be.


The final consideration is dependability. Dependability signifies much more than just being precise. It also signifies how effective the machine will be in long term use. There’s no reason to spend a big sum of cash in a table counting machine today it it’s not going to offer returns for several years. It accomplishes this by being simple to maintain, needing negligible maintenance, and designed to lessen the possible wear & tear.

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