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Allpackchina semi automatic strapping machine is capable of allotting, tightening and fastening polypropylene straps around the packages, automatically.The function is to make the plastic strapping tape can be tied close to the surface of the package, ensure that packages in transport, storage is not due to binding is not strong and scattered, while also bundling tidy.Its heater assists in applying pressure on the strap and connects the ends with heat welds. Semi automatic strapping machine power switch have inbuilt sensors that makes the motor to switch off while not working and again restarts automatically with the insertion of strap.

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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine:The Complete Buying Guide In 2022

A strapping machine is used to strap products which provides them protection and security. As the manufacturers are now focused on importing and exporting their products globally, strapping machines provides them such protection and a surety. The goods can reach safely to its destination irrespective of any of the transportation modes.

Like other strapping machines, semi-automatic strapping machines are also highly recommended by manufacturers as to strap large volume of packages in no time. For being familiar with semi-automatic strapping machines and its features, its applications and advantages. This buying guide will completely assist you to get more knowledge about strapping machines.


Wrapping of materials or pallets in plastic or similar material is done using a strapping machine. A strapping machine prevents the product from being damaged during any transportation. It packs the material in such high tensile material that the product remains secured even if the packages falls down. The wrapping material is stretchable and holds the ability to absorb external shocks.

A semi-automatic strapping machine follows the basic principle of a strapping machine and is used to wrap products with high tensile material to secure it during travelling. A semi-automatic strapping machine uses both manual and automatic operations. An operator inserts the product into the machine and presses start button. The operator is also involved in wrapping the free end of strap and then the machine automatically tightens the traps according to the given conditions. These are usually preferred in industries where medium scale production is carries out as it can give an output rate of 1-1.5 straps / second.


Semi-automatic strapping machines are widely used in industries where packaging of bundles, metals, boxes and others are strongly tight with each other so that they don’t get damaged during delivery. These machines are usually used in medium scale industries like food processing, printing industry, packaging industry, newspaper packaging setup, lumber industry and others.  These semi-automatic strapping machines are used in these industries for

Food Processing Industry

Food products are packed in big cartons and boxes. These boxes are to be travelled for a longer distance. Semi-automatic strapping machine straps the boxes in such a way that they don’t get effected easily when travelling and keeps the product safe inside.

Newspaper/ Paper Packaging Industry

Mass amount of newspaper, printed pages, packaging, merchandiser and papers are strapped in a micro or medium scale businesses. This industry uses Semi-automatic strapping machine to tightly pack these packages and ensures safe travelling to a longer distance.

Metal Industry

Metal, band steel and plastic materials are also strapped while they are defined as a finished product. They are closely packed using semi-automatic strapping machines.

Lumber Industry


Large woods and lumber industry products also uses these machine for strapping them together.

Industries where the production rate is too large, they prefer fully automatic strapping machines so that they can meet the customer demand and market requirement.

Some of the advantages of a semi-automatic strapping machines are










Product Security

Semi-automatic strapping machine provide high level security to the products as it tightly wraps the product and don’t allows it scatter easily. If the right property is selected according to the product then one has to be rest assured that the product will reach its destination safely.


Easy Handling

The machines are very easy to handle and no such expertise are required for controlling the operation of it. The operational manuals and guidelines equally participate in easy handling of machine.



Semi-automatic strapping machines are very economical as only one time investment is to be done and it lasts for a longer period. It also reduces human effort and helps the operator to uses its energy on other things.


Time saving

Large area of time is saved using these machines. The product gets strapped in no time. The amount of product that gets strapped as compare to manually operated machines is also very high.


Business Growth

Semi-automatic strapping machines help the manufacturer to expand its business to a large level and produce as much products as it can. It makes the industries much profitable.

Components of Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine







Power Switch

The power switch is used to turn on the strapping machine. As the machine gets powered on the motors start rotating and also the strapping feed moves.


Feeding Length Knob

The feeding knob is used to present the feeding of strap automatically during operation.


Reset Switch

While any mishap or getting the strap back to its position this reset switch is used


Strap Feed Switch

Strap feed switch is responsible to get the strap out of machine freely


Power Plug

To give required supply to the machine. Mainly 110-220V



To stop the rotation of motors. These brakes are there in semi-automatic strapping machine.


Strap guide for brake

Threading of strap is done through these guides


Strap bypass guide

The strap passes through this guide while applying on the product.


Packaging Stopper

To stop or hold the product the on the table



Motors are responsible for the inlet of strap from strap guide.



To detect the product and strap incoming and outgoing


Working Principle of Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

The working principle of a semi-automatic strapping machine is very simple and easy to understand. It follows following steps.

  • Initially all the strapping parameters are closely monitored before performing the operation.
  • After that the operator manually feeds the product into the strapping machine.
  • The sensors present on the table of machine detects the presence of product. If the product identification is successfully complete the guide feeds the strapping material by a pulley system and the arms rotate straps around the product.
  • The rotation can be done both manually and automatically and allows the operator to stop the system where required.
  • The strapping is properly carried out on the product and then it is carried out from the system.


Industries that have mass production and are of large volume use fully automatic strapping machines. A fully automatic strapping machine is not different then a semi-automatic strapping machine in construction but the only difference is that no manual influence in strapping process is there in an automatic strapping machine.

The product is installed in the machine and the further processes are carried out by the machine itself. Machines are much easy to handle and give fast strapping rate. Even the last cutting of strap is also done by the machine. A strapping rate of more than 2 straps/ second can be achieved using an automatic strapping machine



Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic Strapping Machine



Semi-automatic strapping machines are highly efficient as they apply clean and efficient strapping on products in no time.  

Automatic Strapping machines are more efficient and precise then manual or semi-automatic strapping machines.



Machines are highly durable and the alignment can be done manually according to the size of product.

The sensors detect the size and width of product and adjust he table accordingly.



Semi-automatic strapping machines give an output of 1-1.5 straps / seconds.

Automatic strapping machines give an output of 2-2.5 straps / seconds.




Operators are there to feeds the material to the system and also to rotate the products for proper application of  straps

Complete operation is done automatically. Once the product enters the system all the tasks are performed by the machine itself.


Product Security

Strapping is done in a way that the product remain safe while travelling to any destination.

Products are highly secured when the wrapping is done by either a semi-automatic or an automatic strapping machine



Medium scale industries use these machines to fulfill their production demand

Industries with mass production or high scale manufacturers recommend automatic strapping machines as their production volume is too large. s


The most important thing while looking for a strapping material is its quality. Quality remains the most important factors as it is responsible for the external security of products. The material should be strong, stretchable and durable that the product may kept away from any damages. Some of the strapping material are


Steel is the most ancient and best material used for strapping of products. It is highly suitable because of its strength and wide ranges of grades available. It gives minimum stretching range but high strength to keep the product safe. It remain effected with weather change and opts the atmosphere accordingly. Also steel is an UV resistant material.


Polyester is widely used in strapping machine more than steel and polypropylene. High tensile strength, durability and ability to stretch its properties makes it very popular among many groups. It can easily bear heavy duty and medium loads.


After steel propylene is commonly used material in strapping machine. Due to its availability is various width sizes and tensile strength, industries are using this material for packaging of material. It can be used in both automatic and manual machine that also makes it very durable.

Choosing a perfect semi-automatic strapping machine is a much important task as it improves the productivity and performance of an organization. The product needs to be transferred to long distances that is why it is important to understand the machine configuration before. Also huge amount of investments are also there while purchasing a machine so it is important to know everything related to it. Some of the things kept under consideration before choosing a semi-automatic strapping machine are

Machine Configuration

Manufacturer should be completely aware of the properties of strapping material that will be used in process and other related parameters before going for purchase of a machine.

Production Capacity

The productivity of a semi-automatic strapping machine per second is the most important thing to be considered. If the machine is not chosen according to the production capacity it can cause a lot of loss.

Manufacturer Reputation

The reputation of machine manufacturer and reviews from its previous customers are also to be observed that whether they are making good machine or not.

Authentic Dealer

If the machines are imported from other countries, we need to find authentic dealers so that we can directly deal with them and share our desire specifications.

Sales Support

After sales supports and installation facilities is also an important factor. Operator training and one time machine handling techniques should be offered by the supplier of machine.

Product security and material handling has been one of the major concerns of global world. Manufacturers and suppliers both are focused for proper product travelling and getting satisfactory remarks from the consumer. We offer you highly flexible semi-automatic strapping machine with better outputs. For further details we are always here for your assistance. Feel free to ask anything 24/7.

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