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Allpackchina continuous band sealer can be used for sealing plastic films and is suitable for sealing all kinds of heat-sealed packages continuously. Such as PE bag, accordion bag, aluminum foil bag, kraft paper bag, electrostatic bag, Yin-Yang bag. It is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agriculture, lubricating oil, and other industries. To use in the place where there is a restriction on space, such as small factory, monopolization shop, and workshop, etc.All Allpackchina band sealer adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device, can control different shapes of plastic film bags, can be used in all kinds of packaging line, the seal length is not limited.

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Band Sealer: The Complete Buying Guide in 2023

In the modern world, manufacturers have increased their production capacity to meet the global demand. Machines like band sealers are highly important to fulfill their requirements. A band sealer provides continuous sealing of materials like plastic, bags, foils, polythene etc. They are used where high capacity sealing is done with precision.

Perhaps you will say that you are unfamiliar with band sealer,don’t worry,this article is to help you understand this machine is a deeper degree.Keep on reading this article,you will know the machine in many aspect,such as the definition,types,advantages,working principle,applications,etc,If you are interested at band sealer,please continue to read.

1.What is a band sealer?

band sealer

A band sealer is a device which can seal the mouth of bags which are made of thermoplastic material through heat sealing,it can seal bags continuously since it is equipped with a conveyor belt,this machine is always used for high production volumes.Band sealers are usually present in pharmaceutical Industry, food manufacturing industry,chemical industry,agriculture industry and so on.

2.What are different types of band sealer available for consumers?

In terms of different height and sealing direction,the band sealers can be divided into vertical band sealer and horizontal band sealer.

Vertical Band Sealer

Vertical Band Sealer

Vertical band sealer,as the name shows,the bags are sealed by this machine in a vertical direction,This type of band sealer is equipped with a adjustable stand,so the height of the machine can be adjusted,which makes it more suitable for all kinds of bags which are different in size.

Horizontal Band Sealer

Horizontal Band Sealer

Different from vertical band sealer,the movement of bags in horizontal band sealer is in a horizontal direction,it is more suitable for sealing small bags,for instance,snack bags.But,the oblique angle and the height of horizontal band sealer are adjustable,so this machine can also seal a large range of bags.

Band Sealers With Nitrogen Flush

Band Sealers With Nitrogen Flush

The working principle of this types of band sealer is a little different to the other two types,it is to fill nitrogen gas into the bags and then do the sealing operation.This types of band sealer can have a good effect in protecting the freshness of the products inside the bag,so it is suitable for sealing food bags.

3.What are the differences between vertical band sealer and horizontal band sealer?

Even though the purpose,components and working principle of vertical band sealer and horizontal band sealer is the same,the two types band sealers also have many differences in other aspects,which will be explained in detail.

AspectVertical Band SealerHorizontal Band Sealer
AppearanceVertical Band Sealer-1Horizontal Band Sealer-1
DirectionThe bags which are sealed by vertical band sealer is in a vertical directionThe bags which are sealed by horizontal band sealer is in a horizontal direction
Suitable bagsThe vertical band sealer is more suitable for sealing stand-up pouches.It can seal bags which pack small products such as powder, grains, coffee, and liquid products.Compared with vertical band sealer,the horizontal band sealer is more suitable for bags whose thicknesses are low because they are laying flat  when they are sealed.And the horizontal band sealer is not suitable for sealing liquid products.
HeightThe vertical band sealer is higher than horizontal band sealer because it is equipped with a adjustable rise-and-down stand.Comparatively,the horizontal band sealer is lower than vertical band sealer.
4.What are the functional parts of band sealer?

No matter vertical band sealer or horizontal band sealer,they have similar structures,the components of them are almost the same.Next,you will learn about the functional parts of a band sealer,which are showed in the picture to the below.

functional parts of band sealer

Control Panel

The control panel contains power switch,heat switch,temperature controller and conveyor speed adjustment.The function of control panel is to let the operator turn on and turn off the machine,beside,to set up all the parameters such as temperature and speed.

Heating Block

Heating block is the component which heats the mouth of bags,to let it realize thermal deformation.

Cooling Block

Cooling block is to let the bag cool down,when the bag totally get cool,the sealing operation is finished.

Emergency Stop

If the operation occurs error which lead to a over high temperature,you can click the emergency stop button to end the working press of machine,this component can ensure the safety of both the machine and operator.

Conveyor Belt

The purpose of conveyor belt is to deliver the bags depends on the constant movement of itself.

Drive Shaft

This part is of vital importance,it consists of driving shaft and driven shaft,it helps the conveyor belt move so all the working steps can smoothly go on.

Height Adjustment Button

It is used to adjust the height of the machine,to let is suitable for sealing different kinds of bags.

Belt Adjusting Knob

Belt adjusting knob is to adjust the angle of the conveyor,the purpose of this operation is the same as that of height adjustment button.

Embossing Press Button

As the name shows,this component is to add embossing to the mouth of bags.

5.What is the working principle of band sealer?

As is mentioned that band sealer seals bags through heat sealing,but do you know why?Do you know what is the working principle of this machine?

working principle of band sealer

To be honest,the working principle of band sealer is simple,when the temperature is high enough,the mouth of bag begin to heat distortion,and when it is cooled down,the mouth of bag will be coagulated and the sealing process is completed.
At the beginning,the conveyor belt delivers the bag to the heating blocks,which will constant heat to let the temperature rise to the melting point,when the heating process is finished,the bag is moved to the cooling block,in here,the temperature drops and the heat dissipates,the mouth of bag begins to congeal,and then the is the embossing operation,until now the sealing operation is realized,then this bag is moved away,the next bag is delivered and the above process will be repeated.

6.What is the operation process of a band sealer?

After learning the structure and working principle of band sealer,but actually,you still don’t know how to operated this machine,read the next part to learn the operation steps.

operation process of a band sealer

At the beginning,turn on the power,and wait for a short time,to let the machine enter a preheating stage.

Then,adjust the height and angle of conveyor,to let it fit the size and thickness of the bags which need to be sealed.

Adjust the conveyor speed and adjust the temperature controller button,the temperature is determined by the materials you need to seal.

Adjust the embossing press button,this is based on the thickness of bags which are going to be sealed.

Next is the bag feeding operation,put the bag to the conveyor and let the machine pull your bag,and then the machine will do the heating operations.

When the heating process is at the end,turn off the heating switch,the bag is moved to cooling block,to let the bag cool down.Until now,the sealing process is finished.

And after that is the next cycle,repeat the operations from the bag feeding step,and keep so on, to achieve continuous sealing.

7.What are the strengths of a Band sealer?

Whenever you decide to purchase an equipment you look for the strengths of a particular type of machine. Band sealers are used worldwide due to their highly efficient and precised sealing.Some of the strengths of a band sealers are

strengths of a Band sealer

S. NoFeaturesDescription
1PrecisionBand sealers replacing traditional sealing method has high precision to produce quality products. Packets, bags, and pouches are sealed with fine finishing that makes every product look even in formation.
2Easy OperationBand sealers are highly automated that no special training is required for the operator. It has easy handling options, and every individual can easily understand the process.
3Cost Efficient The prices of band sealers are in reasonable range,and the machine will not consume too much power or other materials.Using a band sealer,can have a large scale production with little investment.
4DurableStainless steel construction makes band sealers highly durable that the body does not corrode easily and can lasts for a longer period. The body is chemically resistive that no external factor can harm the shell.
5High SpeedSpeed is one of the main advantages of a band sealer. Depending upon the usage and worker efficiency more than 20-25 bags can easily be sealed in a minute which makes a bigger count while having large production domains. The speed can also be varied by regulating the motion of conveyor.
6Easy MaintenanceBand sealers are easy to understand and require less and efficient maintenance. The materials are also easily available and can be replaced in no time when needed
7MultifunctionalOne of the most important strengths is that we can get from a band sealer is that we can seal different sizes of bags, pouches, and films. A single can be used for all products lying between a specific width.
8.What are the applications of Band sealers?


A band sealer is used worldwide in industries where high volume of sealing is carried out. Industries like food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical mostly use these sealing options to save their product and allow to last long. Some of the applications of band sealer are;


S. NoApplicationDetail
1Packaging IndustryBand sealers are mostly used in packaging industry because of the excess traveling and shipment of products. This type of sealing provides safety to the products and allow them to reach their destination in a safer manner.
2Food IndustryFood products like pre-baked goods, grains, dry fruits, chocolates etc. require a special protection for not being contaminated. These band sealers are used in food industry to keep the food items preserved and having a decent exterior look.
3Pharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutics is also another important place where sealing of products is carried out by these band sealers. The pouches of milk, calcium supplements and others are necessary to be sealed properly before they are delivered to the customer.
4Chemical IndustryChemical products like mortars, powders and dyes require properly sealing of their pouches and bags. Therefore, band sealer is also having an application in this industry.
5Agricultural IndustrySeeds, hemp, pet foods and bird seeds are some of the exampled they are sealed using a band sealer in agricultural sector. Band sealer allows these products to remain safe and can be used any time without any chemical changes.
9.What kinds of bags can you seal by using a band sealer?

Perhaps,most people don not know what kinds of bags can be sealed with a band sealer,they just call these bags as plastic bags,but actually,bags which are made of different materials also have different features,in the next part,you will know about some heat sealed bags.

Poly Bags

Poly Bags

Flat poly bags,flat bags on rolls,reclosable poly bags,these are all belong to poly bags,which  are made of polythene, polyethylene and polypropylene,these bags are usually used to pack food,all kinds of poly bags can be heat sealed.

Freezer Bags

Freezer Bags

Freezer bags are used to pack frozen products,so they are made of thick bags,to prevent the products from environmental elements.

Anti-Static Bags

Anti-Static Bags

Anti-static bags contains special additive which can prevent static,so this type of bags can be used to pack electric elements,and these bags are sealable.

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags

The diverse vacuum bags can also be sealed by band sealers,after the air inside the bags is extracted,they can be heat sealing.

Laminated Bags

Laminated Bags

Laminated bags,or you can say stand-up bags,these bags are made of various types of materials,they have a certain degree of functionality.

10.How to maintain a band sealer?

No matter how good the machine is, it needs to be maintained well to extend its service life,the band sealer is not a exception,so you need to learn some point about how to do the maintenance.

maintain a band sealer

  • The basic point is to check your band sealer regularly,to check its temperature and the functional parts.
  • Every time before you use the band sealer,check whether the screws are loosen.
  • Clean the surface and grooves of the machine,don’t let dust hide in any corner of the machine.
  • Swipe lubricating oil to the driving devices regularly,to prevent them from the risk of being worn,which can extend the service life of the machine.
  • When you need to wash the machine,remember that the electric components of it can not contact with water,if they are wet,there may be a risk of damaging the machine.
  • When you need to clean the machine or replace some components,don’t forget to check whether the power is on,if it is,turn it off.
  • The conveyor belt is a types of consumables,you need to change it regularly,to avoid it breaking suddenly while the machine is working.
11.What are the malfunctions and solutions of a band sealer?

It is normal for the machine to have problems in the process of working,when this situation occurs,just take it easy and try to solve the problem by yourself.Next,you will learn the common malfunctions and how to resolve them.

solutions of a band sealer

The conveyor belt is off trackThe driving shaft isn’t accord with driven shaft.Click the conveyor belt adjustment button to adjust it.
The motor can not be controlled which results in a high speedThe speed controller occurs problem.Replace the speed controller.
Temperature can not rise or be controlled.①Heat switch occurs error
②Temperature controller occurs error
①Replace heat switch
②Replace temperature controller
Conveyor belt does not move in the same speed with sealing beltThe conveyor belt doesn’t have enough tensionTighten the conveyor belt
Embossing is unclearThe embossing press roller is damagedReplace the embossing press roller
Sealing effect isn’t goodThe temperature isn’t proper,it is too high or too low.Click the temperature controller to adjust the temperature.
Sealing belt breaks①The tension is too high
②The sealing belt escapes track
③There are creases on the sealing belt
④There are remained film on the sealing belt
①Adjust the screw which is on the driven shaft to reduce the tension
②The same as the last paragraph
③Install the sealing belt again and ensure there is no crease
④Clean the surface of sealing belt
The machine does not work①The connection is broken
②The speed regulating board is faulty
①To tight the connecting screws
②Replace the speed regulating board
12.What factors should you keep in mind when choose a band sealer?

If you want to choose a band sealer,there are some factors which are necessary for you to consider,which will be listed to the below.

Model Of Band Sealer

Model Of Band Sealer

At first,you need to consider about which model of band sealer should you choose,in the above text,the vertical band sealer and horizontal band sealer have been compared form different aspects,which can give you a reference.You need to think it carefully ,choose the model according to you demand,what kinds of bags do you need to seal.

Packaging Bags

Packaging Bags

And you need to consider about the bags which you need to seal by using a band sealer,the material and thickness of the bags,these factors also influence your choice.

Durability Of Band Sealer

Durability Of Band Sealer

The durability of band sealer,or in other words,the quality of the band sealer,it is matter-of-course that you want a machine with a long service life.However,a machine can not tell you that whether it is durable,so you need to consider the brand,the reputations of different brands.
In fact,the most effective method is to look for various of brands of band sealers and research the reviews of them,the reviews will provide you with the direct using experience from customers.

Determine A Budget

Determine A Budget

Another important factor is your budget,it is not necessary to invest a large amount of money in a band sealer,you need to determine a budget before you purchasing this machine.Refer to the market price of the band sealer,the budget should not above too much of the market average price.

13.Band sealer VS Hand sealer-Which one is right for you?

When it goes to bag sealing machine,the most common types are band sealers and hand sealers,as is well-known that the two machines are all based on the heat sealing principle.But,what the differences between them?Which one is right for you?

Band sealer VS Hand sealer

In terms of size

You can directly observe that the size of band sealer and hand sealer has a large difference,the hand sealer is much smaller than band sealer,it looks like a book sewer.As a result,the hand sealer is very portable and convenient to be carried.Therefore,if you regard size as an important factor in choosing bag sealing machine,you can choose a hand sealer.

In terms of speed

There is no doubt that the band sealer is better than the hand sealer in terms of speed,because the band sealer is operated automatically while the hand sealer is operated manually.On the other hand,the band sealer is equipped with a conveyor belt,which makes it realize continuous bag sealing,but hand sealer seals bags by hands,so the speed of it is slow.
So,if you need a high speed bag sealing machine,the band sealer is a better choice for you.

In terms of production capacity

In a certain degree,production capacity is directly proportional to the production speed,the faster the speed is,the larger the capacity is.As is mentioned in the last paragraph,the band sealer is faster than hand sealer because it can seal bag constantly.So,the production capacity of band sealer is much larger than that of hand sealer.
If you have a demand of large scale production,you can choose band sealer,but if you only need to seal a small scale of bags,for instance,just for family or restaurant demands,you can choose a hand sealer.

In terms of cost

In most of cases,the price of band sealer is higher than hand sealer,and its consumption of power is also higher than hand sealer.As a consequence,the cost of using a band sealer is higher than using a hand sealer,if you want a low cost,you can buy a hand sealer.


Band sealers provide high quality sealing options to the industries and allow the customer to get a decent and effective look. Many industries are now preferring band sealers to increase their productivity and meet global demand.This article in detail explains all about band sealers but still if you find any difficulty we are here to guide you 24/7. Feel free to ask any question any time.

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