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Allpackchina continuous band sealer can be used for sealing plastic films and is suitable for sealing all kinds of heat-sealed packages continuously. Such as PE bag, accordion bag, aluminum foil bag, kraft paper bag, electrostatic bag, Yin-Yang bag. It is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agriculture, lubricating oil, and other industries. To use in the place where there is a restriction on space, such as small factory, monopolization shop, and workshop, etc.All Allpackchina band sealer adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device, can control different shapes of plastic film bags, can be used in all kinds of packaging line, the seal length is not limited.

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Band Sealer: The Complete Buying Guide In 2022

In the modern world, manufacturers have increased their production capacity to meet the global demand. Machines like band sealers are highly important to fulfill their requirements. A band sealer provides continuous sealer of materials like plastic, bags, foils, polythene etc. They are used where high-capacity sealer is done with precision. Band sealers are usually present in Pharmaceutical Industry, Food manufacturing industry and general merchandisers.

We have prepared this article for better understanding how band sealers are used and what are their applications, how these band sealers operate and benefits while using it. If you find any difficulty feel free to ask. We are 24/7 here to deal your queries and assist you.

1.What is Band sealer?

Band Sealer


A band sealer holds the pouch with a band and carries it to the process. The sealer melts the film at a certain temperature and seals the pouch.

Band Sealer-1

The process of band sealer is so continuous that this is used for high production volumes keeping temperature at controlled and adjustable state. Band sealers are further classified in horizontal and vertical types depending upon the movement of pouch.


Band sealers are usually present in Pharmaceutical Industry, Food manufacturing industry and general merchandisers.

2.What are different types of Band sealer available for consumers?

Vertical Band Sealer


Vertical band sealers follow the same principle as of a band sealer. The pouch is moved on the conveyor in vertical position. It travels through the working bed of sealer and gets packed with high precision and accuracy.

Horizontal Band Sealer


Similarly, a horizontal band sealer also works same as vertical sealer. The only difference is in the movement of pouch. It travels horizontally on the conveyor to the sealing system.

It is preferred to do the process one by one when using any type of a band sealer.

3.What are the features and associated benefits of a Band sealer?

Whenever you decide to purchase an equipment you look for the features and associated benefits of a particular type of machine. Band sealers are used worldwide due to their highly efficient and precised sealing.  Some of the features of a band sealers are


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1PrecisionBand sealers replacing traditional sealing method has high precision to produce quality products. Packets, bags, and pouches are sealed with fine finishing that makes every product look even in formation.
2Easy OperationBand sealers are highly automated that no special training is required for the operator. It has easy handling options, and every individual can easily understand the process.
3ConstructionStainless steel construction makes band sealers highly durable that the body lasts for a longer period. The body is chemically resistive that no external factor can harm the shell.
4DurableThe body does not corrode easily and for a long period and has an ability to give its ROI is a short time. The manufacturer can get benefit from the band sealer throughout its life. The maintenance of machine is also very easy.
5SpeedSpeed is one of the main features of a band sealer. Depending upon the usage and worker efficiency more than 20-25 bags can easily be sealed in a minute which makes a bigger count while having large production domains. The speed can also be varied by regulating the motion of conveyor.
6Sealing OptionsBand sealer offers different sealing options as the maximum seal width of bag can be in between 8-20 mm. Bags pouches of different sizes can easily be incorporated in the system.
7Low Static ChargesBand sealers are with low static charges therefore they produce high quality and efficient sealing of products.

Band Sealer-6

Let’s have a look at some benefits of this equipment.

S. NoBenefitsDetail
1ProductivityBand sealers are used in manufacturing plants where high production capacity needs to be meet. Industries that are producing more than 20 bags per minute require these band sealers to improve their productivity and fulfill the market requirement.
2QualityQuality has been a benchmark of band sealers. Each product produced is of high-quality measures and without any defect if the parameters are kept at standard.
3Low tamperedBand sealers offers products to be safe and ensures that the customer receives it without any damage or tampering. It makes sure that low tempering of product is done, and the customer remains satisfied.
4VersatilityOne of the most important benefits that we can get from a band sealer is that we can seal different sizes of bags, pouches, and films. A single can be used for all products lying between a specific width.
5PreservationFor products of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where high preservation of items is required. Band sealer provides the manufacturer to make this possible.
6Cost EfficientThe products are sealed in a very less amount that makes a machine much cost efficient. Only the sealing material needs to be replaced and the production remains continuous.
7Easy MaintenanceBand sealers are easy to understand and require less and efficient maintenance. The materials are also easily available and can be replaced in no time when needed.
4.What is the working principle of a Band sealer?

Working Principle of a Band Sealer


The principle of a band sealer is quite simple. An electro-thermal part of a system produces internal heat that heats both blocks of band sealer. The product is placed in the center of these heated blocks to perform sealing operation.


Further following steps are involved in the operation of a band sealer.

  • Initially, the machine gets powered on and the temperature on electro-thermal blocks is maintained. This is done by the thermostat knob present on the machine to vary the temperature to a required level. An ideal temperature is between 150°C TO 180°C depending upon the thickness of material.
  • Once the temperature is maintained, the conveyor speed is maintained in the next step. The speed depends on the production capacity and varied by controlling knob.
  • The two rollers or wheels of band sealer belt are responsible for the movement of pouches. The pouch or bag is placed in between of these rollers and moved in all three blocks of sealer i.e., heating, cooling, and embossing.
  • The conveyor in this regard supports the band sealer belts for smooth movement of products.
  • The pouches after travelling through all three blocks is then inspected and verified that whether the seal is secure and tight or not.
  • Temperature and conveyor speed is changed accordingly if the sealing is not performed well.


5.What are the applications of Band sealers?

Applications of Band Sealer


A band sealer is used worldwide in industries where high volume of sealing is carried out. Industries like food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical mostly use these sealing options to save their product and allow to last long. Some of the applications of band sealer are;


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1Packaging IndustryBand sealers are mostly used in packaging industry because of the excess traveling and shipment of products. This type of sealing provides safety to the products and allow them to reach their destination in a safer manner.
2Food IndustryFood products like pre-baked goods, grains, dry fruits, chocolates etc. require a special protection for not being contaminated. These band sealers are used in food industry to keep the food items preserved and having a decent exterior look.
3Pharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutics is also another important place where sealing of products is carried out by these band sealers. The pouches of milk, calcium supplements and others are necessary to be sealed properly before they are delivered to the customer.
4Chemical IndustryChemical products like mortars, powders and dyes require properly sealing of their pouches and bags. Therefore, band sealer is also having an application in this industry.
5Agricultural IndustrySeeds, hemp, pet foods and bird seeds are some of the exampled they are sealed using a band sealer in agricultural sector. Band sealer allows these products to remain safe and can be used any time without any chemical changes.

Band sealers provide high quality sealing options to the industries and allow the customer to get a decent and effective look. Many industries are now preferring band sealers to increase their productivity and meet global demand.This article in detail explains all about band sealers but still if you find any difficulty we are here to guide you 24/7. Feel free to ask any question any time.

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